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Abusing Poems

Abusing Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of abusing poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for abusing.

New Poems

Premium Member Risky Opportunity
Viral rabidity 
dark depression closes in
and economic
claustrophobic feelings
against overpopulated sick inhumanity,
competing ravenous clans
overwhelming individual rights
autonomously-held capital wealth.

And then violently
politically explodes
internally devouring,
pregnancy rates collapsing,
and extracting
and divesting,
abusing and neglecting
our young
and old,
and vulnerably weak.

Global climate health crises
close in ego-sequestration
recusing ourselves from communication,
away...Read More
Categories: abusing, depression, health, integrity, peace, political,
Form: Political Verse

The Church Struggles
The Church struggles with bills
eighty percent of every dollar 
is spent on administration
the cost of building maintenance

The cost of food and housing
for its minister's, cardinals and priests
riddled with greed some members live 
In the lap of luxury

Well the Pope rakes...Read More
Categories: abusing, inspiration, international,
Form: Narrative
Premium Member Bipolar

A yellowish day frolics with life, pleasantries errants the air, smiles
growing everywhere as man and beast are one with the leash, 
complacency occupies both time and space, the tenants,
of calmness and serenity moves in. That as being first
analyzed as a...Read More
Categories: abusing, anxiety, depression, mental illness, muse,
Form: Free verse
A woman
What do you get in mind when you think of a woman
I think of Devotion 
I think of Evolution 
I think of Salvation
I think of Revolution 
I think of Motivation 
Who do you think of when you see a woman
I...Read More
Categories: abusing, best friend, birth, caregiving, creation, earth, family,
Form: Concrete
Perplexing Bipolar Phases
I am so mellow and quiet…
As calm as a midnight jet…
I need some sort of outlet…
Give me something more than this...regret

I did not mean to get upset...
I just wanted you to be feeling alright
Remember the day we first met?
It was...Read More
Categories: abusing, emotions, loneliness, longing,
Form: Lyric

Premium Member Mullah Trump
Fanatics in Talibama
stadiums of bigoted extravaganza
hopefully supporters one day held to account
for abusing children in the name
of evangelical doctrine

He assassinates foreign officials
as terrorists like to do
he supplies Saudi Arapia
so they can kill more children than you
he loves his small fingers...Read More
Categories: abusing, allah, america, betrayal, children, evil, patriotic,
Form: Quatrain
Martial translations
Martial epigram translations

You never wrote a poem,
yet criticize mine?
Stop abusing me or write something fine
of your own!
?Martial, loose translation by Michael R. Burch

He starts everything but finishes nothing;
thus I suspect there's no end to his stuffing.
?Martial, loose translation by Michael...Read More
Categories: abusing, child, daughter, death, funeral, girl, parents, slavery,
Form: Epigram
Premium Member Reasonable Balance
A rational frame of reference
for multicultural Taoism,
preferred by UniversalYang
and deferred with UnitarianYin,
regards experiences of systemic racism
and white straight male privilege
not only within each individual,
but within each community,
each faith community,
each ecopolitical energy-organizing sector
across this global EarthTribe.

This Taoistic reason/feeling approach
to big systemic...Read More
Categories: abusing, community, earth, health, integrity, political, psychological, religion,
Form: Political Verse
Premium Member Tracks

It had been snowing paw prints 
and rabbit runs. Ice fell from me
in its own sharp-tongued language;
We got here by reading different maps.
We shot bolts and sprang locks,
eventually we trapped the same sky together.
Now we can say our names 
without...Read More
Categories: abusing, poetry,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member The Mirrors Of Life
In the mirrors of life, I see
Reflections shining back at me;
I am like a nomad drifting,
The sands of time they keep shifting,
Always moving on,
Fading, fading, gone.

I am losing to the past
I realise that nothing lasts
I am choosing to wear masks,
Disguise...Read More
Categories: abusing, emotions, feelings, imagery, longing, moving on, self,
Form: Lyric

We could
Banks could startup environment 
improvement clubs 
where people invest together
using the joint power of an investment

