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Living With The Elderly

Living With The Elderly #17

Living with the elderly is not an easy thing, it's a lesson in patience. It is my wish for any one of you to hear something a little humorous, I found my mother in law bundled up in the living room, she was looking as if she was homeless. I proceeded to ask what is the matter? And why was she here? She explained that the dogs had kicked her out of bed. Funny at least to me. Let me explain we have three greyhounds they are the most regal of dogs. I believe that their good manners are inherited, so polite. One little budge, and that is all it takes when sleeping with them.except when we are eating I once received a free new letter explaining how to train these type of dogs and if you do not listen they are going to bark every night at dinner time. I did not listen?

Back to sleepyville. The other tiny dog twenty pounds and going if they do not stop feeding him; He is called a Morkie. I have many names for him, he is so well trained that is why he is at the door ready to make a run for it. Anyway, when we sleep with him, he will not budge consequently his new name is bowling ball. He really is sweet, my mother in law has bribed him with food because he is now her dog I believe it is called imprinting, but this dog is different because he loves my wife equally. Me all I get is five minutes in the afternoon and a bit of licking my face at two in the morning when he finally realized I live here too. One more thought you guys or gals that post these touching videos of people and their animals stop it. I just saw a man singing his litter of young puppies with his ever so gentle voice. I was going to post and call him the dog whisperer. These videos are making my feelings come out and I'm turning into a woman right in front of my eyes. I'm just kidding, I'm all guys and a devout follower of the guy code. I just love animals and nature there is something so peculiar about animals I believe they see and understand everything. I once swam with sharks in a far away island No, it's not a dream, it's a true story one of them gave me the eye. The big bully the truth is he could of come at me and tear my face of it the same with hawks I believe they are totally fearless one is the king of the sea the other of the skies, claw your eye out if you do not watch out. I cannot let you go before I prove my point a little more My wife and I were having dinner on the bed like Joh and Yoko. We had all our tiny kittens in front of us as we ate, they were all gray except one we named him Yodi you can do the math who we named him after on account of his good looks. During the meal they Mother began to take each and every one of them away from the back of the neck hanging there, limp, helpless and blind, we said hey where are you going? Was it not obvious that she thought her babies were on the desert menu? One last thing that I forgot to mention I asked my wife to please not say the word mail. During the day because they know English and go bananas and do not show them a leash. In the middle of the night I say pee pee loud and have you ever seen an avalanche of dogs? The poor guys were holding their pee pee in all night long. such good doggies


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