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Acknowledged Poems

Acknowledged Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of acknowledged poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for acknowledged.

New Poems

Easter Thoughts 1


The time of Easter comes around
It means so many things
Of Christian Life and thoughts of God
And what the Bunnies bring

Young Children yet to understand
The lessons they are taught
anticipate the coming day 
Of chocolate they were brought

We're told the...Read More
Categories: acknowledged, chocolate, easter, god,
Form: Rhyme

COVID 19 pandemic analogous how indigenous peoples got felled
COVID-19 pandemic analogous how indigenous peoples got felled...

Woebegone, enraged spirits
holographic images taciturn
journeying somberly aghast
at their stolen sacred lands... mourn
dead souls impossible mission

sabotaged aery mission endeavor
happy hunting grounds upheaval
witnessed gaunt bloody sojourn,
perhaps collective aboriginal ghosts return
to haunt cruel innocent heir/heiresses
regarding interlopers,...Read More
Categories: acknowledged, 10th grade, 11th grade, 12th grade, america,
Form: Elegy
Premium Member Blood Lines

Even folks that are not attracted to feet
say your feet are pretty.
Your neck is long and graceful
even those that don’t give a heck
about necks say
your neck is long and graceful.
I could go on,
but let it be acknowledged that you
are a...Read More
Categories: acknowledged, poetry,
Form: Free verse
Blessed with God’s wondrous goodness
my three siblings and I* were privileged 
to bask in our parents’ graciousness
gladly we indeed acknowledged.

Love prevailed in all corners of our home
may it be North, East, South or West*
securing us well inside haven-dome
where we share...Read More
Categories: acknowledged, appreciation, blessing, childhood, christian, family, god, true
Form: Quatrain
Disability and Equality
Disability & equality

I & my kind are equal
The skin of my color is not a curse 
But due to evil & greed
My fellow humans have put a price-tag on my head
Making me the most hunted amongst the human kind
Yet in...Read More
Categories: acknowledged, abuse, addiction, africa, anger, anxiety,
Form: Epic

A Battle For Peace
Embrace my soul
Make me whole again
Free my mind of negative thoughts.
Bits and pieces are slowly
Tearing away from me.
I'm trying to put them back
But its hard to see.
Scar tissue seems to grow
Whenever my anger makes the ink flow.
Time has taken its...Read More
Categories: acknowledged, anger, conflict, courage, hurt, pain,
Form: Prose Poetry
Premium Member INTIMACY

the trust
the comfort
blurred line
the you
the me

the invitation
a nudge
a smile
a touch
the attraction
the closeness
mutual devotion
a harmony uncommon            

Submitted on February 3, 2020 for contest STRAND SELECT C sponsored by BRIAN...Read More
Categories: acknowledged, confidence, devotion, peace, true love, trust, uplifting,
Form: Free verse
Alas oh how grave and horrendous misfortune
Alas oh how grave and horrendous misfortune...

Relapse written all over whole
fudge besmirched countenance
American as apple pie garden variety troll
tell tale evidence eats away
at me heart and soul
argh so much for new year's resolution
straight and true healthy eating goal.

Lofty ambition to...Read More
Categories: acknowledged, 10th grade, 11th grade, 12th grade, 7th
Form: Bio
Light On the Devil's Chord - Day 40
“I need to be inside you” . . .

His voice echoed like the psalms in my mind
And I could not shake the feeling of dread—
The dread of leaving this Prison of Plot—
And the ensured surety that we would no longer...Read More
Categories: acknowledged, adventure, allegory, angel, appreciation, conflict, confusion, courage,
Form: Epic
Klever and kreative...very loyal, diligent and trained to be a grand and uplifting influence to all ages and acknowledged any kid's strengths and worked on their weaknesses to make them physically potential and successful 
Oh, what a legend and brilliant...Read More
Categories: acknowledged, basketball, encouraging, i miss you,
Form: Acrostic

Premium Member Ficklebook
FB, ficklebook, fakebook, friendbook
In our modern world social media is king
A new way to communicate, a new look
It seems strange at times, a weird thing

Birthday wishes and condolences are posted galore
Sue and Jenny post their troubles and relationship issues
Pictures, selfies,...Read More
Categories: acknowledged, computer, feelings, friendship,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member He's With You - The Trinet Style

