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Screaming at the Sky

Screaming at the Sky
Mothers screaming mournfully at a deaf sky holding their heads helplessly as they cry pitiful tears for innocent, defenseless children slaughtered in fatal cross fires, deadly drug wars drive-by shootings, and cases of mistaken identity on blood-splattered streets, senseless endless violence; but who really gives a damn, only grief-stricken mothers screaming mournfully at a deaf sky.
(Form – Enjambment posted as Verse – 8 lines with 7 words in each line. The 1st line and the 8th line are the same) 10-21-2014

Copyright © Pandita Sanchez | Year Posted 2014

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Water Wall

As he slept in tranquil dream, 
Suddenly he flew, it seemed. 
Thrown and landing on the floor, 
Shaking walls and splintered doors. 

Just as quick, the room grew still. 
Distant tremors he could feel. 
Out the door, and up the rock, 
There he stood in sleepy shock. 

How could oceans disappear. 
Then a hissing he could hear 
And a trembling, heavy roar 
Headed for an empty shore. 

Sunrise turned a greenish hue, 
As he climbed, a better view. 
Seeming far too large, he saw 
What must be a water wall. 

Thought of ancient stories told 
Of a wrath that could unfold; 
Sucking oceans with a breath, 
Spewing endless waves of death. 

Instinct quickly cleared his mind. 
Panic now, he clawed and climbed. 
Up, despite the screams he hears, 
As a village disappears. 

Once an evil came to call, 
Scooped them up and took them all. 
Now he's old, his stories wane, 
Of the morning Satan came.

Gene Bourne 




Copyright © Gene Bourne | Year Posted 2014

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Love is a Sacrifice

You have my soul, but you have your fate Whatever your words, I’m willing to take You have my word; I’ll give you my breath It’s like a chain that would never be break You are my love with all my heart, I’ll fight for you with all my might. And in the way, you admire your goals, You hold my hands, but not so close. As you go to your chosen path, I’ll accept the fact that we will be apart. In the dark side, I leave behind Within my faith, that you’ll arise Please don’t look back, coz I’m fighting still I’m hurting so much! Don’t want to have you near I accept my fate for what it does, I’m bleeding so much, do you know for whom it was? You reach your goals, as you want to have, Would you remind the man that gave what he had? As you reach the stars, and be the one Be a sun that shines its own. After the rain, the rainbow comes, Like dark in the moon, when the light flash A glimpse from you at least a short For then I knew my pain is worth.

Copyright © Emmanuel Fajutagana | Year Posted 2013

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                                        Elegy to Child Lost

                                 Passion's love oft tempts despair
                                 Casts a prideful cosmic dare--
                                 Like Prizing Joy's most intimate caress
                                 Babe snug beneath a mother's breast

                                Senses at this time are keen
                                There's no secret kept between
                                Loving mother, wriggling babe--
                                Wanted , dreamed of, much delayed
                                But entwined twin was also loved--
                                Some say Nature's method proves
                                That one twin may give all to mate---
                                But this fatal sacrifice must decimate.

                                Only mother's eyes would feel babe's smiles--
                                or sense those legs that wandered miles
                                And daring feet that danced in tunes while
                                Arms swam in gentle Celtic croons.

                                When babe vanished--not  a sound.
                                Mother 's grief was not allowed.
                                Tempted so to trail behind
                                Escaping shattered troubled mind. 

                                Squelching sorrow's hungry arms
                                She Tried erase babe's fluttering charms
                                Never spoke of-- never mourned.
                                By her husband she was warned
                                Was best forget a child so early lost--
                                Funerals, gravestones--such a cost--

                                But the years have called babe near,
                                Mother's journal writ in tears:
                                'Please forgive my selfish heart.
                                Repressed from all --this tragic part
                                I felt your sacrificial act--
                                You left your cherished twin intact'.

                                There is no law of random acts
                                Doctors examine data facts
                                It may be --that in the womb
                                When both spring flowers cannot bloom
                                One bold twin refrains to eat
                                Compels the other to complete
                                Hardy growth that life requires---
                                Sparks survival's crucial hours.

                                Not an accident 'tis sure--
                                Boldest spirits blossom pure.

Victoria Anderson-Throop ©

Copyright © Victoria Anderson-Throop | Year Posted 2012

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A vignette of domestic violence and the weird rationale of love amidst such 
circumstances - adapted from how it was depicted to me by a female friend and 
taken from her own personal experience.

