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Animal Abc Poems

These Animal Abc poems are examples of Abc poems about Animal. These are the best examples of Abc Animal poems written by international poets.

wild love horses
wild horses
they sleep stranding
but no one understanding
when two wild ones love
they meet up each night
two bodies 
one sky
one bed
one blanket
two heads
one cloud
four eyes
one hungry stare

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Categories: animal, art, beautiful, devotion,

Wild animal, shameless dog.
Naked beast , blood of death.
Evil eyes, bound by lust.
Biding his kind,holding his leash
Foolish virtue,
Fighting with vultures.
Stupid light,
Shining in darkness.
Proud pig,
Dancing ...

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Categories: introspection,

Diary of a street Dog
They call with a whistle
“A friend” I smile
Only to deform at sight of the   "duka"

They whistle instead of my name
Or they think I...

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Categories: animal, betrayal,

Premium Member Infinity Exodus
God works in mysterious ways? Then so does life work in mysterious ways. So does death work in mysterious ways. So does good work in...

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Categories: animal, anxiety, appreciation, art,

bird in a cage
its cruel to keep a bird in a cage
I cant tell you how this fills with me with rage
I watch you poor thing sit with...

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Categories: abuse, animal, beauty, evil,

tick tock
Tick. tock

Around runs the church mouse.
The choir head
Lifts his hand
And the mouse scurries on.

Tick, tock
Tick, tock

Around naps the church cat
The cat does play
A piano somedays

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Categories: animal,

I stand on the hill and look at the sky,
Down the beaten path and the road I have come;
I peer upwards at the twilight sky...

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Categories: 9th grade, appreciation, death,

Moto Moto and Gloria
Moto Moto the big gray hippo.
He swims in the water stalking, Gloria.
Moto Moto likes 'em big and chunky.
He likes 'em big and plumpy.
Moto Moto emerges...

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Categories: 6th grade, animal, boy,

Premium Member God's Good Week

After God had set the worlds to spin
Below the splendid canopy of stars
Cyan skies to let each breath begin
Dangled o'er an orb of earthen spars


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Categories: analogy, animal, creation, earth,

Like cloth you wear me
Like a tool you use me
Like termites you chew my days
Like ink you spill me
And write stories
Of love and hate
On your...

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Categories: absence, abuse, adventure, age,

Grandpa was polygamous
Father believed in celibacy
And I'm deliberating on bigamy
Lest I become
A dull thud
in posterity's eyes...

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Categories: angel, anger, angst, animal,

She emerged from the bathroom
Wrapped in a cloud
Shrouded by scented mist
She bent forward 
With her hands on the knees
Her curls poured
A black waterfall
She blew a...

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Categories: age, america, analogy, animal,

His Mercedes Benz
I was standing in front of 
A small roadside tea vendor,
In a city called Guwahati.
It was a pleasant morning,
In that otherwise dusty metropolis.
While I was...

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Categories: 8th grade, 9th grade,

Five lives and a shadow
In my homeland
Every man was born
With five lives and a shadow

In my homeland
Every man walked
With five lives and a shadow

In my homeland
When a man died

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Categories: absence, abuse, addiction, adventure,

Wicked wind hammering on doors and windows,
Trying to storm in while we lay on a green bed,
My left hand under your head, and
My right hand...

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Categories: abortion, adventure, allegory, allusion,

Invisible man
I am your invisible man,
Who is weary of revelations.

Warmth from a rub,
A cry, and the tremor
Are all within sight except your love,
Which remains defiant.

I drag...

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Categories: adventure, age, allegory, analogy,

I owe so many.
And they've become overweight.
I can't carry them any longer.
Whenever I returned home
In the dead of midnight,
The debt I owe mother,
Who waited up...

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Categories: addiction, animal, anxiety, appreciation,

About you
'When did you wake up?' You once asked.

The blind laughed in my heart, and
I fell in love.
A dream escaped, but your hairs
Darkened its path.

When we...

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Categories: allusion, animal, appreciation, april,

Black was a thief
Who stole anything
Between pots and clothes.

Son of a pundit,
He became a thief and
Humiliated the Brahmins.

I didn't want to be a thief,
But we...

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Categories: age, allegory, angel, animal,

why do you dare
why do dare to say things to hurt me,
we been together for 5 years,
Why do you dare?
By: Sheena Shenia Jackson

you want to say you talking...

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Categories: absence, abuse, addiction, age,