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Abusers Poems

Abusers Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of abusers poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for abusers.

New Poems

Premium Member Good Sad Special

A hungry beggar
or street bootlegger
a good soul senses their pain
gladly giving change
thanks and coins exchange
paths never to cross again.

Homeless foul the street
someone ought to tweet
sad souls see only losers 
sidewalk filthy freaks
without baths for weeks
street drunks and drug abusers.

So much...Read More
Categories: abusers, 10th grade, 11th grade, anxiety, community, how
Form: Verse

I got many rivals
I’m always hiding in shadows
Searching for scripture to read
And meditate from my bible

I have a diagnosis 
Your thinking a poor prognosis
But that is ok I know the one
Who can fix my psychosis

I don’t claim a victory
But I...Read More
Categories: abusers, abuse, anger, anxiety, bible, christian, endurance, fear,
Form: Rhyme
Single white vampire,
Seeks companion for the evening.
Adventurous and full of fun,
No prima donas preening.

High society's just fine,
Or simple down home girl.
No Heavy Metal Rockers,
To make my toe nails curl.

No smokers and no drinkers,
No drug abusers too.
Clean and wholesome is the...Read More
Categories: abusers, halloween,
Form: Quatrain
Premium Member A Salute to Good Children
A Salute to Good Children in Classroms

Ususally, they are quiet and unassuming.
They contribute by their glowing humility!
And verily, are lessons for us all.
On how to be!

They don't act out as class clowns.
And~ have no need to be big bullies.
Here they...Read More
Categories: abusers, america, appreciation, grandson, school, society,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Saving Babies and Puppies
My dream job would be to save babies and puppies
from abusers
letting them know
when they are furious and want to take it out
on a baby or a puppy
I will come to their house and give them money
I will clean their house...Read More
Categories: abusers, abuse, baby, dog,
Form: Free verse

To my daughter
I hope you get a good man
But dont ignore the bad
Cause you live with the angel and the devil
And the devil will always be a problem
So take your time

Am not sorry I brought you into this world
It's a joy to...Read More
Categories: abusers, abuse, black love, bullying, daughter, gender, violence,
Form: Free verse
Domestic Abuser
You represent the streets like only you do
But, hate the fact that you're and abuser too
You abused your children and tried to take their mother's life
Support for your domestic abuse
Law enforcement say it's a lover's quarrel, for an excuse
No one...Read More
Categories: abusers, abuse, child abuse, hurt,
Form: Prose Poetry
Pitch Black Abuse
Pitch Black Abuse 

Childhoods are cherished by most it’s true. 
Others are scarred by darkness ensued. 
Darkened room with wall of ears. 
Illicit stories from over the years
Hand front of face it can’t be seen. 
Under darkness occurs a disturbing...Read More
Categories: abusers, abuse, child abuse,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Abusers and Mis-Users
We are snarly, and we’re gnarly,
We’re twisted, and we’re mean.
We smack you with our branches,
And we keep our real selves unseen.

We’re awful, and we’re terrible,
You had better keep your children away.
Because we’ll hold them, and we’ll fold them,
And we’ll never...Read More
Categories: abusers, abuse, angst,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Discomforted By Integrity
I wonder how many parents of students
suffer from studying and teaching white nationalism
against tides of multiculturing change.

And I wonder what our school boards
and state departments of bored children and family thinkers and doers
feel about child abuse
and neglect to actively love...Read More
Categories: abusers, child abuse, health, love, peace,
Form: Political Verse

I Told You

I told you that Uncle Danny touched me
It hurt and made me cry
I told you I didn’t like him
You said I shouldn’t lie.
I told you my bra got snapped in class
That I was treated like a toy
Your response...Read More
Categories: abusers, abuse, anger, child abuse, dark, poetry, political,
Form: Quatrain
Premium Member Some Religious Wolves in Clothing
Uncontrolled lustful defiling, dirty and inciting
The profaning of holy sanctuary
Wolves amongst gentle lambs 
The greedy and money hungry

The un-sharing and un-caring
Deceitful with, 10% truth and 90% untruths.
These are itching ear promoters, abusers and users.
If the money were gone, they would...Read More
Categories: abusers, bible, evil, religion,
Form: Quatrain
Family law
Immaturity comes from lack of knowledge
That this sheltered woman was raised by
To not speak up against the man's ways
Lest to be served as an example
Made to feel shame for being abused

