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Achy Poems

Achy Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of achy poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for achy.

New Poems

Premium Member long walk home
like cataracts
on a grey old dog
a light fog lay over the low, amber moon
a stiff breeze blowing
but next to the ground only
so the layer of fog stayed put above
eerily ... hauntingly
I had walked the dirt road for miles
flat farmland stretching...Read More
Categories: achy, horror, scary,
Form: Dramatic Monologue

Premium Member I Bear-ly Survived
The beauteous days of summer were here at last,
And the primetime of nature was coming so fast!

We sat on the porch, watching a lazy day go by,
With no interesting views, to gladden our eyes.

Then one of us said a hiking...Read More
Categories: achy, adventure, animal, fantasy, flower, imagery, nature, tree,
Form: Couplet
Premium Member You Can't Go Back
You can’t go back.
Although they seem so real
those achy ambulations
along the backstreets of my mind.

Time has tinged the brightness,
shaded the darkness,
edged my senses with tension,
raised perception’s heartbeat.

Sounds drift across tingling hairs
chill greets a passing stranger
children dart beneath dimming streetlights
church bells...Read More
Categories: achy, memory,
Form: Free verse
Elitists part 5

Well, well"aint seen nothin like me"?
No one is shocked a person of darker pigment can pass a football or do anything they set out to dream with heart in hard work. I think you better stick with a spork, instead...Read More
Categories: achy, abuse, africa, anger,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Part Time Poet
When I can, I try to find time to write?

My days are very busy with an eight-
Month-old boy and a small Yorkie.
Before the day is done, I  feel kind of dorky.
I start my day walking the dog, feeding the...Read More
Categories: achy, baby, dog, feelings, muse, sleep, spring,
Form: Free verse

In the Heart's Time
In the Heart’s Time

I can’t seem to wrap 
My mind around aging 
With it’s homage to achy bones
And knees that hurt like hell
When the rains come

Friends are falling ill
And the end game is creeping up
Like a silent shadow
On a midnight...Read More
Categories: achy, age, future,
Form: Free verse
From heaven to baby
Who wants to be old,
All achy and cold,
All wrinkled,
All slow,
Unable to hold...

Onto anything dear, 
So filled with fear, 
So fragile,
So weak,
So stuck in one gear... 

Like a car that's been used, 
Sometimes abused,
So dented, 
So broken, 
So battered and bruised...

With...Read More
Categories: achy, age, courage, love, old, poems, spiritual, truth,
Form: Free verse
Consider Me
Here I lie in bed again, 
Awaiting my next meal.
A worker enters in my room, 
As if it's no big deal.

What ever happened to courtesy? Just a little knock.
Do you think I'm just a vegetable, Laying here like a rock?

What...Read More
Categories: achy, baby, cry, depression, destiny, discrimination, evil, fate,
Form: Couplet
Four Letters Spelling Blah
Four Letters Spelling Blah...

generally define mine anatomical phooey zook
corporeal status, essentially feeling like gook,
not my usual babbling brook
self, thus finds yours truly whooshing, he
could wave a magic wand (all thee
while exjaculating abra
cud dab bra, or whatever

    ...Read More
Categories: achy, angel, endurance, father, how i feel, metaphor,
Form: Bio
Four Letters Spelling Blah
Four Letters Spelling Blah...

generally define mine anatomical phooey zook
corporeal status, essentially feeling like gook,
not my usual babbling brook
self, thus finds yours truly whooshing, he
could wave a magic wand (all thee
while exjaculating abra
cud dab bra, or whatever

    ...Read More
Categories: achy, angel, endurance, father, how i feel, metaphor,
Form: Bio

Premium Member Awakening
 In my dream they were an old couple wrinkled 
 small and gray smiling faces wishing us well 

 as I was growing old myselff with crinkled eyes
 away from any medical unexpected surprise

 instead...Read More
Categories: achy, beauty, inspirational, life,
Form: Rhyme
13 PCS

                               achy breaky brain

      ...Read More
Categories: achy, heart, mental illness, word play,
Form: Senryu
Premium Member Get Outside Yourself
I know I need to get outside myself.
The more I complain, and focus on my sore gums, tender knee, and achy shoulder, the more griping I do, the more I suffer.
Ouch! Ouch! Ouch! The pain gets worse with every grouse.
Validating...Read More
Categories: achy, pain,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Oh, There Are Days
There are days when I look out the sill and see black, 
nothing seems right and I see nothing staring back.
Oh, there are days.