I was defined china and porcelain, 
Inlaid glass flowers and gently spoken;
Fragile in doe-eyed delicacy, 
Pleading and begging not to be broken.

I loved him with total forgiveness, 
Did not, could not, would not understand 
The dark chaos mood of lability, 
The spontaneous violence of his hand.

Blue and black bruises indecorously swelled 
Question marks about tear brimmed eyes;
And I wept and despaired in confusion, 
Smashed and grabbed by wherefores and whys.

How could he dream to hurt me so, 
The brutish malediction of his touch?  
How could he stand to hurt me so, 
When he knew I loved him so much?

And now the years have drained away 
Like sweeping veils of rain;
The agony of our breaking apart 
Ever haunts me with anguish and pain.

I still see him some times, 
Rarely, truly out of the blue, 
On the old territory of familiar streets 
When unconsciously passing through.

And always shook by the stalking truth,
A lancing bright-bladed knife,
And with dogmatic aching my heart lets me know
He was always the love of my life.

And I know there's no sense to be had
When I look to the heavens above,
Just the sad and lonely heart of the matter:
You never can choose whom to love.

Copyright © Tony Bush | Year Posted 2005

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Physically and Mentally Abuse

I was born in a world of poverty and soiled life of a third world country
The way I lived till I was five years of age was walls of boundary
These walls had towers of guards that had no heart or care
If a child would try to climb the wall they lose their life I swear

Father had drank and threatened my mother with a knife
My father lost his job and wife and that was the hardship of life
He stopped my mother from taking off with me in her arm
Hoping that my father would ignore and left me be with no harm

When my father went off to drink one night and came home with rage
My brothers stood by my crib and took a beating that set up the next stage
My father had woken up to three scared children half starved and in pain
His final words as he walk away from the orphanage gate live life do not go insane

I was still a baby in the orphanage; the caretakers did not really care about the babies
They stole items and materials those wicked men and maternal evil ladies
They starved all the babies because it cost a lot to keep them alive
As a child of that age I could feel the sins and greed that gave out bad vibes

I was ignorant about what I drank and ate, as I see white maggots move in my bottle
As I see them move I thought about how they were playing and some were hostel
They ate each other to keep each other alive in a manner that took me by surprise
In the back round I hear others throwing things with sounds of painful cries

I got very strong at a young age I was able to start pulling myself up over the cage
My feelings were to see my brothers with strong lungs that I cried out of rage
My two brothers came to see me and sneak food into my crib
The caretaker would find the food in my hands as they grabbed it and hit me on my ribs

As painful as it was I kept eating the food with blood in my mouth as it was instinct
I sometimes laid in my crib dazed and confused with smell of death so distinct
With all my might I kept myself strong and climb the small wall
I finally was old enough to get out of the building and I could hear my brothers call

With tears of joy with short legs that ran as fast as my heart
I ran to my brothers arms and held their hands to have a new start
I grew stronger everyday but more things came into my life in a manner of dismay
If my brothers stay by my side I could smile and everyday their would be okay

Copyright © Reynaldo Mast | Year Posted 2013

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Nothing More Or Less

Millions of lives and souls untold
And to account it all
Words, lines, films
Imagination trims
A sliver of soft, scarlet ribbon
Hollywood rounds
Quills deliver
Writers flare with passion so strong
Filling minds with fantasies, reveries, histories
We consume it all like freshly baked bread
We feed until we are engorged and fed
A viral, universal mess
Ideas and unmade memories
Nothing more or less

My eyes remain glued to the screen
Living it all out
Tears dare to flow—to doubt
I should have thought of that
Can I truly let myself believe,
Someone else lived that!
Pound away your directors, script-writers, fighters
For miles and miles of stories remain unread
While the unknown remain in the grounds of humble malnourishment
Careers for the mind with a twist of the fable
Left us savage for the meal and the crumbs under the table
I can never let the raw truth rest
Naked, bare and empty—soothed
Nothing more or less

I cringed for originality 
Observed the world through the unedited scripts
The very act, the poetry pact
The wild animal drooling in the back
I was slapped in the face by my boss who had cracked
As the reviews bloated less and less
They wanted something awful, something flaw-ful—something new
And this empty brain in agony—HISSED 
I have lived in no epic battle of account
Of the collateral sufferings of my brothers
The stories the red carpet smothers
And still I ache to create
Before the other ones discover
I returned with ‘‘oh me’s’ and ‘oh my’s’’
With a work of pure genius—a storybook of lies
Nothing more or less

