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Accidental Poems

Accidental Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of accidental poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for accidental.

New Poems


You, unfeeling creatures
Who call yourselves human,

You, fleeting bubbles of reason,
Accidental parasites of time,

You, filthy microbes of cancer,
Ephemera of invincible eternity,

You, who try to fill your vanity
With abominable crimes,

You, insensible butchers of animals,
Notorious destroyers of pastures,

You, contaminators of oceans,
Deleterious polluters of...Read More
Categories: accidental, earth, humanity, life, pollution,
Form: Free verse

A Great Confusion
Is, it, to be called classi?cation?
Or is it a destruction of paci?cation ?
Or are humans still to undergo humanization ?
In which being humane is considered main quali?cation
Which is not being achieved due to illusional mesmerization,
Should we call it misconception ?
Or...Read More
Categories: accidental, anti bullying, confusion, corruption, irony, jealousy, journey,
Form: Tail-rhyme
Addiction and Suicide
Drug Addiction and suicide are no joke.
Some people find it entertaining when those individuals croak.
Recovering and living I've seen both sides
I just wish people could live their lives.

Whether it's a pill, powder, or a needle
This epidemic can be unspeakable.
Whether it's...Read More
Categories: accidental, abuse, addiction, death, death of a friend,
Form: ABC
Misfortune comes at the worst expense,
Anxiety following stress taking over in depth intense.
Air heavily thinning following extreme heat,
Overwhelming sweat covering my hands and feet.
Fire fueling the pain in my chest,
Arms to heavy with legs fighting to rest...
Suddenly consuming me......
The blink...Read More
Categories: accidental, absence, abuse, anxiety, beautiful, blessing, death of
Form: Rhyme
A hazard warning to wandering poets
I was out a-wandering
when it flew into my head,
a very silly poem,
uninvited, be it said.
If I had just ignored it,
it might have gone away,
but for some mysterious reason
I wrote it down instead...Read More
Categories: accidental, crazy, flying, poems,
Form: Burlesque

Accidental Love
Accidental Love
by Dylan Williamson

Love is a fickle thing
That is caught easily
And hearts may sing
Their beats not going slowly
Young love is especially special
In which there is the most attention
And if apart, it may seem fatal
And learn they are together in this...Read More
Categories: accidental, abortion, angst, dark, death, teen,
Form: Sonnet
January 17th, 2020, a moost memorable outing at Collegeville Diner
January 17th, 2020, a moost memorable outing at Collegeville Diner

A hardy acknowledgement yessiree
to the blessed sister Amelie worthy
of such beloved, devoted,
feted husband Rich truly
bestowed predicated upon
random chain of events

i.e., accidental, biological,
and genealogical happenstance prithee
applauding, apprising, and appraising key
kith and kin...Read More
Categories: accidental, 10th grade, 11th grade, 12th grade, 9th
Form: Enclosed Rhyme
grave request
grave request
by Michael R. Burch

come to ur doom
in Tombstone;

the stars stark and chill
over Boot Hill

care nothing for ur desire;


imagine they wish u no ill,
that u burn with the same antique fire;

for there’s nothing to life but the thrill
of living until...Read More
Categories: accidental, death, destiny, extended metaphor, fate, funeral, grave,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Remaining Open
A philosophical friend once said
“Love does not reveal all of its secrets to just one person.” 

Replace the word 'Love' 
With 'Beauty' 
Or 'Life' etcetera, etcetera.  

See we all then
Each one of us, so very clearly 

How important sharing,...Read More
Categories: accidental, 12th grade, community, encouraging, giving, self, success,
Form: Free verse
Sudden Shower
Sudden Shower
by Michael R. Burch

The day’s eyes were blue
until you appeared
and they wept at your beauty.

This is a poem you’re welcome to share, if you like it, as long as you credit me as the author. It could be a...Read More
Categories: accidental, beautiful, beauty, for her, joy, rain, rainbow,
Form: Haiku

Premium Member Accidental Words
Accidental Words

Whispers I should not have heard. 
Things "said"
that have gone way wrong. 
It was just a party. 

It began with, "I don't want to go..."
and ended with, "I am sorry I went..."

