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I always did care about MY dreams MY goals and MY vision 
human being in a lonely creature with a single mission 
that he have embraced since he was small 
writing it down thinking about it wanted to embark upon it once and for all 
but now his is practicing 
on the day when opportunity will strike he wants to be ready so is practicing 
he wants to do something that he feels good about and he is practicing 
but now something has happened with him 
that MY is replaced by OUR it seems 
this all seems so weird 
someone else's dreams become equal important ,everything is unclear 
he is astonished by his own thoughts 
he was practicing to his limits still unhappy by some sort 
then he realised that this is because some other dreamer is in Crisis and couldn't find time for her own goals 
because of being unable to practice she was drowning in her own soul 
and it felt as if his chest have got a hole
struggle and pain have taught him how to change such things 
inner peace and prioritising stuff was important for human beings 
so I decided to be her motivator
what Les Brown did to him he wanted to do the same with no expectations 
but in this Spaghetti unknowingly some other ingredient got involved 
something that wasn't good for both FEELING it is called 
but actually if we think about it that was just great 
two Dreamers supporting each other that seem very perfect 
the more he thought about it everything seemed so perfectly right 
but this was his vision he was unaware of her Insight 
he knew that she was confused about her life surrounded by crisis 
he wanted to help her carry the burden by stepping out of his own comfort zone premises 
but maybe this person was unknown of what he was feeling she couldn't understand 
so she just put him away like a scumbag filled with sand 
I used to dream about us running climbing and dreaming together hand in hand 
And now again on my path ALONE I stand

Copyright © | Year Posted 2018

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Date: 11/17/2018 7:07:00 AM
Sadly we can only see things through our own heart, not through the heart of the other person. I am sendng you good thoughts, that there will be a real "our" and soon.
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Zore Avatar
Ishwar Zore
Date: 11/17/2018 7:59:00 AM
I have no reason to believe in it. But still i do believe. There will be an "our" soon.