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Bad Ju Ju

Bad Ju Ju

I'm trying to sort out some of my memories I have now met only a few persons here in Las Vegas, but unfortunately they seem to die off, it's weird, but the two persons.

I have been knowing, left us. Three with the lady that Norma knew, who died here in a fire trapped by her hoarding ways and the bars on her windows that kept her trapped. Even the fire department had a difficult time getting in, so sad all the cats waiting to be fed out of her door, The other person that I met that passes away, was a couple that we were introduced to, his name was Mike his life story was very similar to mine. He was doing some drugs in his car and was a total chain smoker, he once had a thriving business in Chicago and when his life took a turn for the worse, he ended up in Las Vegas.This is where all the down and out people in America end up. This man was Al Capones God son, he was born in the sixties and Mr. Capone was still alive at the time of the ceremony; connections, my friends one day I will put them all together. Goodbye, Mike and I forgive you for coming on to my wife for all you know, this is what you get for acting like a dick through life, but you were one of the good guys and I'm sure your daughter and some others here still remember you. Thanks for the picnic even though you kept leaving to get high, so long, rest in peace.

Another fellow I knew passed away, I would frequent a french breakfast restaurant and there was a big fellow there, I began a friendship with him, I'm very weary of people nowadays, but it does not matter because I have no intentions of entering into any kind of a business relationship. He was of Italian decent and I kept thinking him an old Roman soldier. One day I came in, and asked a girl in the back what is where is my new found friend the man with the Launborginy that I once we joked with him I said I did not park my Honda accord next to his car because I do not want to make him feel less that. He said that I should have thrown a match inside his car, yeah, probably to collect the insurance because he probably could nor unloads it on anyone, if you can afford a car like that you want the latest model nevertheless I wanted to ask for a ride, I once was given one in a Ferrari, that was very exciting. The girl in the restaurant answered me very politely that he was a big joker and he was not the owner and also that the poor guy dropped dead of a heart attack, I barely knew the man but I took it hard

Now I'm wondering, what am I the Ace of spades? don't anyone come close to me. I'm bad ju-ju
By Marc Acrich


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