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Achieving Poems

Achieving Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of achieving poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for achieving.

New Poems

Who will protect us
Who will protect us 
Is good to hope 
But depends on what 
It could be false 
It could be right 
It could be truthful
But it could be wrong 
Yet it good to hope 

Who will protect us 
In a world...Read More
Categories: achieving, africa, deep, freedom, humanity, truth,
Form: Epic

Corona virus
Virus', virus everywhere on the earth
But where has corona taken its birth?

A tiny microorganism but with bulldozer effects
Threatening humanity with its destructive magnet

No single soul can live at ease
With the widespread of the killer disease

Where is the virus's origin?
Scientists are...Read More
Categories: achieving, 1st grade, birth, earth, power, world,
Form: Rhyme
My Place ::After Maureen Davies::
Where I come from 

What a democratic place to live
A place where our leaders are elected but in actuality they are really selected 
where the government by the people is not with and for the people 
That's how democratic we...Read More
Categories: achieving, corruption, discrimination, patriotic, political, poverty, society, sorrow,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member UnClassified Intelligence
Health has become climatically important
to understand
as well as experience
a fundamental difference,
and yet psychological
and neurological association,
between colonization
and creolization

For a healthy democracy
within this our extended family,
our benevolent associations,
our wealth-restorative reassociations,
our non-profit corporations,
our national
and state
and local
and global good public health governments
with strong and...Read More
Categories: achieving, health, history, humanity, integrity, psychological, religious, violence,
Form: Political Verse
Just a thought
I’ve never been a leader
But thought that I’d be leading
If achieving all my goals
Helped others start believing

I’ve never been intelligent
But thought I could advise
If learning from mistakes
Is what makes a person wise

I’ve never been content
But thought I’d be at peace
If...Read More
Categories: achieving, change, confidence, encouraging, for her, life, me,
Form: Rhyme

Premium Member My Formula For Achieving
My Formula For Achieving
Written: by Miracle Man

No law or proclamation
decrees that a day started wrong will continue that path.
Life can be either a bushel or a peck,
and our choices, or those made on our behalf, make it what it...Read More
Categories: achieving, faith, god, success, work,
Form: Free verse
Call Of Duty
Don't drop the Soap.
Don't step on the Roach.
You will pay the Price,
But you will return as a Ghost.

For these brave heroes of the 141,
One killed by a bomb, two from a gun,
The world stands outside of death's door,
With the looming...Read More
Categories: achieving, fantasy, games, military,
Form: Free verse
walking towards enlightenment in the woods
every day
I take a long walk
through the park
behind my house

and over the mountain
and back I roam

as I walk
my thoughts flow
and my love grows
and I move ever closer
to achieving inner peace

with every path
I take
closer to the end 
of my life

as I...Read More
Categories: achieving, love, lust, nature,
Form: Blank verse
Keeping up Appearances
    Resisting temptation, oh why do we try.
    Each resolution our lifestyles deny.
    Self sacrifice, gives results we can measure.
    Overweight flab, the product of pleasure.
  ...Read More
Categories: achieving, dedication, desire, new year,
Form: Acrostic
Premium Member Achieving The Dream

Write your dreams down and put them in your pocket
Save every penny in case you need that home deposit 
Keeping putting your future bits in the bottom drawer
Put your lets party time; so call friends on total ignore
Keep...Read More
Categories: achieving, encouraging, faith, muse,
Form: Couplet

Accomplishing A Goal
Aiming, Reaching
Somehow teaching
Gaining self control
Accomplishing a goal
Not stopping
Because someone thinks 
Reediting trying to revise 
All catches you by a surprise
Setting goals
Achieving dreams 
Getting it done by all means 
Don't need a team
You can do it yourself
Believe in you 
Even when...Read More
Categories: achieving, art, beauty,
Form: ABC
New Year's Resolutions
New Year's resolutions for the year,
I hope for a another beautiful season.

We dream of becoming more successful,
Achieving goals, distant and near.

A healthy and happy year with relatives and friends,
Care and love guides us through the year.

