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The Narwhal Song

~The Narwhal Beckons Before Dawn~

   If I could sing a song,
   It wouldn't be just any song.
   I would sing a song about a fish
   A fish who is not a fish, but a whale
   Not just any whale, A Narwhal

This night I'll sing a short song of a whale
Dancing under the moonlight dusk
Swimming with ivory tusk, underwater musk
Rising to the morning glory in the sky
Communicating with the waves
Squealing around, 
Trilling and clicking supersonic sounds

   If I could tell you a tale
   It wouldn't be just any tale
   I would tell you a tale of a fish
   A fish who is not a fish, but a whale
   Not just any whale, A Narwhal

Grayish brown, 
White freckled belly crown
Elusive and mysterious
Without the Arctic water, I'll get delirious
A rare whale, with a tooth for a hoot
Enjoying shrimp, squid, and fish food
Taking care of the young, 
I swim in pods all day long
I' stay away from what consumes my cod
Polar bears, orca whales and native spear
My greatest fear and nightmares.

   If I could share some words
   It wouldn't be just any words.
   I would share some words about a fish
   A fish who is not a fish, but a whale
   Not just any whale, A Narwhal

Deep, down the ocean odyssey
My beliefs and skin peel easily 
With a tear, I drown
When called "The Underwater Unicorn"
My words are naught more than a sad song I sing
A tale of a whale not just any whale, A Narwhal
The next time you go out to sea
Looking for blubber and ivory
Please don't look at me!
For I am just a Narwhal 
And, I belong to the sea

Contest: Any Poem You Ever Wrote NOT For A Contest
Sponsor: Broken Wings

Copyright © SKAT A | Year Posted 2015

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Atmospheric Pressure

An Emerald Morning

Verdant shades of forest, 
      emerald and peridot glow 
            with Apollo's serene rise 

in summer's scenic skies
      over our dynamic Ko'olaus.
            Low cotton clouds move 

in silent tropic trades as
      I delight to see Egrets 
            take flight in our island's 

sultry morning light
      as sunlight gleams off 
            white outstretched wings.

My soul sings with the 
      enchantment life brings.
            Fine mist reaps rainbows

in vivid hues, sun kissed.
      Raindrops create magical 
            mountain mélanges in

winsome waterfalls.
      Seaside surf splashes
            white waves upon the

pearly sandy shores
      with aqua warm waters.
            Maritime vessels share

the sea with swimmers.
      Young and old rejoice in
            our peaceful paradise.

Atmospheric pressure contest
Sponsor Shadow Hamilton N/A

Copyright © Connie Marcum Wong | Year Posted 2017

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Summer Solstice

Shimmering in the heat of the sun
Time stretched golden landscapes
Summer solstice, sunrise to sunset
Yellow orb sinking in fluorescent sea

Copyright © Michael Sender | Year Posted 2017

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Four Men at Sea

Fiddlely Fee
Four men at sea
Floundering outside the bay
Fairily Fun 
Feasting on sun
Feeling the heat of its rays

Fodiddly doo
Funny smelling goo
Fixed to the bottom of their feet.
Fabiliby fape
Fishy smelling grapes
Fermenting in the baking hot heat.

Fibity swish
Five little fish
Fixing to nibble on toeses
Fee fiddle desh
Foul tasting flesh 
For sure had them wrinkling their noses.

Fie fiddlely fee
Four sailors out at sea
Fast sinking they started to drown
Fudely gay
Forewarned were they
Frolic out on solid ground.


Copyright © Jaycee Cervenka | Year Posted 2015

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   (FOR TONI M.)

Standing, staring seaward,
Sore eyes see the horizon resting content
On the frothing pillows of the beaconing sea;

Here I stand consumed in the web 
Of lingering thoughts spun from dreams of dreams
Somehow always dreaming back to me:
Drifting dreams deferred.

The sun peeks out under shades of clouds reflecting
Sable apparitions: Beautiful blackbirds’ breasts 
Gleam with ebony luster:

Sweet silent stares shatter.

The chilled ocean breeze conjures
Whispering echoes of screams:

Ancestral moans and groans echo
From the bowels of sunken ships;

Staring seaward, stepping sand
Backwards, I leave fading footprints.

The echoes follow.