Little have I lacked to dream
Of contortioned pulls and dramatic fire
Stories that rarely brittle or tire
I fiddled with precious glass on edge
Foully eager for self-damage
As if it would trigger some legitimate spark 
Searching for creatures and features in the dark
No one unlocked the passage that night
For the starving idea-parched malice of right
But all welcomed with open arms
A pale mannequin filled with jewels and charms
Consuming, fuming dooming
All ghosts hoping, screaming, looming
Hoping that one day they would find themselves on the big screen
Their legacy real as it can possibly get
Nothing more or less

Copyright © Laura Breidenthal | Year Posted 2013

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I wake up with another tear for I have again, relived the nightmare will it ever leave me with any way to see when will I again be able to see my family the past is forgiven so why is it still living my heart was so broken but soon after it was frozen let it lie and the past die for I have a life to live with but the past is still being relived how do I stop this past of torture so I can find my new future

Copyright © Denise Hopkins | Year Posted 2013

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There are no words

There are no words

There are no words, to describe the pain
there are no words to try to explain

How senseless gun violence is!

There are no words, there are way too many tears
there are no more words to allay your many fears

From wicked evil acts!

There are no words, to describe how we feel
there are no words, the numbing pain is real

The loss is overwhelming!

There are no words, to explain why man kills
there are no words to explain or justify the thrill

There just... are no words!
This poet is...left speechless!

A young mother who is pregnant is shot dead in her car in Toronto
no known motive.Her baby delivered by C section died yesterday.

Christina Grimmie popular young singer shot dead signing autographs after concert.

John Derek Hamilton
June 11,2016

Copyright © John Hamilton | Year Posted 2016

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Many Paid The Price

Look to your left - Look to your right
Someone you’re looking at - Has paid the price
Either personally - Or through past generations
Yet still today, we have - Hurts and frustrations

Pioneers of the land - The Marches that went forth
For so many people - To be able to freely walk the earth
Young people pick up a book - Earn some knowledge
Get off the street corners - And into classrooms of a University or College

Pay it forward - Give it back
Education is key - Its not whack
Learn your heritage - From where you come
Know that this is - God’s home

Past struggles - Present issues
Hold your head high - Keep working toward your vision
There is something I don’t understand - Through every thing in the past
Why do our young brother’s - Kill one another

How can you look into the eyes - Of another human being
Pull the trigger - How can you be so mean?
Our people along with other races - Fought for our rights
To be able to live a fair life - I can’t fathom the reasoning of this strife

So many killings - Day after day
Brother killing brother - This just isn’t the way
Too many people have died - And sometimes it seems in vain
Because what we see on the news everyday or experience in life
Is completely insane!

Can someone explain to me - The mindset of our youth
I’m perplexed - So I’m looking for the truth
Why is there genocide? - So many homicides
And there is no hesitation - About the lives being taken

It angers my heart - It angers my soul
That people can so easily kill - That people are so bold
People listen to me - When I tell you
The Civil Rights Movement - Was to see us through

To get us to a better place - Although discrimination and racism still exists
It is very prevalent - With the Jena 6
Gang violence has taken the life - Of an innocent 10-year old boy
My prayers go out to the family - Of little Arthur Jones

Gun shots ring out - Now 14-year old Samuel is dead
Gun man came back in anger over a bike - And shot this young man in the head!
I lost my own brother this year (2007) - Because of senseless gun violence
And it’s getting worse too - R.I.P. little bro, we love you Cinque

U.S. Troops fighting a War - Overseas in Iraq
Make no mistake about it - Many have paid the price
IT IS TIME to walk through the door - Of a brand new light
We are a powerful people - When we stand together and fight

Not fight as in violence - But to have regard for human life
Never forgetting - Many paid the price

Copyright © Yolanda Jackson | Year Posted 2008

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The Fishing Net

Finally he has gone to fish
With a nylon net
Since unskilled he is
Anyhow has set the net,

But, o! he alone has caught
All the fishes
No a single one in the pond
For them, you or us,

Modern devises are so accurate
To finish things at once
Beings also face same fate
Here, there always.

