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Yodi Our Cat The Murderer

Yodi, Our Cat The Murderer #9

On occasion think about my cat Yodi, he was so nice, I do not know how many people have had a friendship with a feeling I just know there is something very special about them. The way they walk their stare, the look they give you and you know there is much more going on in their heads, so affectionate my cat Yodi was. He ran away from home when we arrived where we now live he lost his jungle, he was disorientated but Yodi is and always will be a survivor he is ok, just enjoying one of his other lives and giving the pigeons of las Vegas hell, I bet.

Yogi would at least once a day come by and rub himself on me for a few moments, maybe they are putting their scent on you and you think you own, they they are thinking the same thing back at you. The yogi was the only cat that came from a litter of five or six, it was an exceptional time in our lives; of course Debbie was there, she has been there for me in every moment, since I met her. When I landed in Miami, running my mother beside me, Ben. I am holding a giant purse, Mom with my younger brother Gabe in her arms on the tarmac, hot as hell, in my two wool shorts from Argerntina, and I looked up. And it was a strange sensation, too strange for such a young age, As if someone was looking down at us, perhaps it was just our father anxious waiting for his family to come to California, yes that is what it must of been,

Or someone else was thinking about us, oh very eeerie, if you believe in magic or I knew I was near something special, maybe Debbie was nearby? She did live there, my life was unraveling according to someones plans for us

List. I just know time stopped, how else can I describe this to you, I feel that hot sun on my arm as I'm writing this, I'm very blessed to have a photographic memory, I'm not claiming to have super powers and I do not know the full meaning of that word, but I have captured all my life on film, and I can play it any time, perhaps, we are all like this and if anyone cares they would just say big deal. Yoda lived a life of I can't come off with the word except maybe debonair, to say he was such an exceptional survivor would be an understatement; I would look out the window and he or the other cats would be on ledges as these big city Coyotes would come and prowl, it was a full pack of them

Always smelling of food, we would oblige them. This is the was his mother was killed, she sacrificed her life for one of her young. The last time, my dog was sick and everyone started to lament for him, it reminded me of a time we thought Yodi was dying and he was just freaked so out as we were crying over him.

So funny, I once saw Yodi with a dove in his mouth, I tried to get it from him as the poor dove was screaming, I heard that scream all the was until it became faint, I can still hear that poor bird, another time I came outside and there was the tiniest of mice in the cement, like the character in the Disney movie, it was so surreal he had a knife wound in his belly and I could hear him saying to me, they got me! They got me! This time brother, I wonder who did that! To you, God have mercy on his soul, I should of given that mouse a proper burial, but I probably threw him in the trash heap

One more thing about the coyotes were mean, and they were very big, one of them ate my mother in law's a Chiwawa poor fellow may he rest in peace. We I never liked him, he peed in my house right in front of us; he got what he deserved well a little too extreme I'm having a hard time focusing here.

I wanted to speak of Yodi, but my memories get in my way so why don't I just spit them out, I remember my beautiful pool, not with any regrets aw contrire, I lived a great time and I have since moved on from all of that time only to live even a better way,

My entire life has been a graph, it claimed most of the time until it took a dramatic drop a complete precipice, so what I armed with the tool to climb up I argue with my wife day and night, we can have the life of kings, but we suck eggs at communicating with each other.

No one in my family has been a yeller or perhaps there was but never my father, I on the other hand have become the best of yeller's a real pro, something to be so proud of; this is because I cannot get through the kind of titanium my wife's head is made of it is is the thickest element in this universe.

I'm only saying this because I have come to see that I have my never run into anyone with such a capricious nature as this, maybe as much as my own, all in good fun, and love never would I talk shit about my Debbie.

By Marc Acrich


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