Copyright © millard lowe | Year Posted 2015

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Deep sea

As for that sky far
In the shoreline of the summer when I like
The spectacle of the orange field which clings and
Calling voice of cat, in consciousness,
Raising the bubble, distantly it keeps being.

You looked at the illsion of the ice? (3)

The infinite sound and the infinite color.
When I make it left in the surface of the earth.
To the inside where your smiling face is a wheel of love and hatred.
A stem in ego room in Altair planet
It looks like a pocket watch.
"Cachi and Cachi..... "
An Symbol of a word  Operation and living  (1)
A flight of a petrel  Conflict and the distinction  (2)
It is distant!  To deep sea…

The jewel Asante family creates, (4)
To an anti-bodhi tree
Even in remainder being fantastic, it is tempted.
As for the non-geometric living thing which was seen in dream,
It stays here.
When you shout, the countless unknown living thing,
It overflows around my eye.
  It looks like a cosmos field in September.
A fruit is connected the next season.

This song to the color of the last carnival in November. 
This desire sigh for you, 
and it will dote to a severe disgraceful behavior on Egon Schiele. 
All to the deep sea!
When whoop crouching on the train,
The place is a lonely life place.
Your the brown of tea on the table
From finished poured into a cup
"Yesterday, in surveying investigation of zelkova
 I was went,
 The pants when he entered the grass plexus,
 The things that came with it there. "
To say that, you held out the palm of the hand,
To Me showed us Torilis scabrai
 We need index in this sand!

Arrived at the place,
Nor can also sit to stand in there,
The only BODY that I, (5)
The world is complex entwined.

(1) words of symbol management, from semiotics of Perth, I lead to France of Saussure, a typical sign says that the lives of human beings.
(2) flight of petrels, lie in Conflict and the distinction in the noumenon of Kant located behind the essential experience says that.
(3) In rebuttal method of philosophy of science of Popper, official of the ice does not have an absolute meaning. It has been hanging on the (1).
(4) implies the October 1996 issue of National Geographic.
(5) French phenomenon in Merleau-Ponty's body theory of scholars, the body has the ambiguity of subjectivity and objectivity, also, stand it, the previous teacher disciples to nearby Upanishad of philosophy in India that sit it means sit in. And, life is featured in the October 1996 issue of National Geographic, it will take to the "LIFE WITHOUT LIGHT"

Copyright © beach Happiness | Year Posted 2016

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Wisdom Within

Blue hues crest to white waves on the water

Frail sailor seeks out a lighthouse beacon

No nightlight to guide her through the storm now

Shares prayers for God’s guidance through the darkness

Life’s strife is replaced by wisdom within

*Written in honor of John Freeman for his “Alliteration Poems Please” contest

Copyright © Carolyn Devonshire | Year Posted 2011

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At the fringe of low tide
the surf licks and laps
reshaping soft sand 
as ripples and ribs

on wet of the flat
it's clean and pristine
some spirals of mud
from lug-worms unseen

caught up in brine pools
and snagged on rough rock
are emerald remains
of ripped bladder-wrack

sea creatures marooned 
til return of the tide
and little lost crabs 
that know they must hide

in the still of each pond
are broken shells shards
and barnacled rocks
like welded steel studs

late on in the day
return of the sea
those imprisoned crabs
will now be set free.

Copyright © Tony Hargreaves | Year Posted 2015

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Wave Dancing

I like to dance
To writhe and wriggle
On ceaseless crests
Beneath my bottom

I like to swing
From side to side
Sublime swells
Anchoring angst

I like to gyrate
Between boulders
Of liquid laughs
Caressing chuckles

I like to undulate
Along my abdomen
Rippling raucously
Joking jollily

I like to float
Away to anywhere
Without a worry
Where we wander

I like to heave
To buck and bray
To brave the briny
Scathing spray

Wild white horses
Won't keep me cowed
My deep darling
And I are an item.

Copyright © Daniel Davies | Year Posted 2016

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Caesar Sees Her Alliteration

Sea Czar Caesar sees her seated on a cedar two-seater beside the East Sea Seder.  He grieves since he sees his sister, Esther Dexter, with her red festered blister, next her.  

Guinevere is pleased her eager leader, Caesar’s seen her.  In degrees, she breezes, “Sir, see our sea surf?  These sea treasures are pleasures to sea czars and we serfs.”

Caesar desires, if it please her, to seize her and squeeze her.