Copyright © Muzahidul Reza | Year Posted 2016

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The Shot...
They killed.
Their hate... 
They willed. 
The blood...
It spread.
From heart...
To head. 

The gun...
Was pressed.
A scream...
Was stressed.
Wild eyed...
Prayer said.
and Bang... 
You're dead.

The Shot...
Their hate....
The blood.....
From heart.....
The gun....................
A scream............................
Wild eyed...........
and Bang.

They killed. 
They willed.
It spread.
To head.
Was pressed. 
Was stressed.
Prayer said.
You're dead.

by Edlynn Nau 

Copyright © Edlynn Nau | Year Posted 2015

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    Guns don't kill people, people do. I have lost a loved one
because of you.

    I will hear no more footsteps coming down the hall, no more
fingerprints on my wall.

    No more laughter, no more tears. No more memories in the
coming years.

    How does it make you feel inside, not knowing if the person
you shot, has lived or died?

    Whether you're in a gang, or you stand as one. You're not
that big without a gun.

    What if I had went wild, and the gun I shot had wounded or
killed your child?

    Our situations would be the same. Two individuals fighting a
never ending game.

              The message here is very clear....

    You shoot me, I shoot you...Guns don't kill people, people do.

Copyright © Anissa Turner | Year Posted 2015

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All Along the Watchtower Re-Visited for 9-11

"There must be some kinda way to find out here"
Said the seeker to the stealer
"There's too much confusion
I'm struggling to be the reveal"

"Conglomerate men, they drink my wine
Politicians dig my earth
None will level on the line
Because none of them are worth it" hey

"There is reason to get excited"
The seeker, he kindly spoke
"There are many here among us
Who feel our governments a joke"

"Now you and I, we've lived through this
And this is not our fate
So let us not talk falsely now
The hour is getting late", hey


All along the watchtower
Liars kept the view
While all the women came and went
Barefoot servants too

Outside in the cold distance
The C.I.A. did growl
Two riders were approaching
And the wind began to howl, hey

All along the watchtower
All along the watchtower

All along the watchtower on that tragic September day
We need some investigation, for someones has to pay
Now you and I, we've lived through this, and this is not our fate
So let us not talk falsely now, before this generations to late

We will always remember, and remember who we lost that day
We need some investigation, for someone has to pay
All along the watchtower, a nation in mournful cries
We are not so blind, it's amazing what you can see when you close your eyes

All along the watchtower
All along the watchtower

James, we lost you in Kensington, England. The Star Spangled Banner will
live long in your past. I can't say the same for some of your American so
called country people. Thank you for allowing me to gracefully use . . . .
'All Along the Watchtower' it's blatantly obvious someone was not.

To all the lost in the 9/11 tragedy, my thoughts will always be with you.

 All Along The Watchtower by Jimi Hendrix, with some lyrics changed 

Copyright © James Fraser | Year Posted 2010

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Have and Have Not

Born into poverty
Instead of heraldry
Disappointment struck me glum
Square peg in a round hole
Ends up on the dole*
Got no money and I want some

My nights of abandon
Were strictly rationed
Contraception isn't cheap
Then into these drab nights
No warmth and no lights
Fed up of counting sheep

You came and you stained 
the sheets and the bed frame
Your self indulgence left me sore
You left me white
and a terrible sight
But still I craved for more

But if I had money
You'd stick with me honey
You wouldn't leave me in this mess
But I'm just a pauper
Can't support a daughter
(Finances) stretch to a budgie at best

Well she cut her hair
and dated a millionaire
Splashing cash has such allure
But, he beats her senseless
Then buys her a new dress
She's not happy, but she's 'secure'

He has and I have not
I want what he's got
The irony is - I had it once
He went to Cambridge and Eton
He's got me down and beaten
He's left me feeling such a dunce

The moral then sonny
Is those who have money
Will always get the best of both worlds
So if your not rich
Then life's a b***h
So go find yourself a rich girl

*old fashioned term for social security payments in the UK. 
[This is actually a song rather than a poem, which I wrote almost 30 years ago - when I was full of angst and acne! Can't find or remember the music I wrote for it though - shame]

Copyright © David Sollis | Year Posted 2013

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My cobain smile

I want to drown my urge to die
I want to kill my pulse inside
I can't breathe, I'm paranoid
Everything in life I avoid

Don't speak to me, I'll look away
Inside my eyes is just decay
 I'm already dead, but have yet to die
Why do I keep my body alive

