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Accepting Poems

Accepting Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of accepting poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for accepting.

New Poems

Premium Member Parading into Purgatory
Parading openly into purgatory
    singing Irish folk songs
      smoking cigarettes, not joints
              one vaping

Appreciating our comradeship
   ...Read More
Categories: accepting, spiritual,
Form: Free verse

Like Dried Ash For A New World
I know they can live without me
They think they can't but they can
There are too many items in my life
They will come to be angry with me for them
I am so out of date
Passed my best used by date
targeted by...Read More
Categories: accepting, travel, world,
Form: Free verse
The great toliet paper hoarding of 2020
My friend Mary C took me to Edge Water Park,
in Mukilteo Washington.  I overheard a couple
of people say, "some people buy toliet paper 
every other day. And store 300 rolls of toliet
paper. " I interrupted them and said," storing
300...Read More
Categories: accepting, 10th grade, 6th grade, 7th grade, 8th
Form: Narrative
Accepting Regards


Topic: Birthday of Rocela Caras (December 19) 
Form: Vertical Monocrostic...Read More
Categories: accepting, birthday,
Form: Acrostic
Premium Member False Dawn Day
Away from heart and hand 
With smiles loving embracing

Why dream I of fertile flowered valleys
And chatoyant streams that lie outside soul’s watchful door?

Why not flowering here
With barefoot wading bringing tingling delights?

Perhaps just yearned for foolish feelings, you say 
Sighing within...Read More
Categories: accepting, 12th grade, adventure, life, people, self, success,
Form: Free verse

Understanding and Accepting
Tomorrow's just 
    a blink away.
And, yesterday
    was once today.
Time moves on
    in spite of all.
Where, once was spring
    has now turned fall.
And, seldom does
   youth...Read More
Categories: accepting, age, time, youth,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Believing In Luck
Believing In Luck
(is Like Riding A Stick Horse)
A Sequel
Written: by Miracle Man

I’ve never been one who was a luck supporter,
but believe that both good and bad happen to all.
Even now I observe my days growing shorter,
believing things in life God...Read More
Categories: accepting, god, life,
Form: Lyric
The Tree is Stronger than the Man
Forget the desert
I'm talking tree versus our best
in Natural Excellence
in all sorts of conditions

In this province, we have droughts
Tree sends roots deep for its own
Not complaining, feeling up or down
Simply accepting, standing like a sentry in town

Standing tall even as...Read More
Categories: accepting, 11th grade, abuse, addiction, beauty, education, nature,
Form: Verse
This is just a little poem to help get through the day..
I can't be there in person to express the words to say.
Dad your pretty special and your battling on your own..
But know my thoughts are with you, and that...Read More
Categories: accepting, death, father, father daughter, grief, heartbroken, sorrow,
Form: Rhyme
it is what it is
It is what it is
I see the sobbing boy holding his empty cone,
ice cream scoop on the floor as his dad hugs
him and says, Don’t cry, son, it is what it is.

I’ve heard it a lot lately. Is it a...Read More
Categories: accepting, hilarious,
Form: Free verse

The Silver Lining of Therapeutic Words
Compassionate auras is what I see
When you talk your talk so gleefully
You are searching for the light in goodbye at the break of dawn,
But find yourself someone to have a sincere shoulder to cry upon

So sick of the small talk...Read More
Categories: accepting, emotions, encouraging, hope, nature,
Form: Free verse
We have a tradition in our family…it’s as old as the wind…I’m guessing…
When a baby enters our world…the eldest member gives this blessing.

With the entire family gathered round…it’s a time for celebration
as this blessing is passed down to our newest...Read More
Categories: accepting, family,
Form: Verse
Premium Member Less HellFire Please
YinPassion: Predictions of HellFire and Damnation raptures,
of Paradise far away from sinful natural EarthClimates of Despair
is not so different from our indigenous ancestors' experience
in the U.S.A. 1800s.