But Esther Dexter who’s next her interjects the elder perspective protector with an inflective reflector.

“Easy, wheezy geezer Caesar.  It may please her if you squeeze her at your leisure, but if you seize her in a fever, she’s sure to seizure; so leave her at ease, sir!”

Peeved Caesar, seethes, sneezes, wheezes, breathes and proceeds.  He’s pissed his less best pest of a sister, Esther Dexter, with her red festered blister, persists amidst this tryst.  

He flees to cleave Guinevere’s knees.  “See here, dear Guinevere.  I’m neither teaser nor misfeasor geezer and will not proceed to cede to my tongue twisted sister, Esther Dexter.  Please heed to receive my believable plead so I may leave relieved.”

Guinevere is pleased with her Caesar and suggests to Esther Dexter to leave her and Caesar forever.

Copyright © David Fisher | Year Posted 2013

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Siren of the Sea

Sabine a spoil, selfish siren of the sea
her song is sweet as honey
luring sailors to their deaths
then sneering as their ships
smashed upon the shore.

That I have to post this upsets me:
My poems are copyright. I am sharing my
poems for you to read not for you to
post willy-nilly to a website, in
your newsletter or anywhere else with out
my permission. I am available, leave me a
message. Especially to those who change
the name of my poem and not give proper
credit. You should be ashamed!

Copyright © Alesia Leach | Year Posted 2015

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Stormy Sea

Steep, steaming, stormy sea, surging strongly storm swells slapped a stinging shout

Written 12/10/2015

Copyright © John Squires | Year Posted 2015

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Sail on Soothing Seas

She ran as swiftly as she could
down the slippery slope
through the sifting sand
to the sparkling ship
to sail on soothing seas.

That I have to post this upsets me:
My poems are copyright. I am sharing my
poems for you to read not for you to
post willy-nilly to a website, in
your newsletter or anywhere else with out
my permission. I am available, leave me a
message. Especially to those who change
the name of my poem and not give proper
credit. You should be ashamed!

Copyright © Alesia Leach | Year Posted 2015

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Signs of Shoe Soul Designs in the Soft Sand

Fashion shoe treads imprinted on the bisque beach 
global longtitude/latitude design airborne print in flight
Honeycomb print slowly pacing synchronising footsteps
Concentric wave prints grouping Fine detail pattern soul 
beside clearly printed  diamond  fishbone sports design
Heavily studded  trail souls tread along large  paw prints
Simply dotted  aerobic shoeprint  next  to  little  dog paws
A  new soft pink fluffy seaweed  floats in  lacy ocean foam
Large horseshoe prints clomp  digging deeply in the sand
Smaller horseshoes gather  meeting near a water  trough
Fresh green seagrass clumped like  freshly cut long lawn
cradles long ball strands of  yellow ochre squirting beads 
Bare feet touching soft sticky sand immersed wet in water
Naked  footprints  side by side breathing beach vibrations
Two  lovehearts drawn in the light brown sand interlocked.
Sandcastles decorated with shells sit sturdily on the shore.

Copyright © Mariana pavlich | Year Posted 2006

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Brenda's Beguiling Boatman

Beautiful Brenda was bewitched by a man she created in her novel,
Blissfully absorbed in her imagination with this man she marveled.
Boats and the sea were his lifelong passions.
Besotted with the ocean, it sparked supreme satisfaction.

Beguiled with this boater, Dan, the author had imagined,
Brenda futilely fantasized about this blue-eyed man with abandon.
By chance, she was invited on a cocktail cruise with some friends.
Brenda decided she needed a break from her passionless pretend.

Blustery and brilliant, the day azurely arrived.
Brenda was unaware a blind date had been craftily contrived.
Befuddled at first she met this new man called Ben.
Blushing and irresistible, the inevitable dance began.

Ben was uncannily alike the magnificent man in her book,
Brawny, with a sensational smile that required a second look.
Ben was the boat owner, and loved the seductive sea like Dan.
But he was not imaginary, and the romance took off and ran!

Written for "Brenda" Contest
Sponsor: Julia Ward
Awarded 1st Place

Copyright © Brenda McGrath | Year Posted 2016

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Frothing, frigid fjords
Fling forth fine stippled
Salmon, streaking upstream.
Roe-rich fish, flashing
Fat and fulgent:
Spurred to spawn, to spurt
Then sputter -- spasmodic.
Spectral. Unspared.