My soul is dead, eyes are lies
So is the smile I hide behind
Pull the plug, I'm a fake
In a nightmare and I cannot wake

Drown me! I'm flooded in pain
Please help me regain
Some peace, some rest 
I want to die to live again

Set me free 
Slitting my wrists isn't working
The more stares I get
The more I become numb
I just need to be gone
Eliminate my pain, 
I'm already out of breath 
Suffocating on my hopelessness

Every day I am alive 
But I'm craving to die inside
Curved smile because your so naive
You think I'm happy 
Yet I'm being crushed
My head is overflowing 
With these thoughts that are too much

One word, suicide
Sparks a light inside of my eyes

I don't want to pretend to live
Let me go, flood me in sin
There is where I want to swim
Six feet under the ground

Don't be selfish 
And keep me in pain
To tourture my lifeless body again
Let my body float soundly
Rushing water, ocean salt
I promise I won't feel it at all.

End it, hold me under 
Then bury me so I can slumber
Goodbye lifeless eyes
As I'm dying I'll be coming alive
Haunting images 
Deleted from my mind
As I leave this world behind

Floods my lungs 
Leans in for a kiss

Together we sink into insanity
And drown in infinitys abyss. 

Copyright © Karissa Kelley | Year Posted 2013

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(An unanswerableQuestion)
Dedicated to those who have been suffering from fits in my Country

Invisible, bound to dwell in a separate dim world of strange things, 
Why possess human beings transforming them into ghosts and prisons 
Where Strange games of fits, deliquium, howling images of black cats 
And owls daily govern exposing to hallucinations, nakedness and death?

Dla, November 17, 2014
Jaafar Sadig el Waad

Copyright © Jaafar Sadig El Waad | Year Posted 2014

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Chicago's Sin

Another body dropped as the evil ran through the night 
He was on a spree to start a war 
The screams blistered the silence 
As the metal hit the floor, 
As the metal hit the floor. 

Red and blue blind the darkness 
The sirens piercing the hidden and fleeing 
Feet splashing in rhythm 
Their breathing turning ragged, 
Their breathing turning ragged. 

T.V.’s light up with another face 
Another cell grows crowded tonight 
Never a smile always a frown 
The bail isn’t ever going down, 
The bail isn’t ever going down. 

Phones ring like a symphony 
The room is filling up and draining out 
New and old faces enter with disgust 
Crying and yelling is all too familiar, 
Crying and yelling is all too familiar. 

Jailed and killed is never a shock 
Growing crime is always ends in a record breaker 
The defenders of the city never sleep 
More evil is always lurking within, 
More evil is always lurking within. 

The innocents and guilty are no longer separated 
Heads looking over shoulders at every street corner 
From the alleys to the roofs 
A trigger is pulled and a man has shot, 
A trigger has pulled and a man has shot. 

The beginning could be the end 
The young dying younger 
Pounds of sin infect the mind 
The parents spend and their children suffer, 
The parents spend and their children suffer. 

Silent night is all but a myth 
For sirens, shots, and screams invade the midnight 
Those soundly sleeping leave both eyes open 
An intruder knocks at the bedroom door, 
An intruder knocks at the bedroom door. 

The black of night shadows the filth and carnage 
The sun shining brightly, 
Spotlighting the aftermath 
Clean up is ignored and the nightmare pushed aside, 
Clean up is ignored and the nightmare pushed aside. 

Through the city a flame ignites 
The sky filled with many chills and frights 
Angels take the sinless away 
The demons and criminals come out and play, 
The demons and criminals come out and play. 

Time dances by as it glances near and far 
Storms bring more destruction all around 
The flames rage on like a burning chariot 
So many men, women, and children who need to be found, 
So many men, women, and children who need to be found. 

Years go by and it’s all the same. 
Goodbye to the days, weeks, months, and years 
They smile their last smiles 
It’s nothing but a lie to cover up the pain, 
It’s nothing but a lie to cover up the pain. 

Down go the buildings as they fall 
Bomb after bomb, the villains wicked song 
Just another incident 
Who cares just walk by, 
Who cares just walk by. 

This is the life of all who live 
In a city known for its extraneous crime 
Where every cent is stolen, penny and dime 
Those who fear are just brand new 
The slaughter takes some getting used to, 
The slaughter takes some getting used to. 

