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Alexander the Great

Alexander the Great #5

I was in a doctor's office and read all about Alexander the Great, it gave every detail of a battle,

At one point someone plowed right into his head and his helmet saved him, and when the guy was going to kill Alexander, another buddy cut's off his arm of the soldier about to kill Alexander

What a visual, oh man gives me any career but that of a soldier, when I was graduating college I had a delusion I was going to join the air force to be a second lieutenant, but who was I kidding,

A few fights in school cannot prepare you for that, I knew I was a scaredy cat underneath it all.

I would of been a good cook in the army, if I needed to go it potatoes for me lads, I would find every recipe to make them potatoes taste good fried, what an interesting magazine all about war and battle i did not mention that I read about 20 pages of the war of 1812, I got a shitty education when it came to this particular war, I'm like an expert on the civil war, and the war of independence, and w.w.2 I would read war book written by Nazis soldiers, it was the same, they were scared, and hungry and they did so much killing these soldiers that we hate to admit, the 1812 both general Lee and Grant were there and both carried out some super important stuff that won them that war, they were buds. Lee and Grant, it described the story in detail on how we took Mexico, we did not march into Mexico city, it would be too humiliating for the Mexican people, but we got what we wanted California, Arizona, and Texas, I was a history buff the only real subject I gave a crap about, I never did one day of homework and when in class I just sat there and listened, my theory was I would absorb 50% and get a c it worked, I was hated by teachers,

I was a smart aleck and at times knew more than the teachers, they could not take it, I set a record there the student most swatted


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  1. Date: 5/1/2018 6:13:00 PM
    Hello Marc, this is a very interesting story line. About you and the teacher in a history lesson. I was not good at history either. I like the ancient history, to me that is more interesting. Instead of the Canadian history. Anyway this story is well written, and did enjoy to read it.