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Quote Left Where did you get your haircut, the pet shop? Quote Right
Quote Left If I were to try to read, much less answer, all the attacks made on me, this shop might as well be closed for any other business. I do the very best I know how, the very best I can, and I mean to keep doing so until the end. If the end brings me out all right, what is said against me won't amount to anything. If the end brings me out wrong, ten angels swearing I was right would make no difference. Quote Right
Quote Left 'Tis not need we know our every thought or see the work shop where each mask is wrought wherefrom we view the world of box and pit, careless of wear, just so the mask shall fit and serve our jape's turn for a night or two. Quote Right
Quote Left Every part of this soil is sacred in the estimation of my people. Every hillside, every valley, every plain and grove, has been hallowed by some sad or happy event in days long vanished. Even the rocks, which seem to be dumb and dead as the swelter in the sun along the silent shore, thrill with memories of stirring events connected with the lives of my people, and the very dust upon which you now stand responds more lovingly to their footsteps than yours, because it is rich with the blood of our ancestors, and our bare feet are conscious of the sympathetic touch. Our departed braves, fond mothers, glad, happy hearted maidens, and even the little children who lived here and rejoiced here for a brief season, will love these somber solitudes and at eventide they greet shadowy returning spirits. And when the last Red Man shall have perished, and the memory of my tribe shall have become a myth among the White Men, these shores will swarm with the invisible dead of my tribe, and when your children's children think themselves alone in the field, the store, the shop, upon the highway, or in the silence of the pathless woods, they will not be alone. In all the earth there is no place dedicated to solitude. At night when the streets of your cities and villages are silent and you think them deserted, they will throng with the returning hosts that once filled them and still love this beautiful land. Quote Right
Quote Left The thing that would astonish anyone coming for the first time into the service quarters of a hotel would be the fearful noise and disorder during rush hours. It is something so different from the steady work in a shop or a factory that it looks at first sight like mere bad management. But it is really quite its nature it comes in rushes and cannot be economized. You cannot, for instance, grill a steak two hours before it is wanted; you have to wait till the last moment, by which time a mass of other work has accumulated, and then to do it all together, in frantic haste. The result is that at meal-times everyone is doing two men's work, which is impossible without noise and quarreling. Indeed the quarrels are a necessary part of the process, for the pace would never be kept up if everyone did not accuse everyone else of idling. It was for this reason that during rush hours the whole staff cursed like demons. Quote Right
Quote Left The cities of America are inexpressibly tedious. The Bostonians take their learning too sadly; culture with them is an accomplishment rather than an atmosphere; their Hub, as they call it, is the paradise of prigs. Chicago is a sort of monster-shop, full of bustles and bores. Political life at Washington is like political life in a suburban vestry. Baltimore is amusing for a week, but Philadelphia is dreadfully provincial; and though one can dine in New York one could not dwell there. Quote Right
Quote Left I love America because America trusts me. When I go into a shop to buy a pair of shoes I am not asked to produce my Identity Card. I love it because my mail is not censored. My phone is not tapped. My conversation with friends is not reported to the secret police. Quote Right
Quote Left My wife loves to shop at Bloomingdale's. I bring her mail there twice a week. Quote Right
Quote Left I remember when the candle shop burned down. Everyone stood around singing 'Happy Birthday.' Quote Right
Quote Left 'I am the bubble gum that sticks in your hair!' 'I am the ingrown toenail on the foot of crime!' 'I am the itch you cannot reach!' 'I am the paper cut that ruins your day!' 'I am the parking meter that expires while you shop!' 'I am the plot-twist in the 2nd reel!' 'I am the terror that flaps in the night!' 'I am the weirdo who sits next to you on the bus!' 'I am the winged scourge that pecks at your nightmares!' 'I am the wrong number that wakes you at 3 am!' Quote Right
Quote Left Well, my English teacher was Japanese, my reading teacher told me to look it up, my coach was fat, and my shop teacher was missing fingers. What was the question - why do I hate the public school system? Quote Right