Does it matter how these lessons were served
Rough and ragged,...Read More
Categories: abusers, abuse, bullying, child abuse, family, mother, strength,
Form: Free verse
Internet Iniquity, Injustice and Impertinence
Iniquity, impunity, injustice invade Internet interaction
Alongside odious obliteration and cunning coercion
Facilitated and militated with unabashed attention and intention   

To minutest details
To misspell the capture of heads and tails
Which in essence sells injustice and slays sails

The freedom Internet users
Ought...Read More
Categories: abusers, poems,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Isolated Woman
She was a kind friend
Pink heart was so pure
Intentions toward good
Found the best in all
Trusted the wrong man

He was clever,
Held her hostage,
From her family
And her friends.

A trick known
And used by

Far off
With him
No help

...Read More
Categories: abusers, abuse, bullying,
Form: Diminished Hexaverse
I'm Here To Murder Mumble Rap, censored for Soup
All these muffled mumble mouths are farting gas,
with a less complex range than an enslaved ahss,
inspiration sadly discarded as they spas,
the rap I grew up with is a thing of the past.

Talent? Witch please, mumble's a disease,
contracted through the legs...Read More
Categories: abusers, hip hop, rap,
Form: Rhyme
Useless Users
Useless users, 
Lost life abusers.
Energy wasters 
albeit time haters.
Profile faker's now
Story makers.
Worlds gone crazy
now all lazy.
What's to become,
dull,dead and dumb.
We used to be human,
now only crewman.
Stand fast on the ground,
your life is bound.
By rules engaged,
causing great rage.
Some turn to pages,
whilst...Read More
Categories: abusers, angst, anxiety, betrayal, confusion, deep, perspective, society,
Form: ABC
My Idol Cried
My idol cried,
Feeling hurt and abused,
She sat on a stage crying,
Under a bright light of hues,

She had a bitter break-up,
With a gemini of many minds,
He left her bewildered,
Whimpering into her mic,
Wish I could hold her,
Give her a hug, say...Read More
Categories: abusers, break up,
Form: Rhyme
The New Seven Deadly Sins
I think it's time to do an update
Of The Seven Deadly Sins
Most people do not know them all
Sit down and let's begin
I'm not really religious
But, I think they're a bit stale
So, I think I'll spruce them up a bit
In this...Read More
Categories: abusers, religion, sin,
Form: Rhyme
Swords, Songs and Tattoos
Her sword glides,
Slicing through scorned hearts.
Change is seen only in my eyes.
Gold fills the hilt
Seething the rage of past abusers

Her song sighs,
Placing spells upon an old fool
She's hiding lies
Stars of which man's imagination built
Lying in the eyes of her beholders

Her...Read More
Categories: abusers, anger, anxiety, dark, depression, desire, emotions,
Form: Free verse
Striking a Blow for Freedom:Confident, Courageous and Called
Women have been battered and abused 
Since day one
Systemic domestic violence
We are so done
A movement has started #me too
That has opened up the doors
To shine a light and give a voice to those
Who say "I ain't gonna take it no...Read More
Categories: abusers, confidence, courage, encouraging, faith, women,
Form: Dramatic Monologue
Premium Member Women Who Stay Have Dog Love
Women who stay have dog love.
Beat me.
Kick me.
Demoralize me and my children.
Put me down.
Call me names.
I will love you no matter what.
Women who stay are waiting to recapture
The love that was, 
and hold onto the
What still might be
He didn't mean...Read More
Categories: abusers, abuse, addiction, anger, anti bullying, child abuse,
Form: Free verse
No Cross surrogate

     Such is your 'No' phobia, you repeatedly bite off more than you can chew
     Stuck as a broken record on yes, you agree to things you don't want...Read More
Categories: abusers, metaphor,
Form: Personification
There are users, abusers
And bitter accusers
In the World of negative thought
There are legalistic, ballistic
And increasingly sadistic
In the World of righting the "not lot"

~On the other side~

There are roses, poses
And delivering Moses
In the World of fanatical dreams
There are hoping, doping
And constantly...Read More
Categories: abusers, growth,
Form: Rhyme
For the suffering mothers
for the suffering mothers
curse be a woman 
curse be the day 
he was born 
curse be the 
government that 
don't provide
for our suffering
mother's in Africa 
curse be the day
the were put to 
is a shame to see 
this mothers...Read More
Categories: abusers, absence, abuse, africa, betrayal, care, dedication, humanity,
Form: Epic