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Deep Abc Poems

These Deep Abc poems are examples of Abc poems about Deep. These are the best examples of Abc Deep poems written by international poets.

Lead me to the right road
Scars scars that bury deep in my 
Arms sometimes I don’t know who 
Iam, feel as if I’m trapped under a tram 
Satan keeps getting...

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Categories: pain,

We are nearly home my angel, we are nearly home

My dear, my angel, do not worry, we are not lost,
We will follow the well-worn sacred path at all cost,
And be guided by the star...

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Categories: 10th grade,

Sometimes I wonder if someone loves me
Loves me the way I am
Accepts my flaws and everything
Will there be someone who’s gonna love me?

This thought sometimes...

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Categories: anxiety, confusion, depression, desire,

Amid the jagged shadows
Amid the jagged shadows of mossy leafless boughs,
I found myself decried in a mindless state.
Joy has become a dark meaning of pretending to be happy.

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Categories: dark, deep, evil, spoken

Man is hate
Man is discontent
Man is ****
Man is malevolent
Man is ****
Man is death
Man is fear
Man is pain
Man is wrath
What kind of man do you want...

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Categories: atheist, deep, god, love,

My Other Half
Poem: My Other Half
By: Ashley Eureeka Jones- Holmes

With out you my soul is dead 
My heart wouldn’t beat
My eyes will be closed 
My lips will...

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Categories: black love, cute love,

Fight with the hidden agony,
to make myself a robust.
Is all that I can't buy with a penny.
Again, in a deep pain.

Looking the trees of Autumn,

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Categories: boyfriend, break up, conflict,

love will never die
IF you stand, no action can take place.
My brains will never stop thinking about you.
River wont stop flowing, unless water is finished.
My love to you...

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Categories: funny love,

The Man
As he comes in from the hustle and bustle of the worlds ups and downs
Desiring to be greeted with a smile not a frown

He could...

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Categories: anniversary, appreciation, black african

STOP,but let go
 the day you left me ,I stood right there.
an empty soul ,tearing inside my head 
those dark bold eyes ,...

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Categories: 1st grade, absence, addiction,

Personal Hell
I often find myself alone,
In dark thoughts of my grey tombstone-
I am silent in my own dark solitude,
Drowning in my own loneliness,
The spirits of the...

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Categories: how i feel,

a painful addiction
when you start to cut the skin around it puffs, 
crimson like the sky
horizontal beads of scarlet push through the surface, escaping.
at first it stings...

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Categories: addiction, anxiety, black love,

just a pinch
just a scratch
just a graze 
don’t worry about that 

just a mark 
just a burn 
here is where this takes an evil turn


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Categories: absence, addiction, anxiety, deep,

a little cut
it wasn’t deep
not at all
it was just a gentle push against the skin
enough to silence the demons 
screaming at me in my mind 
it was...

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Categories: anxiety, art, august, corruption,

When my soulmate came along
When my soulmate came along, I wasn't for sure at first. When  my soulmate came along, All I know is that I felt a...

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Categories: adventure, art, autumn, beautiful,

By Edward Egbelo

I was just about to pick my bag from the dusty floor she threw it when she screamed “Eddie where are...

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Categories: absence, abuse, addiction, africa,

Forget about the hurt i hold, is what i tell myself.
Confine it to a deep dark place meticulously hidden on a shelf.
Laughter and jokes, is...

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Categories: character,

Fire Earth Water Air

All are born in blessed Fire as was the world,
Two wishes mesh  and the ballet dancer is hurled. 
Thrown into an unknowable bleakness of...

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Categories: 10th grade,

ache and distance
do you dream about me 
she asked 
you should be asking 
do i ever wake up from 
your presence 
i answered
and what's a man in...

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Categories: absence, cute, deep, devotion,

And It slid to the gutter
Plunging deep in the sewage pipes
One silver coin it was
That made a difference for life

I never got a chance to...

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Categories: art, books, bullying,