Copyright © Leo Larry Amadore | Year Posted 2011

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Strolling southern seashore in mists of September
searching for something set to stay,
her mind that meanders,
remarkable meters,
perplexing the phantoms at play.

Voices validating vague vagrant vocations
of poetry placed in parade,
with words waged in warring,
warning of the wheighman,
who knew you had dues left unpaid.

Before the seashore became her domain,
she’d wandered the wayside of pain,
locked in psychotic box
Doctor’s ticking clocks,
saying drain her poor brain once again.

Prefer sleep on the street keep her beat from defeat
she found sound vocation once more,
tourist response sterling,
shape sand to her seeing,
she sells sea shells, by the sea shore.

Copyright © Krow Fischer | Year Posted 2010

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I am the wind drifting the snow,
uncertain of destiny and tomorrow
at any hour I could be gone,
and with much strength hope lives on;
nothing can discourage me
to ward off moments of misery,
the firmer I believe, the longer I survive...
Father of endless mercy, bless me as I thrive!

I am the sea in desperate need of the moon,
when no light shimmers across this dark deep;
let me hear a song of joy, not of sorrow and grief,
the hours seem long, but the sunrise will come soon,
to make me sail away to celebrate life and freedom,
forgetting how long I had been a victim of boredom,
feeling the worthiness inside to behold a splendid sight...
Father of endless mercy, bless me as I thrive!

Old age is blessed with wisdom and white hair,
but many despise it and by hiding in the leper's lair;
youth was glorious and seemed everlasting indeed,
we all wish to get back to recall how young we appeared
in days that time erased too quickly from the visions we dreamed, 
and besides happiness and vitality, all dreams were limited
to that certain period forever engraved on perceptual mind...
Father of endless mercy, bless me as I thrive!

Copyright © Andrew Crisci | Year Posted 2010

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a war made like Mind's

villain's make weapon's
made like blue feet
lighter than light
and greener to see
oceans are brighter 
and rounder than skies
people are frightful
and leave with their mind's
blue worlds with green eyes
escaping our dies 
believing your eye's
soldiers  are bleeding
running and dies
cleaner than evil
new bodies and lives
a rainbow of weapons
and peaceless sleeps
makes new wonder's frown
to create new peace

Copyright © Ernestine Wilson | Year Posted 2009

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Shimmering shaking silken sea

A  Sunny  Winters  day
Cool sun kisses skin.
Pastel coloured ocean
Shuddering salty sea
Pink apricot morning sky
Seaside meditation tape.
Rolling frothing waves
emerge at fast intervals
Driftwood on the shore
Gold sloping sand dune
Giant swirly starfish studs
Seagulls squawking high
Leopard jelly  sea slugs
Spiky  red rubbery corals
Glittering foam sparkles
Extreme low tide no wind
Cuttlefish ,  tiny shells 
Haystacks of seagrass 
Jelly baby jube aneama
Soft small gentle waves
sound like a waterfall
Seagull flock flying low
red rimmed pale eyes
breathing hole red beak 
red webbed feet high
flushed to body in flight.

Copyright © Mariana pavlich | Year Posted 2006

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Galaxy of Life

Don’t be fooled by what your eyes envision
for it has risen an exotic creature beneath the sea of stars
as if many worlds, undiscovered worlds apart are true
like the sky, a mad blue, blackened with night’s jewels
of ancient navigation tools and inventions
with wings to sore the forgotten lands,
plans a born spirited fool’s way into a world unto ourselves
and I indulge…
Breathe in the darkness of the dawning day
and I stay a while…
I play a while… 
the arresting heavens as my witness I pray a silent pray
of magic’s way in the moments of our beating heart
as it is through the way of created art I choose a life
 not apart from love nor I that is we
but above a sea of majestic souls
scuttling about in the unknown of here and there
as I stare beyond what my eyes envision,
a colossal collision of space and Earth,
of the birth of boundless time…
And I am here…
I am Love…
As it is written by the galaxy above.

Copyright © Dominique Baptie | Year Posted 2011

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Summer sultry sweat
Sends sea-dwellers,
Seeking some solace,
Satiating some.
Simply satisfying!
So, succumbing,
Seems so seductively soothing,
Simply stated!

