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Confusion Abc Poems

These Confusion Abc poems are examples of Abc poems about Confusion. These are the best examples of Abc Confusion poems written by international poets.

I’m only here because of you.
You made me real!
I’m true.
Because of you.
You give me life
You keep me going
With every thought you keep me flowing
I greet...

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Categories: faith,

soul love
the soul rose above  the lust of the body 
the soul is neither masculine nor feminine 
they all love the spiritual violin 
the mind...

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Categories: art, beauty, desire, devotion,

Crimson king
from the perfect ILLUSION
it all came to pass
we all came to go through
the chained  crimson king
with peeping glossy curls
sweating logic pearls
now this how...

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Categories: confusion, creation, dark, deep,

Lil Angels
Lil Angels" By MrsJackson

 They wake up
 To brush their little teeth
 Put on their clothes 
 To end a long week
 Thank God It's...

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Categories: angel, children, confusion, fear,

Broken hearted
Where do i start,how can i make you understand,my love for you is real,but my life is miserable cause of how you makr me feel....

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Categories: confusion,

    A Tear                   ...

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Categories: 9th grade, abuse, anxiety,

I've been single since 
Not expecting to have thou
My life goes the way it is 
I'm enjoying it much better

I found you as a partner

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Categories: anger, baby, best friend,

ABC Anxiety Poem
Anxiety bursts confusion
distraught entanglements frenzies
grappling hysteria indecisiveness
jitters knockings lows
mania noticeable oppression 
panics qualms rigorousness
sufferings torments unhappiness
valuelessness wretchedness xed
yucky zaniness


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Categories: absence, america, anger, angst,

A poem by a confusionist
Green Salad and white Carpet 
Red Chilies and Black magic 
Falling Rain the vibgayar 
What is this? Absurdity?

Blind Eyes Blind Heart
Black Tea and again black...

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Categories: christian, grave, loss, love,

The Void
A space with no end,
bruise that doesn’t mend.
Like cheap spirit,
filling the bottom pit.
A lover’s cry.
Tears run dry.
That’s Heartache,
As love’s fake!
Waiting for the scythe of time,

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Categories: black love, break up,

The Tree
There are those who ponder right from wrong.
The answer is found in the Tree.
The Tree is always right. It has no moral confusion.
If I cut...

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Categories: 10th grade,

Those eyes
Those eyes!
Sparkling, lavishing,
Enchanting and deep!
Lot's of untold secret they keep!

Those eyes!
If they could they would set the
sky on fire and call out all liars,

Those eyes...

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Categories: beautiful, confusion, heart, poems,

The riddle of a broken heart
I am sitting here looking out the window.It feels like i got bit by a black widow,
It feel like my heart is in two because...

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Categories: confusion, deep, destiny, divorce,

Shed One Last Tear
When you love someone it's always hard to tell.
Confusion and hatred are leading you straight to hell.
You want your true love to have and to...

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Categories: goodbye,

No matter our struggles, our toils;
One day the wind will carry our dust 
carelessly across windblown fields.
Why worry, why put so much meaning
Into things that...

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Categories: angst, atheist,

Deja Vu
Being in the moment, How would I know?
Deja Vu, a moment of clarity ...
Seeing through the veil of illusion.

I've been here before, another life?
I've seen...

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Categories: body, creation, emotions, metaphor,

Suffering in Silence
The sun had been courteously shining,
But disappeared progressively.
The clouds became dark and rushing;
I heard several thunderous thunders.

Small and scattered drops of rain started falling.
Then, it...

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Categories: break up, character, confusion,

time standing still
time is standing still
this treacherous silence makes me ill
my dreams are bleeding visions from the master of divisions
if i knelt I'm slave risen a slave...

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Categories: art, confusion, deep, faith,

Balance Lost
There is not enough time in the day for us 
to understand what we need to
together under one roof we lie and wait
wanton thoughts becomes...

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Categories: confusion, horror,

The Right Way
Find the narrow way, while they convince you to stray.
Fall for the lies they say, hidden in a truthful way.
Deception; you will still pay..
Feeling as...

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Categories: confusion, how i feel,