Accomplishing more and thriving at...Read More
Categories: achieving, appreciation, beautiful, blessing, books, god, happiness, thanks,
Form: Free verse
The distance
We are one, but people say we are two...
As I walked through the streets of culture without a clue, I gazed at my dreams as they escaped the cage of customs and flew,

but it was all in vain, so my...Read More
Categories: achieving, career, community, freedom,
Form: Rhyme
Why we complain

Does complaining helps, I don't know; but they say
yes it helps, keeps one away from taking action;
It gives excuses to procrastinate, stay
away from achieving goals as reaction;
Complain helps too much not to try to find solution.

Surely it proves to someone...Read More
Categories: achieving, conflict,
Form: Verse
my partner
look honey
time is money, 
you should've learned that from
that nutty father of yours.
if their is a will their:Their's a way.
"as aggressive as he is,
is as aggressive as we're gonna be."
"I can afford you honey, all I gotta do
is get change...Read More
Categories: achieving, business, celebrity, film, music, myth, romantic love,
Form: Ballad
Unravel the true meaning of Yoga - One with the Divine - AiR
What is the true meaning of Yoga?

The understanding of Yoga as a physical and mental practice is widely observed by people all over the world. There are training schemes and centers for the ones who think Yoga is a solution...Read More
Categories: achieving, community, humanity, inspiration, philosophy,
Form: Prose Poetry
Premium Member Written On Our Hearts
Some issues,
some opportunities,
are written across great Western and Eastern cultures,
Northern and Southern economies,
Left and Right hemisphere structured minds,
breathing out- and in-forming lungs,
beating in- and then out-flowing hearts.

Flight toward freedom
and open-air healthy impressions,
and fight against racial oppression,
health depression,
patriarchal suppression,
competing capitalist corporate...Read More
Categories: achieving, anger, change, earth, health, integrity, metaphor, peace,
Form: Political Verse
Bitter endings
Sad departed endings

From deep internal memory I reminisce about our past. The good times & the bad & the shadows of doubts cast. For jealousy came reaping Seeping into lovers gains. And all it was achieving Was a life of...Read More
Categories: achieving, abortion, anger, anxiety, confidence,
Form: Blank verse
Sad endings
Sad departed endings

From deep internal memory I reminisce about our past. The good times & the bad & the shadows of doubts cast. For jealousy came reaping Seeping into lovers gains. And all it was achieving Was a life of...Read More
Categories: achieving, anxiety, betrayal, break up, conflict, courage,
Form: Blank verse
A Poem for Antje
Happy Birthday to you, my dear sister.
You were just a little dolll when you were photographed with your uncle Walter..

I have seen you grow into a beautiful young woman,
Do you remember the days at our parent.s house.

When your friends would...Read More
Categories: achieving, appreciation, beautiful, birthday, blessing, friend, god, grandfather,
Form: Free verse
Sad departed endings
From deep internal memory 
I reminisce about our past.
The good times & the bad
& the shadows of doubts cast.

For jealousy came reaping
Seeping into lovers gains.
And all it was achieving 
Was a life of aches & pains.

At one point I was...Read More
Categories: achieving, conflict, corruption, courage, dark,
Form: Blank verse
Men, the Roots of Family
What does it means to be a man?
Its not what we learn as a child,
The freedom, superiority, happiness is all a lie,
A man is merely a puppet to live according to a plan,
Plan on how to be able to take...Read More
Categories: achieving, character, courage, family, humanity, meaningful, men, motivation,
Form: Free verse
Gay Today
I come out gay today.
What has taken me so long?
It is my fear of what some would say,
Now I feel free as a birdsong.
Many years living astray,
My true self was all wrong.
My happiness has had to pay,
Time to stand up...Read More
Categories: achieving, celebration, discrimination, i am, i love you,
Form: Free verse
Achieving The Aim

I knew my Halloween candy he ate,
my dear sweet brother, him I’d never hate.
His fancy candy trouser
I’d hide to serve as teaser,
my aim I’d achieve to see him irate. 

October 21, 2019
Syllable count : 10/10/7/7/10
Checked on
Contest : If I...Read More
Categories: achieving, anger, brother, candy,
Form: Limerick
Premium Member Hogs
Warts on a hog for now will never go away
The heady preacher belts out a sermon
Halfway time to stretch then pray and pay
Binds you to perdition certain

A godless generation wakes to see
No way to reconcile even a minute
The overture correction...Read More
Categories: achieving, christian, religion,
Form: Rhyme