Robersmith: "This situation is not so different from one that our Universalist ancestors experienced
in...Read More
Categories: accepting, earth, games, health, integrity, peace, psychological, sin,
Form: Political Verse
Premium Member Restoring Inside Justice
Healing Win/Lose EgoNomial Intent

We belong together
Through all kinds of colonizing corporate weather,
We belong creolizing together.

So sings my mitochondrial DNA
when I listen deeply
to all prior matriarchal regenerations
speaking in still 
timeless win/win voices

Especially about polycultural outcome opportunities
and monocultural injustice 
incoming risks.

I...Read More
Categories: accepting, culture, education, grandmother, health, integrity, language, racism,
Form: Political Verse
Weed is God
Weed is worshipping insanity
expecting no calamity
weed is a
diversity of love
but weed is God

but Weed is love
weed is a dove flying higher toward the cold sun
weed is a boy playing with a razor blade
weed is an opening showing blood
weed is building...Read More
Categories: accepting, 11th grade, 12th grade, 4th grade, abuse,
Form: Acrostic
This truth of mine
As a child, I learned that life is cruel
And justice is blind
My loving family filled with secrets and care
All I ever wanted 
A love to call my own
A place to be unafraid of my surroundings 
Why am I ever denied
Leaving...Read More
Categories: accepting, allusion, angst,
Form: Narrative
The fault in our minds
Salt and sea breeze rubbed against my skin,
The soul left my lungs to inherit it’s win.
I looked around and found aesthetics in the dark,
Captured in polaroids , memorising my own heart. 
The reality is what I don’t allow them to...Read More
Categories: accepting, life, love, philosophy, poems, self, wisdom, writing,
Form: Free verse
Change is hard for everyone,
But attitude helps you overcome 

The hesitation to try something new,
Because of a positive  “can do”

Erases the doubt,
And gives you clout

To accept a new challenge,
Perhaps learn a new talent

Or change with the times,
Leaving the past...Read More
Categories: accepting, faith, future, identity, inspiration,
Form: Rhyme
My Future Fate
I keep on observing couples pass me by oh so merrily,
Getting me all perked up, but at the same time, a bit of jealousy
I am deserving of no one and I know you'd disagree
Getting me slightly upset because I can't...Read More
Categories: accepting, depression, funeral, future, hope, jealousy, loneliness, lost
Form: Rhyme
Don't forget
Don’t forget ……

Why you’re running so fast?
Look they’re moving faster.
Ok, but what’s the purpose?
I can’t talk now, need to speed up to cover the gaps.
What about your aim, your rationale?
Damn it, it’s a competitive world.
Does it mean, you’ve to follow...Read More
Categories: accepting, life,
Form: Verse
Premium Member Testing the Water

Allowing every sense the sensation
absorb it all, at once, even the cost
to gain naught, in spite of observation
mindful of the deceit, dignity lost

Chin in the air, being boastful, always
caring not, seems the fate of everyone
blinded by devious words, twisted ways
never...Read More
Categories: accepting, world,
Form: Sonnet
Premium Member 'The Broken Mirror'
             In my dream-
     there is a broken mirror
        it is so gorgeous and wood-framed
  ...Read More
Categories: accepting, dream,
Form: Verse
Premium Member In His Light - The Mirrored Hourglass Style

~ In  His   Light  ~
 (  Mirrored Hourglass  )


 Love   Worship  Pray  Trust  the Lord

 Lord won't leave you alone

 His mercy will show

 When with Lord stay

...Read More
Categories: accepting, christian, faith, hope, love,
Form: Free verse
Been knocked down
But never put out.
Been lied to, cursed at
Even talked about.
Had a few pick-me-ups and
A couple of dust-me-offs
Serpents trying to slime me
With materialistic pay offs.
Obstacles laid in my paths
Like bear traps in the woods,
By foes and those
Who only wished...Read More
Categories: accepting, change, inspirational, self, uplifting,
Form: Prose Poetry
Premium Member How does one go about believing
Someone who believes is seeking a personal union with Eternal God
Is ready to believe Eternal God in everything that He shows and reveals about Himself

At the beginning of faith
There is an emotional disturbance or uneasiness

The person senses that the visible...Read More
Categories: accepting, christian, god,
Form: Couplet