Copyright © Marek Stryker | Year Posted 2016

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When The Gun Bangs

I stay in my own lane,
steering dry
of the train,
Don't care about
the fame,
Just trying to
make a name,
So when the gun
who lies in the aim?
who dies when it flames
Two lives in the drain,
Who dies from the pain,
Who cries from the gang
Who lies when detained
Who says they were framed 
from blowing out 
his brains
He's dead!
They exclaimed
Tears flowing from the sane,
The shooter is deranged
his new domain
But really who's to blame
Family crying from the pain
Funeral is not the same
Who will cry when they sang? 
That's when the gun bangs..

Copyright © Jesse Pickens | Year Posted 2014

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You Released Me From My Prison Of Rape


My hearts starting
to unhinge
And it will no
longer cringe
When your soft skin
touches mine
Even though it took
some time
To begin a new found
And have someone
finally touch
Me in a way I don't
freak out
Since that night
left me without
My good safety
When he kicked down
my front door
And attacked me
without care
I was frozen with
the fear
After he finished
his thrills
I was going to get
But for hours he
just taunted
Leaving me broken
and haunted
Alone and naked on
the floor
Laughing, walking
out the door
Days and months went
slowly by
With years of
therapy to try
And get me out of
this prison
This cruel rapist
left me in
It would always take
me back
To this sad, hurtful
When a guy would
start to stare
All I could see was
the fear
That I felt way down
That would open up
so wide
If someone new would
come close
My heart turned to
ice and froze
No one could ever
The pain from years
of life I lost
Until you
Brushed my arm and I
could see
No pictures of his
mean face
And the torture of
that place
All I felt was warm
Filling me up with
no caution
As I saw your eyes
meet mine
Helping my heart
thaw to find
A new life with
someone who
Would carefully help
me through
Bringing me back
from the dead
The past fading from
my head

Copyright © robin davis | Year Posted 2013

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Nature Of History

In time, days, months to years

Is the failure of relationships
In January to July to December

And the shallow of rivers
In July, August to September

The destruction by earthquakes
In January, February to December

The reshuffle of accidents
In lakes, roads and in air

The manufacture of acids, guns, and robots
In laboratories, industries and employment areas

The color of rainbows
Blue, green, grey

The personality of people
Conceited, gloomy, temperamental

The training of soldiers, students, and also religions
In academy, schools and institutes

The birth of children
Over years and years all over the world

The truth of lies
In homes, schools up to work places

Copyright © Masereka Amos | Year Posted 2013

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Paris today is in the grip of killing spree
Afghanistan tomorrow another victim
New York had faced it terribly
Dew-killing fanatics spreading terrorism
Equity and equality sadly on the wane
Morning dreams in radical sleep
Oleanders in confused brain
Nuclear weapon will be very cheap
International awakening we need
Umbrella of justice and parity
Moon shudders in pandemonium
July 28, 2016

Copyright © Probir Gupta | Year Posted 2016

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Pluie de La Paix

Today the raindrops slashed at the window pane while the sky, sullen with the weight of gray, 
hangs low enough to show us its frown.  
On this day we all cry.  

Tonight we fight to show our smiles. 
False but necessary, in hopes that tomorrow we can enjoy the sun, 
even if just for a moment again.

Fear not the rain that falls, but rather weep for the colors we lost. 
Taken from us; effaced from our magnificent canvas, blanketed by eternal night.  

Extinguishing light, 
tonight we pray,  
tonight we fight.  

Let us never forget the sun on our shoulders for we are all children at play. 
Not for a God, but for ourselves.  
And that we all live together, under the same sky, 
from which the rain might fall.

In Honor, Paris
November 14, 2015

Copyright © Sam Jameson | Year Posted 2016

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How Stars Appear

Made from hope and fists balled tight
the secret handshake of manhood and mistrust fell heavy,
It anchored his identity and moved him through the seas of poverty
And like how stars just appear,
He became fight, hostility, crime
No longer a casualty to life’s turbulence
but instead, a creation of his own bad decisions
Reprieve met him at the tip of the needle
And like how stars just appear,
He became recklessness, loss, detachment
His chipped shoulder and heartbeat made of hot stones
Melt his ambition and push me towards the shore
But I always come back
And like how stars just appear,
He became intrigue, passion, something more
I’m his safe haven made up of the moments he slept through,
Playing hide and seek with the parts of him that his track marks held hostage
He can see my hope while I watch his war
And every time he looks at me, I can see everything that’s beautiful