Christmas Gala at work,
New Years Cheer looming,
where people...Read More
Categories: accidental, anxiety, conflict, gothic, integrity, leadership, leaving, marriage,
Form: Free verse
Biological parents minted circa December 1st 1957
Biological parents minted circa December 1st, 1957

Amelie Beth Harris
fresh out womb blurted "ahoy"
melded as genetic
deoxynucleic acid alloy
awkward first time parents

natural affection did employ
Boyce and Harriet Harris
shed tears of joy,
and feted yearly birthdays,

thus much appreciation ye did buoy
bestowed unconditional love,
thus tis...Read More
Categories: accidental, 10th grade, 11th grade, 12th grade, 9th
Form: Free verse
Accidental Faith
Born of parents who hoped in the cross
By faith a title 'Christian' am stamped 
But as years flew, the mind unsettled -
On a single faith but probed for truth.

Jesus wise a man of grit but meek
Who placed love before own...Read More
Categories: accidental, inspirational, religion,
Form: Verse
Premium Member Good Night Face
Let me describe to face, how I look 
Taken from my photo...on the face of my book
I have one crooked eye brow...the one on the right 
It grew back that way...when I shaved it one night
The wrinkles...Read More
Categories: accidental, me,
Form: Couplet
Premium Member bleak rise of day
in the briskness
of this day
i try to lose myself
in thoughts of you
just to find warmth

there's a hush
in the rise
this morning
as gray clouds
hide the sun
on a tainted
amber horizon

i can almost feel
the bleakness
beset the tone
of this day

my mind
like lost leaves
to become
grounded again

accidental...Read More
Categories: accidental, day,
Form: Free verse
Deer Ruby
Deer Ruby,

Daddy doubtful hardly Dorothy know you ...
it’s the bare bones, Toto truth

Variety gossip on the street
by parrot beaks chirping canary peeps

Said your mother had a one-night-stand revue;
a private audience of one, burlesque interview

Receptionist Rita 
wardrobe malfunction rumor denied:
Saying it...Read More
Categories: accidental, dark, fun, mystery, psychological,
Form: Verse

I Know Not from Whence I Came, Hence Where I Went
Only Those Fractional Instances: Here on Earth, I Spent
Was it a Stage of Development? Was it an Examination?
Was it a Preparatory Venture Providing Illumination
Was I a Specimen in...Read More
Categories: accidental, allusion, confusion, creation, destiny, fate,
Form: Rhyme
Oh the irony, an Ode to Irony
Something nice from someone not so nice,
Happy things that distract you so much you become sad,
Liking someone leading to stress about liking them,
Not being able to breathe because you are on top of the world and the air is so...Read More
Categories: accidental, irony, romantic,
Form: Ode
Premium Member Young Love
An innocent glance
A coy blushing smile
Our words will dance
With shy sheepish style

A very quick look
Soft whispered Hi 
The nerve it took
had to at least try

A very young crush
A puppy kinda love
How youth will rush
As love they think of

An accidental touch
Embarrassed...Read More
Categories: accidental, crush, cute love, innocence, youth,
Form: Rhyme
A Reason To Be

We will truly only see this life when looking at it from the next.

You will only truly feel this poem
when you see through the poorly
written text.

There are things unseen, between
the lines of shadows and light.
Creeping in unawares 

Knowledge, principalities, integrity,
lessons...Read More
Categories: accidental, birthday,
Form: Rhyme
The Bus
An accidental unity which rumbles and rolls you home
A disregarded diversity which puts us at its mercy
Cheers to the driver who holds the court
Keeps us together yet drives us away
...Read More
Categories: accidental, metaphor, together,
Form: Free verse
A day off
What is happening
How can this be
I am having a day off just for me

This was not accidental
I looked and planned
The calendar I scanned

But now it is here 
The freedom I feel
I nearly want to do a cartwheel

Where will we go
I...Read More
Categories: accidental, adventure,
Form: Rhyme
An Accidental Delete
You sit around trying to find.
A way to share what's on your mind.
And then a title for a poem.
Comes in in hopes to find a home.

You cue the page to write it down.
But in the end it's just a frown.
You...Read More
Categories: accidental, assonance,
Form: Rhyme
Say it Softly
Your name is a prerequisite 
for every final and finale. 
An exclamation 
after encores. 
The truest definition of more. 
The atom before cataclysmic spasm 
and all creation that evolved 
after energies first meeting.  
Your name is completely competing
 my...Read More
Categories: accidental, birth, romance,
Form: Free verse

Do you remember childhood wonder?
Do you think it all was a lie?
The wide awake relevance.
The surprise around the corner,
under Life's sleeve.
It wasn't chemicals leading to hope.
It wasn't an accidental birth leading to family.
But it was need leading to love.

I still...Read More
Categories: accidental, baby, baptism, birth,
Form: Free verse