Sometimes I lose the will to write without inspiration, 
my muse so frail I lose my intense...Read More
Categories: achy, hope, life, loss,
Form: Rhyme
Goodbye Things
I’m not made for these goodbye things,
These heart breaking, 
Gut wrenching,
Soul achy things.

The things that leave you sore,
The things that knead and bend, rock and roll you to your core.

I’m not made for these goodbye things,
These see you later,
in awhile...Read More
Categories: achy, goodbye,
Form: Verse
Premium Member MONDAY, MONDAY

Slowly stretching Monday grunts
rubs its eyes, rolls slightly left, farts.
An achy sun shuffles about the room,
shields itself from the mirror’s reflection,
mutters to itself “Clouds!  Where are the clouds?”
“Oh, how I hate those five o’clock shadows.”
“Damn the Sun dials!”
No double...Read More
Categories: achy, humor, morning,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Another Year Older
Another Year Older!

Another Year Older – Another Year Wiser
Happy Birthday to an Older yet Wiser Man.
Stiff Joints and Achy Bones, 
Sleepless nights make him grown.
Toss and turn,
Yet never let on.
His sight has its limits,
His hearing is hardly hearing.
Up and moving...Read More
Categories: achy, cute, dedication, husband, life, love, symbolism,
Form: Light Verse

This rusty coldly
Achy moldy
Twisted bony
Thin skin only
Crusty creeping
Drooping speaking
Mixed up thinking
Poverty seeping
Loosing traction
No reaction
All abandon
Freezing standing
Waning waxing
Sunset lasting
Eyes down casting
...Read More
Categories: achy, age, depression,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member lost in the dark
So we 
Were lost
In the darkness
Of the beyond
And after the 
Light faded
We were left
With life and
Our own remarks
And I hold her hand
For my head is achy
With nothing planned
...Read More
Categories: achy, adventure, angel, angst, death, love,
Form: Free verse
My very bad H3N2-flu dreams
Achy with flu, but to tired to drift into a deep sleep, my body stalks the corridors of twilight, moving between being awake and floating on dreams.  Time is a stranger to physics and physics are dictated by my...Read More
Categories: achy, dream, sick,
Form: Free verse


Categories: achy, sad,
Form: Ghazal
The Body
The body, like a fine machine,
Needs maintenance and care.
When parts start breaking down, we see
The doctor for repair.

But as we age, there comes a point
Where damages exceed
What we’d require to fix them;
It’s a sorry time, indeed.

We wake to creaks and...Read More
Categories: achy, body,
Form: Rhyme
First Cry
When I woke up one morning;
I knew there was something.
The feeling was too drowsy.
Every moment became lazy.

I chewed everything;
Grilled, sweets, pasta and all appetizing.
My mouth could say yummy,
Satisfied! affirmed my big tummy.

Months had been passed.
This 9th was a different one,
You...Read More
Categories: achy, birth, blessing, child,
Form: Narrative
Death - an Untold Truth Part 1
The only thing more achy
Is Death; it makes blurry
Our visions when in bevy
Of one’s funeral – body
Transformed sugar briny.
It makes a Hindu use billy;
Christians use box browny;
Uses soil a Pathan brawny;
Whoever may see be balky;
And wish to see any alley
To...Read More
Categories: achy, death,
Form: Monorhyme
My Crazy Night Time Dreams
High in the sky
A dove in my dreams
Circles my head,
What does this mean?

I'm now in a garden
Full of bright flowers,
But I've lost my dog
And I'm hunting for hours.

Another has staircases
And loads of wood doors,
Up and down I go
On so many...Read More
Categories: achy, crazy, dream, night,
Form: Rhyme