Copyright © Jenny Monteverdi | Year Posted 2016

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Its Gangsters and VIolence Part 2

Man whose that chick over there repping blue 
thinking she can come up here and mess with my man. 
Don't she know who she's messing with?
i got to show her wassup.  
Can't come up in my territory 
thinking she owns this place. 
Who she think she is?
Such violence rises
Gosh that chick over there 
look like she want to start something.  
Need to call up the boys.  
She don't know who she's messing with 
and what she's about to get herself into.  
Do she know who I am?
As these gangs and violence mix like water and oil,
full confrontation blend and war is reborn.
This division of color 
leaves them blind to see what is really there.  
To see who is really there.  
More people die everyday 
because one person chooses to allow that effect,
chooses to allow that resentment,
chooses to allow that hatred.  
Red tears fill the ocean young souls swim in 
just because, YOU claim another color.
May 19, 2007.  I was murdered on the front steps 
of my door.  My little brother still remembers 
the day i fell on my back.
May 30, 2007.  I was murdered at my niece's birthday
party at the park because THEY thought that
I shot HER.  
My last visual was seeing her blow our her candles
and making a wish.  
June 1, 2007.  I sit here in this room.
Between two cousins, two lifeless bodies.
One shot at home, the other shot at the park.
Such lust for regret represses
Damn US.

Copyright © Krystilla Cha | Year Posted 2008

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It did end

It started out a wild hot time.
Before I knew it you were mine.
I walked into this straight up blind.
I should have know something was very wrong.
You were way too easy to get along.
And that's when it started, for any little thing.
You'd say you're sorry, it won't happen again.
But it did happen...again and again. 
And this went on for far too long.
These bruises on my body, don't tell lies.
You go through it all, you'd even cry.
And like a mindless fool, I get sucked right back in.
Continuing to happen...again and again.
One day it will stop.
And one day it sure did.
The room was quiet when you walked in.
And at graveside, you said your goodbyes.
You said you were sorry and even started to cry.


Copyright © Crystal Bellman | Year Posted 2009

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The sun has set upon the hills
The moonlight glares as my body
Awaits the embrace of dreams.
My mind wanders, my thoughts drift
A noise stirs in the silence,
The crash foreshadows more.
A scream—is it my mother?
A boom, more yelling too,
A thud, is that my brother?

The men invade my room
I follow them and do as I’m told,
Kill them, they say, and hand me a knife.
I feel the fear in my family’s eyes,
My chance for life rests in their destruction
I give into my captors’ demand,
Coating my hands in unwashable stains.

My leaders delight in my compliance,
The tallest one turns to me
He motions to leave.
I step into the cold night,
I’m alone and shaking, my eyes leak,
My masters join me; both grinning
The stinging in my head is a joy.

Copyright © Devin Irving | Year Posted 2014

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Domestic Violence

Tonight, on the news!
If it bleeds it leads
and soon we ignore it.

Another young girl dead 
and found in a local field.
What twisted genes can
evoke such pain?
Embarrassed to be male,
is what I claim,
and yet I know
in the dark corners 
of our souls lurk
such possibilities.

Old lady in Orinda
raped and murdered.
News for the day and
quickly forgotten.
These are,
now, our normal

Like primates on the
we nudge the bodies,
a bit,
and go on about our

Copyright © ahellas Alixopulos | Year Posted 2007

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Cold Fear

Looking out with apathy as strong as currents from the greatest seas. Destined to roam yet destinies free lost within the symphonic ballad containing all of lives mysteries. Will we ever see what we were ment to be or are we trapped within our self created Fantasy.
Screaming down from up above all of them calling "blood for blood" covering the cries from within being sure to never allow them to win. Within the blink of an eye and the burning within, turning tranquility to violence and violence will spread leaving those who oppose feeling hopless, dead. Suppressed by the sovereignty we are buried by power.In the end it's me,perhaps even we, who must begin to fear what humanuty will grow to be..

Copyright © Jess Smith | Year Posted 2011

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Bells now toll in sympathy Innocent victims died and many people were wounded on the streets of London and Manchester. Please can you remember them all in your prayers *prayers counted as 1 syllable not 2 as per how many syllables New Form The Bell Contest Sponsored by John Anderson 06-04-17

Copyright © JAN ALLISON | Year Posted 2017