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Humorous Abc Poems

These Humorous Abc poems are examples of Abc poems about Humorous. These are the best examples of Abc Humorous poems written by international poets.

Who taught the world to read?
Not for money but a good deed
Taught us how to spell
And picked us when we fell

Taught us how to count

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Categories: 2nd grade, humorous, i

The Bird Billy
 The bird billy,
was too silly.
 The areas were hilly,
for the bird billy.

 Poor billy fell,
as he wasn't well.
 Then he tried to fly,
and said...

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Categories: funny, humorous,

Calorie counting ceases
Decadent and so delicious
Every single crumb is savoured
Forget sharing, it’s all mine!

Going to start my diet … tomorrow!

Let’s do some Alphabet
Sponsored by Sara...

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Categories: chocolate, food, humorous,

A Viewpoint Of Man
There are numerous theories of the origin of man
Opposing viewpoints on how he began
Perhaps through evolutionary stages man evolved from the chimpanzee
Carelessly swinging on parch...

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Categories: analogy, character, creation, eve,


If u were a bird
That has no bed
But lays in its nest
You ll fly to the crest
Wearing no vest.
But you need...

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Categories: analogy, cheer up, humanity,

Let the Fun Begin
Only at Christmas, God knows why
Pleasing everyone, you take the cue
Quick, just one more gift to buy
Really, did you think you were thru?
Sweaters, socks and...

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Categories: christmas, humorous,

His, Mines, and Ours
His priceless smile
his humorous jokes
the touch of his hand
the feel of his lips
the countless, 'I want you'
his fault, my faults
the misunderstandings
untold cries
the innumerable, 'I'm sorry'

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Categories: miss you, relationship, romance,

We had been bribing good,
as long as we could
Fooling everyone, 
under the sun

Rich and poor alike we treated,
didn't care who we cheated
We were robbing under...

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Categories: car, corruption, humorous, pollution,

Just a barmaid
"come on, get your coat off, its bloody ten too"
not even eleven and there forming a que
"just a barmaid" thats what they say
service with a...

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Categories: drink, fun, funny, humorous,

The splinters of our marrow comes, 
Shivering thunder for a lengthy spray-
Warmth beautifies our essence;
Glittering ray sends goose down spines! 
She comes,  nostalgia drums

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Categories: addiction, betrayal, celebration, community,

Elation and Vacillation a comedy
Elation & Vacillation a comedy
A poem
Lionel Derbyshire

Every day I want to .. but I could not
Today I must do .. I have to
Yesterday I let...

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Categories: anxiety, chocolate, for her,

Another Beginning Comes
Another new day
Begins again
Cool breezes blowin’ by
Decided I’d had
Enough of inside
Figured I’d do for a bit of a walk
Going nowhere in particular
Happy enough just to...

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Categories: adventure, children, funny, humorous,

Zabaglione is an Italian dessert
You will savour every spoonful
Xanthic in colour a delightful creamy yellow
Whisk egg yolks and sugar in a bowl over barely simmering...

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Categories: food, humorous,

ABC Poem From Joseph
ABC Poem from Joseph

A beautiful coconut drenches everything fragrantly. Growing happily in joviality, Kings laugh mightily. Notably ornamented perfect Queens restore sweet times under virulent...

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Categories: allusion, humor, humorous, sensual,

amuck - adverb.flailing in all directions, about, around - His ideas ran amuck.

brang – verb, past tense.bring – You ring, you rang, I bring, I...

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Categories: hilarious, humor, humorous, word

Driving Emotions
Messy is spilling her drinks in my car
Curious keeps asking me questions
Bossy is telling me ways to go 
Because unorganized just lost our directions.

Impatient is...

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Categories: car, emotions, happiness, humor,

My Mind

My mind has endless thoughts
I keep wrting them on paper till I guess it stops,

The flow is so easy sometimes it is not real
How is...

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Categories: beauty, conflict, feelings, humorous,

After eight
Dear mother
Worn out
Doth smother 
Her daughters
With boredom
And nothing to do

Dear father 
No doubt
Won’t bother
To listen
To daughters
For he’s tired too

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Categories: dad, humorous, mom,

The Darkness
Don't lie to me, those words fall from your lips like sin.
Your touch so dangerous it can penetrate my soul.
Why have I fallen for you,...

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Categories: evil,

Wishing Witch
            Wishing Witch 

My Halloween screenplay is funny as can be
It’s funny how witchcraft...

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Categories: crazy, creation, fantasy, gothic,