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If not discarded these superstitions it would have been a ticket straight to the Squirly room,

Perhaps my room is ready for me now. By the way I had a conversation with an insane person in reality lots of anger is what must of driven him mad.

And we are back to, Don Rickles and I have to add that the man telling me this story said that Mr. Rickels, had the sweetest voice he had ever heard; as he would say, "yes honey" to his wife now I ask you, is that not the way you would like to be remembered, I have to let the world know how sweet the man was, but I think they already know. Jimmy Durante on the other hand would do nothing, but yell at his wife. He had the nerve to say, that when he was young and people made fun of his big nose; he made up his mind, right there and then. To be kind and never hate anyone. Well, obviously he did not live up to his promise. Someone saw him being a dick To his wife, But Hey Jimmy I know what you went through, Aww women. You can't live with them and you cannot live without them. I know, I know, You do not have to tell me, anyone anything that they already do not know. I, myself, do not want to be remembered like that. My father would not of approved. I never realized that his silence was telling me everything that I needed to learn. Some people have the most wonderful stories and they keep them all bottled up. I have to tell the world that I saw Fabio in the car next to me, big deal right. My father was what is called a genuine storyteller, he sucked eggs at communicating, but when he let go and told a story, he was captivating perhaps I have been imitating him for years. This must of be an art form of some sort, like the Aborigines in Australia. The only record of their existence of the culture that remains, Is their peoples stories and their traditions, all told in story form. I do not want my memories lost, I wish to keep them in a jar so precious are they to me, so good have people been to me, yet I have only repaid their kindness with anger and scorn. Marilyn Monroe, she is one degree from me, well, I'm not sure exactly about that, all I did is end up in an apartment in Hollywood: a nice colored girl with very spooky eyes and I would like to say olive skin only because that sounds so very exotic. She gave my wife a small billfold for a gift, She extended it with absolute love, and I could tell she was poor as dirt. I remember that feeling because it is so rare that anyone makes you feel that way. She told us that Marlin had lived there in her early years, of course I lapped up the vibes there. Uuuuu, I myself have not even mentioned our first apartment in Hollywood, it was the size of a crate. My parents came to visit they said very nice with a smirk. There was barely any room to stand in it. Yet it was the best years of my life. The people that came in and out of our lives was then is going yo be mentioned or maybe not. I was just going to mention that the landlord, there once said to me that Judy Garland would come and play cards in the very apartment complex I lived in. There is a saying in Hollywood that if you throw a script out a window it will hit an actor or someone in the industry. I know, I know all coincidences or are they? listen does anyone out there know what a hallucination is, well all my life i wanted to experience one, and I to took tons and tons of drug more than you can imagine spiraling out of control with not even a care for my well Beign, anyway I finally got my wish, during manyy manic episodes of addiction, I started to imagine things, i was convinced of things, whatt I was seeing was not real, what i thought someone had did not have at all, and what i though was not there was actually there, anyway very confusing needless to say i would like to let everyone know that our lives are like that, what you see is completely not what is real and what you do not see is what is actually very real, so listen it disguised so what we can unveil anything if we put our minds to it I 'm so tired of modulating my voice to appease other s I can no longer exert such energy, I Needd my energy so as to give instead of me blocking everything in my life, I can no longer do it, I finally on the right track if it works do not knock it,

i'm working on mixing Jewish Schtick, mystical teaching and my skills from film school and mix it and see what my soup looks like here is an interesting two words deep thoughts today would be a day to keep my thought a little lighter out.


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