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Member Quotes About Twi

Quote Left Difference of opinion is a part of life. Our perceptions ignite.. Grows into furious feud but differences fade because emotions are forever entwined. Quote Right
Quote Left You're so dumb, you've got to be twins! One person couldn't be that stupid! -Grandfather Quote Right
Quote Left each strand within a twisted ball of string contributes to its chaos Quote Right
Quote Left You’ve waited long enough, thought about it twice as much; now fly. Quote Right
Quote Left "Suicide is not a solution to conclude the problem; In fact, it's a pollution to trigger and create another problem". Hence,its a bad idea.Think twice before ending your gifted life. Quote Right
Quote Left And the birds twitter like whispering violins. Quote Right
Quote Left When I think of you I think of everything Sweet and nice. All things beautiful and full of spice That makes my heart beat once then twice. Quote Right
Quote Left Good advice makes the soul feel warm and nice but Bad advice makes the heart split twice. Quote Right
Quote Left Gypsy soul twin love of mine your my sweet sweet wine the roses laid out by the bottle keeps you on my mind Quote Right
Quote Left No matter how young she is she never forgot her mama love stayed the stand after all these years our angels threw away the stone our soul always together no matter we’re we are we all have a twin flame connection Quote Right
Quote Left "Twinkling lil fireflies flying over the street. As I stop my feet, I see the truth in all the lies." -'Street & Sparkles' photoverse, sknor Quote Right
Quote Left At life's twilight, gold and silver do not matter. Quote Right
Quote Left Trees;They stand together... sometimes barely touching limbs, sometimes intertwined. But their roots, they all touch the ground. They all share one thing. They know it. It is humans that have forgotten. Quote Right
Quote Left Gentle though the rain be not deceived as raging power and twisting torrents oft come in sheep’s appearance Quote Right
Quote Left My little witch of where* What happened to the air* We were one loving pair* With untapped rhyme and flair* Then your eyes and nose flare* The fuse lighting our fare* The last I saw you stair* Up up and away, where* Lost a twitch in despair* And gave an itch to care* Quote Right
Quote Left Ever died twice in one lifetime? Quote Right
Quote Left I wish, just for a moment, to feel the twisted satisfaction of shattering someone's ego. Quote Right
Quote Left "When life comes to your door to bring you lemons, I'm not gonna be here to hand you the FUCKING gun!" - me to my twin brother Quote Right
Quote Left A burden shared is half as heavy and twice as light. Quote Right
Quote Left "as all is energy, so then all is intertwined" Quote Right
Quote Left "It's better to be a star, small and faintly twinkling, for a million years...Than a torch light's narrow shaft, brightly showing, for only an hour." Quote Right
Quote Left I loved you once, I love you twice, there ain't gonna be, a third time Quote Right
Quote Left As I get close to the twilight of my life, if I pulled out every grey hair on my head, I'd be bald Quote Right
Quote Left No one can twist you up and spit you out as fast as your sibling. If you do not have one, go out and find one. Quote Right
Quote Left What is ignorance? How Does it work? How do it Completely destroy a man? You need to know! I will teach to you. You have to learn today! You remember, as much negligence as you did i would get you twice as much! Quote Right
Quote Left "It took four and a half hours, for my identical twin sister and I to agree on one t-shirt we would both wear." Quote Right
Quote Left i want to kiss your heart...i want to intertwine with your soul ...i want to discover u ..i am just a traveller..i want u to allow me to discover u... Quote Right
Quote Left "My twin and I came back from a fishing trip with our adored daddy yelling "I hate Daddy! I hate Daddy!" So did the rest of the fishermen on the lake, as we did not know how to stop talking at four." Quote Right
Quote Left "My name goes on everything I buy, steal, or see. Being an identical twin, I never had an identity before I was 18." Quote Right