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Poetry is one of my passions. It allows me to express my experiences or the ones that I see in others.



Welcome 2017

Blog Posted:1/7/2017 10:09:00 PM
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  1. Date: 1/9/2017 2:55:00 AM
    Thank you very much, Nayda for my placement:) all glory be to God:) congratulations to all the wonderful winners:)

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    Negron Avatar Nayda Ivette Negron Date: 1/9/2017 8:33:00 AM Block poet from commenting on your poetry

    Thank you Jo.
  1. Date: 1/8/2017 2:17:00 AM
    Many thanks for my placement Nayda my congrats to all the winners:-) hugs Jan xx

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    Negron Avatar Nayda Ivette Negron Date: 1/8/2017 7:58:00 AM Block poet from commenting on your poetry

    Thank you Jan.
  1. Date: 1/8/2017 1:40:00 AM
    Nayda, thank you so much for my awesome placement, honored, and congratulations to all the winners ~

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    Negron Avatar Nayda Ivette Negron Date: 1/8/2017 7:58:00 AM Block poet from commenting on your poetry

    Thank you Constance.

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My Recent Poems

Date PostedPoemTitleFormCategories
1/20/2017 A Lovely Little Daydream Nonetlove,
1/19/2017 Stillness Of Night Tankaintrospection,
1/18/2017 Love As A Whisper Free verselove,
1/17/2017 Street Lights Haikufeelings,
1/17/2017 Find Me At Six-Pellucid Beach Verselove,
1/16/2017 Night Zephyr Haikuwind,
1/14/2017 Romantic Ambiance Dodoitsulove,valentines day,
1/14/2017 Smell Of Spring Haikuspring,
1/12/2017 Butterflies Of Beauty Nonetbutterfly,
1/12/2017 Quadro Spring Versespring,
1/11/2017 In The Silence Of The Night Haikuweather,
1/10/2017 Romance Bloomed Haikulove,
1/7/2017 Love Is In The Air Tonight Tankalove,valentines day,
1/6/2017 Peck Kiss Tankalove,
1/4/2017 CUPID PULLS BACK THE BOW Coupletlove,valentines day,
1/4/2017 Rooting 8 to 5 Free versefreedom,
1/1/2017 Lucid Dreams Tankafantasy,
12/31/2016 Prayer For A New Year Free versefeelings,
12/31/2016 Embrace The Unknown Nonetfeelings,
12/29/2016 Closing Cycles Tankafeelings,
12/27/2016 Welcome 2017 Senryufeelings,
12/25/2016 Merry Christmas Tankachristmas,
12/24/2016 Soar To New Heights Nonetfeelings,
12/18/2016 New Year Resolutions Free versefeelings,
12/17/2016 Each Day Is A New Page Tankafeelings,
12/17/2016 Cold Breeze Haikunight,
12/15/2016 Ruben Farewell Ninettefarewell,
12/15/2016 Morning Fog Haikumorning,
12/14/2016 Redemption Tankafeelings,
12/13/2016 Night Fantasies Nonetfantasy,imagination,
12/12/2016 Five Days To Your Marriage Tankafarewell,feelings,wedding
12/12/2016 Secret Look Tankafeelings,
12/7/2016 Lady And Black Cat Senryuhumor,
12/5/2016 Gem Verselove,
12/5/2016 Point Of No Return Nonetheartbroken,
12/4/2016 Toxic State Free versefeelings,
12/4/2016 Depression Free versedepression,
12/1/2016 Eyes Flirt Ethereefeelings,
11/30/2016 Unrequited Love Nonetheartbroken,
11/27/2016 Cork Tankafeelings,
11/24/2016 Nostalgia Acrosticfeelings,
11/24/2016 Thank You Lord Free verseprayer,thanksgiving day,
11/21/2016 Everybody Deserves To Be Happy Tankafeelings,
11/20/2016 Past, Present, Future Lanternelife,
11/18/2016 Blue And Gray Senryuhumor,
11/17/2016 Resignation Letter Senryuhumor,
11/16/2016 44 Senryubirthday,humor,
11/15/2016 Far Away River Versefantasy,
11/14/2016 Two Tone Sky Haikumoon,
11/13/2016 Super Moon Haikumoon,
11/12/2016 Light Over Shadows Haikusun,
11/11/2016 Evanescing In The Night Crystallinelove,
11/11/2016 Truth Prevails Monokufeelings,
11/11/2016 Love Range Free versebaseball,feelings,
11/9/2016 Rusted Gate Monokulove,
11/8/2016 Purple Lightning Bolts Haikurain,
11/6/2016 Election Day Senryuhumor,
11/6/2016 Vintage Wood Rocking Chair Monokudeath,
11/5/2016 Warm And Cold Haikuweather,
11/2/2016 Driving Test Senryuhumor,
10/31/2016 Trick Or Treat Senryuhalloween,humor,
10/30/2016 Today Tankalife,
10/29/2016 A Good Man Free versemen,
10/25/2016 Single Rose Nonetfeelings,
10/23/2016 Five Fabulous Fun Footles Footlehumor,irony,wedding,
10/22/2016 Fragile Hearts Acrosticlife,love,
10/21/2016 Opportunities Tankalife,
10/20/2016 Autumn Fire Ethereeautumn,nature,
10/18/2016 Triple Wishes Tankafeelings,
10/17/2016 Love Pursue Diamanteflower,romance,rose,
10/13/2016 Life Or Death Monokudeath,life,
10/11/2016 Halloween Night Tankafantasy,
10/10/2016 Halloween Clouds Haikuhalloween,
10/9/2016 Two Souls Kimolove,
10/8/2016 Daily Life Senryufeelings,
10/7/2016 Yo-yo Senryuhumor,
10/7/2016 The Quiet Necropolis Ethereedark,deep,
10/6/2016 Sussuration Lanternelove,
10/3/2016 Mottled Clouds Haikunature,
10/2/2016 Confusion Senryuemotions,feelings,
10/2/2016 Resignation Tankafeelings,
10/1/2016 Greatest Fear Tankafear,
9/27/2016 Goodbye Tankagoodbye,
9/26/2016 Havoc Emotions Senryuhumor,
9/26/2016 Ocean Madness Tankadeep,
9/26/2016 Clouds Anguish Haikufeelings,
9/25/2016 Whining Tankasad,
9/24/2016 Melancholy Tankafeelings,
9/23/2016 Night Break Senryuhumor,night,
9/23/2016 Fantasies Versefantasy,
9/21/2016 Twilight Tankafeelings,night,
9/21/2016 Blackout Senryuirony,
9/19/2016 Autumn Love Prelude Haikuautumn,love,
9/19/2016 Red Flame Autumn Equinox Haikulove,magic,
9/19/2016 Thundery Love Tankanature,
9/18/2016 Emotion Versefeelings,
9/18/2016 Leaves Talking Tankaautumn,
9/17/2016 Carbon Copy Senryuirony,
9/15/2016 Exposed Lies Senryuirony,
9/14/2016 Translucid Exterior Kimofeelings,

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