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Acknowledging Poems

Acknowledging Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of acknowledging poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for acknowledging.

New Poems

My God, You are my salvation
Assuring my soul with Your compassion
Nourishing my spirit by Your satisfaction
Affirming my faith upon Your Word’s assertion
Nurturing my heart along Your sanctification
Gearing my life toward Your glorious jubilation.

Surely, I thank You, my Saviour blissfully
Appreciating Your...Read More
Categories: acknowledging, appreciation, birthday, blessing, christian, god, jesus, spiritual,
Form: Rhyme

Premium Member Anything But Routine

Color a sunset on the brink
an abstract painting by your muse
using crimson and scarlet hews

Gold gilded clouds tinted pale pink
gather around a dying sun 
acknowledging His day is done

As a doe dips her head to drink
tranquility pauses the scene
for it’s...Read More
Categories: acknowledging, 10th grade, 11th grade, 12th grade, art,
Form: Rhyme
Cognizant of COVID 19 and its harsh impact
on global welfare it has seriously attacked
midst health threats with economic sabotage as grievous fact…
we pray: Oh, God, enable us so we can with Your peace, rightfully react.

Gripped by this novel pandemic
causing us...Read More
Categories: acknowledging, christian, courage, encouraging, environment, god, health, jesus,
Form: Dramatic Monologue
Thank my GOD
I’m trying my best to figure it out
 but i don’t know how to solve these problems with inadequate equations 
What happen when friends cared about my well being 
My entourage can all fit in one car now
You should’ve seen...Read More
Categories: acknowledging, adventure, caregiving, deep, earth, hip hop, memorial
Form: Free verse
Sweethearts’ grand fellowship*
Exposes wondrous engagement
Coiled around trust's grip and love’s partnership
Beautifying fidelity along faith-commitment.

Within couples’ sweet friendship
Shared along caring fulfillment
There flourishes intimate relationship
Bringing fruits blossoming by endearment.

Anchored upon blissful prenuptial workmanship
Lovers delight toward family-building management
Reared upon strong, solid, sound companionship
Nurturing...Read More
Categories: acknowledging, blessing, christian, engagement, faith, god, jesus, true
Form: Quatrain

Premium Member In His Light - The Mirrored Hourglass Style

~ In  His   Light  ~
 (  Mirrored Hourglass  )


 Love   Worship  Pray  Trust  the Lord

 Lord won't leave you alone

 His mercy will show

 When with Lord stay

...Read More
Categories: acknowledging, christian, faith, hope, love,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Sitting on the Porch
Sitting on the porch
Soaking up rays of the warm sun
Feeling clearly optimistic

Chimes gently dinging 
Acknowledging their role
In today’s beautiful weather

Robins and orioles still and silent
Nothing obvious flying 
A sense of safety

February softness
Prelude to spring
Roosters crowing

My striped pajamas 
Enveloping me warmly
Bare...Read More
Categories: acknowledging, 10th grade, 11th grade, 12th grade,
Form: Imagism
Premium Member A Poetess Looks into Her Mirrored Soul

I see an aging Panagiota with the soul of a youth.
Untouched by hatred~yet despised for, as she's always telling the truth.

Utterly, unwilling to be a crowd pleaser.
She has grown to know the hollow emptiness of being a groupie-gratifier.

A big Heart...Read More
Categories: acknowledging, confidence, courage, friendship, inspiration, poetess, poetry,
Form: Couplet
He was off again managing 
Someone else’s chaos
when she stood looking up
at impossible elegance,
rounded into ruby perfection, 
dangling from the twisted branches.
There’s a pull from the forbidden
that’s hard to deny.  
She knew the moment he 
told her “No,” she...Read More
Categories: acknowledging, bible, identity,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Risk

Written: by miracle Man

Risk is inherent to all things,
acknowledging that it exists can greatly diminish its impact.
Risk can be the ticket from rags to riches,
unfortunately, many tickets are stamped round trip.

...Read More
Categories: acknowledging, life,
Form: Free verse

Premium Member A Time For Us, Sonata

A Time For Us, Sonata

For our time has come when we walk side-by-side
and glance at each other with small talk and smiles
of deep thoughts of yesterdays
and not of things of tomorrow
as we both tighten the grips of our hands
we trace...Read More
Categories: acknowledging, song,
Form: Lyric
We thank our God* as we praise Him for our redemption
Surely worshipping Him, blissfully jubilant…
Indeed, we gather as a church in joyful celebration
To magnify Him for His wondrous works, greatly triumphant.

We thank our God as His power we seek
Surely doing...Read More
Categories: acknowledging, anniversary, blessing, christian, faith, god, jesus, spiritual,
Form: Rhyme
Dearest Amelie Beth Harris Mcgeehan
Dearest Amelie Beth Harris-Mcgeehan

If royalty moost likely
spotlight ye would dodge
nonetheless anointed, deemed, granted...
within humble abode
of your lodge
most righteous, magnanimous, gracious...
among confrère noblesse oblige.