~ He's  With   You  ~


 Today   and
 Everyday  want
 To wish you  a  great   day
 With lots of love and blessings
 And    all
 That ...Read More
Categories: acknowledged, christian, faith, hope, love,
Form: Free verse
Missing Things
Words never spoken
Words never said
Fills the mind with wonder 
Holding places for pain
In what’s not said, fear resides
Discomfort holds you close
Moments seems like hours
Staring with hope
It hurts not be acknowledged...Read More
Categories: acknowledged, 7th grade, abuse, allegory, america, betrayal, blue,
Form: Blank verse
Premium Member Moon Is Made Of Swiss Cheese

It's 1969, time of the great Apollo 11 mission
The world stopped and acknowledged this first admission
Man's amazing feat
Most amazing since meat
John Glenn was first to discredit the cheesy superstistion

...Read More
Categories: acknowledged, moon,
Form: Limerick
Premium Member Great Expectations
What do you think 2020 will bring -
Will it change anything,
What new clouds are gathering?

It is very unlikely, I should think,
Given the alcohol link,
That there will be less drink

Consumed on New Year's Eve,
Since so many obviously believe
That one must drink...Read More
Categories: acknowledged, abuse, change, drink, environment, faith, political,
Form: Kimo
Winter Torched
Therefore as my heart beats for you and you only..(he's thinking)
(She knows assuming?) as she smirks while her fire-red hair ignites more than her surrounding
Yet the room is ready for a bong fire as her hair throws off more than...Read More
Categories: acknowledged, addiction, beauty, best friend, christmas, desire, for
Form: Sonnet
Did you :: Awdl gwydd
Quote :: The axe forgets, what the tree remembers. ....African proverb

The proverb is apt for me,
as the tree suffers, damaged,
the injured party, victim.
Great wisdom be acknowledged.

Remember how you hurt me
I can't forget the harm; I'll
not forgive for breaking heart.
I'll not...Read More
Categories: acknowledged, love,
Form: Verse
Love's Hatred
Was it your hatred that pushed me to run from you
In the very first place?
But then,
If you hated me so much,
Why did you come on Earth too?
If it was with the intention of saving my soul
From the murky swamps of...Read More
Categories: acknowledged, love hurts,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Rich in Spirit
Rich in Spirit.
Rich is to be rich in spirit. To be known in heart, mind, body and soul. To be known to the core can only be known through spirit. With spirit comes love and a knowing beyond yourself that...Read More
Categories: acknowledged, heaven, journey, spiritual, wisdom,
Form: Ballad
Now You Know
The first time anyone called me special,
I said, “Thank You.”
for making me realise loving you wasn’t enough.

Your greatest weapon 
is beating in the centre of this chest

and breathing is a gift
given by the mother
watching her son drive his fist through...Read More
Categories: acknowledged, anti bullying, discrimination, farewell, journey,
Form: Free verse
Moments of grace
Moments of grace

A sense of delight in maturity one can find in some wrinkled smiles, 
souls who have been walking at the shore of riches with the sky in miles.
They carry the memories in enchanted experiences as treasure,
sensing the aesthetic...Read More
Categories: acknowledged, appreciation, celebration, moving on, relationship, uplifting,
Form: Ballade
Chasing Disaster

Chasing disaster 
Run to the fire
Entombing passion
Killing desires
Walking in darkness
Trek through the mire
Taking the low road
Resting by fires
Dismissing the rumors
Betrayed too often
Severed the ties
Wolves in sheeps clothing
Many wrong turns
Steering towards destiny
On bridges once burned
Burdens too heavy
Weight wears me down
Swimming...Read More
Categories: acknowledged, angst, anxiety, betrayal, dark, desire, fire,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Who Protects the Singular
Who Protects the Singular and the Few?
Acknowledged without reward.

The Predator took my talents,
My gifts stolen and used.
I am without rewards.

I never wanted them,
 The Agent, Some Union dues.

Who protects the singular or the few?
The masses need protection too.

...Read More
Categories: acknowledged, abuse, business, career, confidence, corruption, discrimination, humanity,
Form: Free verse
Sitting On A Log
Sitting on a log
Where we didn't find the frog,
The frog that wouldn't bound;
so wasn't there to make a sound.
Exhibitting its mound.

It would have been a song,
resolving of known wrong.
But it was there, in what was near
unknown to us a clear.

Now...Read More
Categories: acknowledged, appreciation, confusion, day, faith, irony, water,
Form: I do not know?
Let Down
Expectations in others to be true and loyal only cause frustration
assume you’re alone in any situation you're faced in to go unfazed in happenings cus let down by false faith of reliance supplies the head with whys deception and lies...Read More
Categories: acknowledged, friendship,
Form: Rhyme