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Teenage Abc Poems

These Teenage Abc poems are examples of Abc poems about Teenage. These are the best examples of Abc Teenage poems written by international poets.

I was nine
when for the first time
my playmate smooched me without my consent
Which is a crime.
I never talked to him again 
but yes have to...

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Categories: abuse, child abuse, childhood,

Sometimes in Sierra Leone
End the grief and pain
End the tears and shame
We did suffered in the hands of the rebels so we forght for peace to reign
Our future...

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Categories: africa, cry, death, war,

I always did care about MY dreams MY goals and MY vision 
human being in a lonely creature with a single mission 
that he have...

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Categories: destiny, dream, fantasy, heaven,

The Hyenas
Smell of teen spirit.
Scratching it on telephone poles
Gnawing on selfie sticks.
Cat toys,
For ruthless animals.
Hidden in boney skin suits
Sniffing out blood
Sinking their teeth into complements,

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© Alex Jade  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: teenage,

From birth to a toddler 
As a toddler to teenager 
From teenage to adolescent 
And as I grew up 
I knew I'm weird
I knew am...

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Categories: deep, i am, inspirational,

Premium Member Zany Opinions
Alone Beauty Could Die
Empty For Getting High

In Just Knowledge Lessons
Many Negate Own Progressions 


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© PAT Adams  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: feelings, proposal, teenage,

I'll Wait For Someday
I'm surrounded all,
by the negatives.
all of them! 

All, I met, got in contact...
Everyone is negative about me!?

Why,  they all have to be such negative?

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Categories: depression, desire, evil, hate,



Ere half a score and three in this sapien space
Eyed a destination that would take me there
Very noble and widely embraced by the...

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Categories: africa,

Society of Workers
Living is easy with eyes closed, 
misunderstanding all you see.
If true vision is desired
Why does it plague me?
That is why am I not a dog

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Categories: depression, parody, teenage, vanity,

sunshine is a beautiful thing
reminiscent thoughts of teenage years
beach days
highway rides with the top down
enjoying life before it became difficult
the fluorescent rays melt your disparity...

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Categories: anxiety,

Self image
The mirror is her worst enemy
Yet she looks at it everyday
The magazines girl so skinny
She wishes,starves and runs her weight down

Should she be this way?

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© Boipelo Mo  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: high school, image, psychological,

The Westdene Bus Disaster 1985

It was the morning of the 27th of March 1985.
Me a 14 year old girl, with hopes, dreams feeling so alive.
The day was as any...

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Categories: death,

The moment
Your lips,
so warm like a summers day.
So soft like a child at play.
Your eyes,
They were so dark and mysterious.
 Your gaze caught me I knew...

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Categories: best friend, kiss, love,

The guilt inside
Just sitting here thinking over my mistakes.
I've started to realize that this means there are no more breaks.
I wanted to tell you the truth and...

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Categories: anxiety, class, conflict, missing,

The ABCs of Puberty
Altered, boisterous, confounded, disruptive, energetic, fine-tune, growing.
Hyper, inquisitive, jokesters kindling love, mystified. 
Nervously obsessive, pubescences question radical substance, surprising.
Teasing, uncontrollably visiting wild, xanadu youthful zest....

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Categories: teenage,

I Was Only A Child
I was just thirteen
Just living a normal teen
You broke me
I couldn't flea
You were supposed to help
But you just made me yelp
I'll never be the same

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Categories: abuse, age, depression, innocence,

Sunlight blooms, flowers shine
My dreams and life combined
Leaving my soul vulnerable  to 
Young teenage spirit with a 
mind untamed
Understood by none who 
Misunderstood by...

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Categories: innocence

Broken Hearts
I met a number of people one day,

They were from different ages, castes & race,

Had I understood what their eyes had spoken,

I would have realized...

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Categories: bereavement, death,

After biding you farewell
I raised my hopes and assured my thoughts
That I would see you again
I stood on my feet strong enough to carry 

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Categories: absence

The Perfect Friend
The Perfect Friend ©

Today I found a friend 
Who knew everything I felt
She knew my weakness
And the problems I’ve been dealt.
She understood my wonders
And listened...

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Categories: best friend, friend, friendship,