Methinks twas foolhardy of me
when joost a mere young man
(more'n half agoo me lifespan)
ye always acknowledging me birthdate,
(although...Read More
Categories: acknowledging, 10th grade, 11th grade, 12th grade, 9th
Form: Dramatic Verse
The Comfort Zone Age
People believe what is best suited, 
facts are refuted,
People are stupid.

Truth causes perspective revolution, 
Ignorance to truth is more soothing,
making soothing their choosing. 

They believe what they want, 
because, it’s what they want...
The narcissistical human. 

Acknowledging truth is only...Read More
Categories: acknowledging, education, truth,
Form: Rhyme
Bereft of CHRIST, and the very word “Christ,” 
there would be no Christmas…
since Christmas is the birth of Jesus Christ
the “Emmanuel”* Who is the Saviour
though not on December 25
as traditionally known.

Devoid of CHRIST, the remaining “mas” 
would acrostically mean “Man...Read More
Categories: acknowledging, blessing, christian, christmas, faith, god, jesus, spiritual,
Form: Free verse
When the Clock Chimed 3: Contemplating Once More Until 7 AM
Pursuing peace and prosperity passionately
When the clock chimed seven to eleven
Earnestly emerging elegance into everlasting effulgence
When we experienced our earthly heaven
Oh so enduringly and oh so endearingly

Aimlessly acknowledging the amazing anxieties and admiring them from afar
My uncanny ways took it...Read More
Categories: acknowledging, strength, time, word play,
Form: Free verse
Oh the Horror: Vampire Poetry
Pale Though Her Eyes
by Michael R. Burch

Pale though her eyes,
her lips are scarlet
from drinking of blood,
this child, this harlot

born of the night
and her heart, of darkness,
evil incarnate
to dance so reckless,

dreaming of blood,
her fangs—white—baring,
revealing her lust,
and her eyes, pale, staring...

Like Angels,...Read More
Categories: acknowledging, gothic, horror, sensual, surreal,
Form: Verse
Premium Member FITTING IN
                            Fitting In

          She never fit in, or so she thought.

 ...Read More
Categories: acknowledging, how i feel, poetess,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Winner, winner Chicken Dinner II
I won I won it is amazing.
Second time in a year for Nanowrimo.
52,730 words for a book in 27 days.
I'm so proud of me. I want the world to see.
I'm good at what I be--a writer.
Thank you for acknowledging me.
It...Read More
Categories: acknowledging, appreciation, art, blessing, books, cool, emotions, gothic,
Form: Blank verse
Winter revels
Old Lang Syne meaningfully with gusto
Hogmanay celebrations in full swing
Revellers savour whiskeys afterglow
Watching square dancers doing highland fling

Laden snow clouds have accumulated 
Inky heavens to sheer mountain ski top
As frozen misty hailstones enshrouded
onwards from midnight chimes, it did not stop

Mechanisation...Read More
Categories: acknowledging, celebration, winter,
Form: Sonnet
strange cat looking at me
Strange Cat Watching Me

 A cat sits on the edge of a bed
Watching me watching him
Both of us thinking
What sort of strange creature this is
That has invaded our personal space
Upending our daily routines

The cat came up to me
Staring at me...Read More
Categories: acknowledging, angst, anxiety, cat,
Form: Free verse
Feliz cumpleanos la senora Dunning
Feliz cumpleaños la señora Dunning

Fifty seven orbitz didst elapse
circling with thee around the sun
and nary sign ye will collapse
anytime soon, I hoop fully reckon
untold massages nervously
await to cross proper synapse.

Foolhardy of me
(doubting Thomas) in previous
years perhaps spiteful and mean
to forego...Read More
Categories: acknowledging, 10th grade, 11th grade, 12th grade, adventure,
Form: Enclosed Rhyme
Premium Member Conquering Pain
Conquering Pain
(Through Mental Toughness)
Written: by Miracle Man
I try not acknowledging that nemesis pain,
I view pain as a temporary irritation.
I won’t surrender, letting it become my bane,
Unless brought on by some ablation.

Any lacerations, I’ve always viewed as minor,
Whether stapled, sutured, glued...Read More
Categories: acknowledging, pain,
Form: Lyric
Premium Member I AM GOD, A MUST READ

          .........,.  I Am God............

Well, if I am God as some poets 
here think,and that they are too,
I need a strong stiff drink!
And by the by, they do too!

Man, good golly,I am in a jam!
That means I...Read More
Categories: acknowledging, god, humanity,
Form: Rhyme
Pleased with your delightful appetite
I offer freshly-cooked corn*, so sweet
Satiate your cravings for goodness’ might
Enabling cheerful gratitude tweet.

There’s more; get some; great blessings abound
Savor each grain midst contentment cheer
Munch well along heart’s mirth; good health’s sound
Since I’m inspired to feed...Read More
Categories: acknowledging, appreciation, blessing, christian, faith, food, god, thanksgiving,
Form: Quatrain