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Be An Addict

Just stupid randomn thought's

Be An Addict
Why being an addict is better than not to be one.


That is the reaction that many a therapist and men of science will say
This is an idiot in the bubble of his addiction
But its ok,
I have many followers all addict's of course
And oh so much more
If we were to go by the sheer logic of numbers then I
Would win,

But we all know that might does not make right
What is addiction?
Its medication that is absolutely needed

Or else we will get some adverse effects
The pulling away from a substance is horrible much like a plant being uprooted
I'm not advocating addiction,
But controlled medication by a doctor is addictive too
Oh, but that is the good kind is there such a thing
If you are prescribed a medication for years on but hey you are not an addict
So there is a, b, c, to this essay
Now we have ok, addiction as long as it's sanctioned by a doctor.
I'm an addict,
I can tell you many many things about drugs,
But I did not go to pharmaceutical college and neither did all those other addicts
Out there
That is why we lose so many of our brethren because they don't know anything about dosage and its effects
They might for a time,
But eventually their lack of knowledge will get them killed by their own hands
I'm smoking lots a lot of marijuana lately and I love it


I also love those day's when I awake with some coffee and just fresh air and sunshine
All of Marc's stigmas are fading now
Its political, its medicinal,
its financial
The marijuana game has changed our government has turned an eye away from it
But still wield their terror on us with threats and fears of taking this right away from us
Yeah, right try taking this already complicated;
Matters and you will have a revolution on your hands
People want to get stoned,
Perhaps it's a new age,
But listen our lives are so short that I'm surprised many have been able to achieve so
Much in such a short amount of time
The Lois Armstrongs of the world and the Davincies and the Michaelangelos
You know they truly are a gift,
These people and their ideas and inventions and talents
So, monumental they make us feel small
Did God really makes these people more special than others?
Is there such a thing as superior intelligence, perhaps these are the freaks?
These people that are so much more than others
The Jeffersons, the Franklins, the Lennons,
The Davids I mean David because there could only be one like him
So many, many gifts


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