Copyright © Michael Degenhardt | Year Posted 2008

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Spinning Swirls of razor-sharp Swords.
Shiny mouth
Symphonies of the Sea with
Salty breath.
Soft pink, brown, peach--shades of
Silently Sleeping as the Waves
Slap it out of dreams.

Copyright © Julie Bickerton | Year Posted 2008

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Oceanic Harlequin

Gulpin’ kelp, keepin’ me trim…
Fill it to the rim!

Vagabond dope
Don’t do dope

Thriftydrift Frank
Never seen the bank

Sillypill Willy
Sportin’ shrunken lily

KellyJane Superbeg
Win the game, show the leg

Sandy Candy
Not too dandy

Beachnymph scrapeape
Frictionwitch lacergrate

Fishydish squishywish
Krabknish quitedelish

Copyright © Vincent Procopio | Year Posted 2012

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This man o' war,
By men to be feared,
the likes you never saw

The hunt for gold doubloon
in the Spanish Main
Must end soon,
the buccaneers getting restless again

To take a treasure ship as a prize
To see,such wealth with ones's own eyes
Satins,silks,pearls and gold,
these pirates,so bold!

Silver,rubies,emeralds and sapphires too,
a pirates quest
For they sail the ocean blue,
not willing to rest
until they get the ultimate treasure chest

These rich green isles
set in sea so blue
Bright sun,
for so many nautical miles
By musket and gun
Treasure ships attract pirate crew

Such exotically named ships
and the terror they invoke
Fiery Dragon,Revenge,Adventure Galley
Rising Sun,Fancy and of course...Black Joke

The Caribbean,a favourite hunting ground
Sails unfurled,
they stalk the seas of the world
Unrelenting in their desire for treasure mound

Ripple of shrapnel,
Lunge of grapple
Laying of grapeshot,
this is a pirates' lot

This cannon to make ships heave to
Powder and ball,
on a sea so blue
Treasure! A pirates call.

This lush tropical isle,
so green
The like, you have never seen
Where pirates pertake in cunning and guile
This white beach..............
The haunt of Blackbeard
The infamous Edward Teach!

Gold,satins,silks and rubies too
Diamonds, pearls, they will persue
Spanish galleons of gold,
the best prize to hold

For the pirates of the Spanish Main,
treasure,an ill gotten gain
The risk high
The rewards to hope...........
The likely outcome,
for some............
dangling at the end of a rope

This treasure buried on some tropical green isle
Waiting to be found,
by cunning and guile
Doubloons,silver abound!
Emeralds,rubies and sapphires too,
all waiting on a sea of blue
To be discovered..................
By you.

Copyright © Matthew Brackley | Year Posted 2006

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autumn's aura

Season’s sweat sets steadily on the streets
Flowers’ flags float faintly on the floor
Autumn’s aura awash avidly on the acacia

Copyright © Adeleke Adeite | Year Posted 2007

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Brenda Loved Brennan the Boatman

Brenda penned a story about Brennan the boatswain in Bermuda
Who had bought a Bavaria 43 barque for a sailing adventure.
The story began with the ballad of Brennan:
'Come sail with me, on see-saw sea
Becapped, bedecked, emblazoned blithely, a blast!
Your love becalmed in my arms embrace.
All aboard, all in, with my deck I beckon.'

As the rollicking tale unfolded,
Brenda fell brow over boots, besotted, in love with Brennan. 
She found herself browsing more and more online 
Searching for 'Bermuda', 'Brennan', 'Bavaria Barque',
Hoping to find a real Brennan on board, waiting becalmed, with arms beckoning 
For her to embolden her text and join him.

10 September 2016

Copyright © John Anderson | Year Posted 2016

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Dolphin dives and ducks with its find

Mountains all around , the sea glimmering ahead.
A dolphin's fin swimming sloshing near the shore
This chilly sunny Winters day on a low tide beach
Lazy waves roll in slowly , quietly rumbling to a fizz.
The dophin jumps out of the cleansing  blue water 
focusing intently midair just meters from the beach.
Its shiny grey fin and smooth body playfully diving.

Copyright © Mariana pavlich | Year Posted 2006

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is okay
if you know how to use
the words you 
name by name
word by word
is the key sometimes
no mater how hard it bends....

Copyright © Eva J Tortora | Year Posted 2006