Governments could put forward
environmental improvement ideas
so the banks new where to direct
group investment saving

people with ideas could put them forward 
to Government agency's 
where experts...Read More
Categories: abusing, inspiration, international,
Form: Narrative
No Metaphor
Sacked from the Hilton after war with will warn felt lonely because all that had known me had shown me in my hour of need I only had my only no one took me seriously when stress became quite clear...Read More
Categories: abusing, life,
Form: Rhyme
Perhaps past-Christmas
crafting, chiseling, drawing out
a masterpiece
in the shadow of humanity
lonesome voice
in this OUR wilderness
but we went astray, by choice

pastors and priests, professors, political elite
they keep falling, after an innocent rise
abusing people
abusing kindnesses
abusing community
yes, after the Holiday, we can talk freely
where we...Read More
Categories: abusing, best friend, betrayal, bullying, business, education, fear,
Form: Free verse
pull the skin from my face
leave emotions without trace
psychopaths will not meet my gaze
abusing seconds for days
Take the t from the urn
swearing loyalty to none
staring directly at the sun
using depression just for fun...Read More
Categories: abusing, poetry,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member She might change
She’s always lived there 
A small, small town
Where everyone knows her
They fear her anger
That chills the heart
Clutches at their own ire

She worked for me for a while
Doing a good job, always
But never respecting anyone
Always difficult to say the least
She grated...Read More
Categories: abusing, anger, christian, emotions, endurance, farewell, hate,
Form: Free verse
The Closet
The dark place,
This closet is,

Abusing sounds,
Hurting words.

Screaming inside,
The world outside passes.

Wanting to burst out,
Wanting to shout,
Wanting them to see.

Yet, here I sit.
Unable to break free,
Unable to make them see.

If I were to break out,
Break free,
Would the world accept,
Would the world...Read More
Categories: abusing, dark, fear, poems, poetry, society,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member CRASH LANDING
Missed the line by a monkey’s lick
Ended up here 
Where dogs the size of baby hogs chase horses 
And everything’s blue
Bathed in sky
Oozing out slowly 
Touching the tops of bluebells 
Poking uncle in the shed
Waking things early 
Abusing angles
Zebras exiting...Read More
Categories: abusing, crazy, deep, fate, fun, imagery,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member I Wish
If there's a heaven, may it be
Set in a time congenial to me,
A time less world-weary and cynical,
A time whose faults were less inimical,
Before we knew words like "incest" and "paedophile",
Since no one would dream of abusing a child,
When technology...Read More
Categories: abusing, child abuse, children, family, father, mother, music,
Form: Rhyme
Looking For My Palestina
I Came To the Medina
Looking for my Palestina
Baby my Baby 
Where are you?
Still under the rubbles?
Still alive my Diva 
Oh my Devina!

The Highways robbers,
The snitch, the pimps of the Dollar, 
And of the Shekel,
Still abusing the little 

But she defied...Read More
Categories: abusing, conflict, dedication, freedom, political, racism, remember, rights,
Form: Political Verse
Premium Member Saving Babies and Puppies
My dream job would be to save babies and puppies
from abusers
letting them know
when they are furious and want to take it out
on a baby or a puppy
I will come to their house and give them money
I will clean their house...Read More
Categories: abusing, abuse, baby, dog,
Form: Free verse
So your old man left 
I told you he was a bum
He's been abusing you
Since you were young

Here's some ice for your eye
And your bloody nose
He says live with it
That's the way it goes

Good riddance I say
What are you going...Read More
Categories: abusing, anger, evil, fear,
Form: Rhyme

you say you listen
but i do what you say
ask my opinion
yet you know the way

and when we talk
my words are accusing
you're under attack
i'm intentionally abusing

i'm the transgressor
with no understanding
irrational, bitter,
and always demanding

i talk of my feelings
result, you are hurt
so i...Read More
Categories: abusing, 12th grade, angst, love, marriage,
Form: Free verse
Hell, Lets Talk
Hell, let’s talk.

Heres my mind outlined in chalk/
Hold it tight so it won’t take off/
Holding you down with each of my thoughts/
Folding you over with 40 ton locks

wondering why we’re all loosing it/
All because we’re always  abusing it/
But I...Read More
Categories: abusing, abuse, addiction, anger, anti bullying, anxiety, conflict,
Form: Heroic Couplets
I turned on the tv and they talked of a terrorist 
I watched on the internet they talked of a terrorist
I walked down the lane they talked of a terrorist
I went home and asked myself who is really a terrorist
It...Read More
Categories: abusing, abuse, anti bullying, care, culture, depression, discrimination,
Form: ABC
Premium Member Mama's MasonJar Theology
My mother-in-law
drinks her morning gin
out of a pint-size Mason jar,
and self-righteously prides herself
for not wasting water by adding any in
and for not pouring or drinking
before her biscuit and red-gravy breakfast,
usually about eight a.m.
now that she's long retired
from abusing victims of...Read More
Categories: abusing, christian, creation, health, humor, mother son, racism,
Form: Political Verse