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September Abc Poems

These September Abc poems are examples of Abc poems about September. These are the best examples of Abc September poems written by international poets.

The Glorious Joy of Death

Joan Wright was diagnosed with a fatal Brain tumour in March 2019,
Her friends said she would not give up.
They thought she was a fighter.
Joan passed...

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The Glorious Joy of Death

Joan Wright was diagnosed with a fatal Brain tumour in March 2019,
Her friends said she would not give up.
They thought she was a fighter.
Joan passed...

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Athlete of international stature
Boxer Manny Pacquaio gives blows along generous gesture
Champ of the people with humble beginnings’ posture
Driven toward victory of faith-venture.

Empowered by God, he...

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Categories: bible, celebrity, character, christian,

…Before:      DIZZY INDEED

Afflicted… ailing due to drug addiction  
Bum he had become
Chained to conceit’s cage
Dysfunctional driven by delusion-dizziness…

-----Now: ...

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Categories: blessing, christian, faith, god,

The Seagulls over Rose Bay dont like Wine
It was late afternoon in September,
Stephen laid a blanket on the grass and opened a bottle of Pinot Noir,
He did this every year on the...

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Use your zest well
Voice your stern tell

Walk in the light
eXpect grand sight

You and I know
Zeal seeds due flow

Abide with grace
Zest fashions place 

Zoom with...

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Kind words can heal
Live grand goodwill

Meet bad and good
Nurture kind mood

Opt to be wise
Prize sweet surprise

Quit ways of hate
Rest with due fate

Sense how you...

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Ask for fond wit
Bright laughter fits

Cheer feels fine choice
Dream of pure poise

End where you start
Frame curious art

Glimpse beyond words
Health in re-birth

Ink touching thoughts
Joy anchors...

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Boom wise cheer

Charm fits style
Dream words pile

Etch sweet writes
Feel poise cite

Glimpse great good
Hope fronts mood

Ink crisp flow
Joy now shows

Keep lines clear
Love sans fear


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Categories: allegory,

I Never Knew
I Never Knew
Thursday September 6 2018
1:03 PM

I never knew just how much I could miss you
I feel like I am lost and nowhere to go

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Categories: heartbroken, i miss you,

It Doesnt Seem Real
It Doesn’t Seem Real 

Wednesday, September 5, 2018
12:40 PM

It doesn’t seem real Jake that three months ago today 
You broke my heart in two just...

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Categories: confusion, for him, heartbroken,

It is September 
Knock on door
Exam are warning!!!!!!
Open it 
Or else we will kill you

Life ends with emotion
Exam end with tension 
Wha is life or...

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Categories: 9th grade,

Pictures of You
You were a match that brought a new light into my world, 
After three months of meeting, talking, showering and walking
All my mind could do...

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Categories: cry, true love, writing,


Aficionado of ageless apparel
Blushing barmaid beauty in blue
Captivating chatty confidente
Damsel dabbling in deception
T’was opening night at the downtown bar

Absurd amorous allusions
Barefoot breathless ballerina
Charismatic celestial cachet

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Across the ocean of a good month I've just sailed
Harsh conditions and turbulence have I endured

Upon the shores of a new month I now tread

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January: is mountain of blessing where the births sing with hope for those 
Semen mentioned on this occasion to Ottoman Empire where conqueror doesn't 

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Categories: success, symbolism, wisdom, ,

I Yield
I Yield

I do...!
    I yield...!
I admit to you openly... 
     my lie I spilled.

I wanted to...too

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Categories: christian, faith, freedom,

Get Behind Me
Get Behind Me
Go!  Leave!  Scat, be gone.
You goon...
you know the King,
Jesus Christ our Savior is returning soon.
So I'll do my best
literally, to...

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Categories: faith, hope, philosophy,

9 Months To Go
its been three months, nine more to go

i cant stand to see you threw a glass window

it hurts so much to talk threw a phone


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Categories: beautiful, cry, dark, hurt,

Listen to Your Love
You look beautiful as ever, 
Like Alaskan skies,
You are my dove and have dove’s eyes.
Come away with me to the secret meadow.
There, we will hold...

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Categories: beauty, first love, i