Quote Left Sometimes, because of its immediacy, television produces a kind of electronic parable. Berlin, for instance, on the day the Wall was opened. Rostropovich was playing his cello by the Wall that no longer cast a shadow, and a million East Berliners were thronging to the West to shop with an allowance given them by West German banks! At that moment the whole world saw how materialism had lost its awesome historic power and become a shopping list. Quote Right
Quote Left We're very excited about this partnership. We know our customers will be thrilled with the ability to enjoy a freshly brewed espresso or cappuccino while they shop at our stores. Quote Right
Quote Left She was at the beauty shop for two hours. That was only for the estimate. Quote Right
Quote Left Someone from Manolo Blahnik went into my shop and said: 'These shoes are not vegetarian.' That's the highest compliment, because you just can't tell that they are, and they are.' 'My mum taught me to have a soul. Quote Right
Quote Left I was watching CNN during the riots of Los Angeles a couple of years ago and they were showing video footage of a mob looting a radio shack. Running out of the radio shack was hi-fis, video cameras and everything they could pick up. But the radio shack was right next to a Macintosh dealership which had powerbooks in the window. And it was untouched. So here these incredible valuable portable very, very powerful computers was sitting untouched behind an unbroken shop-window while the poor people steal Sony Walkmans. I felt that was so sad, and so indicative of our real problem. Quote Right
Quote Left Law is not a profession at all, but rather a business service station and repair shop. Quote Right
Quote Left Ladies with curly hair have time to spare Quote Right
Quote Left If I care to listen to every criticism, let alone act on them, then this shop may as well be closed for all other businesses. I have learned to do my best, and if the end result is good then I do not care for any criticism, but if the end result is not good, then even the praise of ten angels would not make the difference. Quote Right
Quote Left The really great thing about my shop is that there's not one dead animal in it. ... Manolo's got a load of fabric shoes as well! We use plastic, fabric, rubber- anything but leather. I almost feel like I've been put here to show everyone that it's unnecessary. Quote Right
Quote Left Order your summers suit. Because is big rush we will execute customers in strict rotation. Quote Right
Quote Left In the past decade or so, the women's magazines have taken to running home-handyperson articles suggesting that women can learn to fix things just as well as men. These articles are apparently based on the ludicrous assumption that men know how to fix things, when in fact all they know how to do is look at things in a certain squinty-eyed manner, which they learned in Wood Shop eventually, when enough things in the home are broken, they take a job requiring them to transfer to another home. Quote Right
Quote Left Ladies may have a fit upstairs. Quote Right
Quote Left The probability of life originating from accident is comparable to the probability of the unabridged dictionary resulting from an explosion in a printing shop. Quote Right
Quote Left If you have a grateful heart (which is a miracle amongst you statesmen), show it by directing the bearer to the best wine in town, and pray let not this highest point of sacred friendship be performed slightly, but go about it with all due deliberation and care, as holy priests to sacrifice, or as discreet thieves to the wary performance of burglary and shop-lifting. Let your well-discerning palate (the best judge about you) travel from cellar to cellar and then from piece to piece till it has lighted on wine fit for its noble choice and my approbation. Quote Right
Quote Left My brother then opened a tall man's shop in Tokyo. Quote Right
Quote Left Next-door a baker's apprentice with his wife, an employee in a printing-shop, she has inflammation of the ovaries. Wonder what those two get o... Quote Right
Quote Left Thanks to modern chemistry, sleep is now optional. Quote Right
Quote Left Our memory is like a shop in the window of which is exposed now one, now another photograph of the same person. And as a rule the most recent exhibit remains for some time the only one to be seen. Quote Right
Quote Left Elegance is good taste plus a dash of daring. Quote Right

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Quote Left Never shop for a diamond ring at 7Eleven. Quote Right
Quote Left Be neither a bull in a China shop nor a China doll in a bull ring. Quote Right
Quote Left Shopping is an unsatisfactory high, andit does not last long. Find a new hobby. Quote Right
Quote Left Rejecting A Bishop's Alter Call For Repentance Is Like Neglecting A Doctor's Advice Against Self Medication And Its Consequential Effects.... Quote Right
Quote Left you said, i don't have style no manners why would i love you.i say you are a shopper not a lover. Quote Right
Quote Left Some people are like shop fronts - fantastic window display but nothing on the shelves. Quote Right