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Rag Quotations

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Quote Left ... a friend told me that she had read of a woman who had knitted a wash rag for President Wilson. She was eighty years old and her friends th... Quote Right
Quote Left The manuscript lay like a dust-rag on his desk, and Eitel found, as he had found before, that the difficulty of art was that it forced a man b... Quote Right

Member Quotes About Rag

Quote Left Ria sempre para acreditar. Sempre ria para a vida, procure a felicidade. Ria muito, o riso sempre tira as pessoas das situações de infelicidade. Mesmo as tragédias são mais bem contadas com algum humor. A vida tem minutos de felicidade e tristeza misturadas. Portanto, as histórias somente sombrias são facilmente percebidas como irreal. Quote Right
Quote Left Have courage to stand alone, don't fear solitude. I see your charm. I see your grace. Quote Right
Quote Left there are those who would say it is this; Those who would say it is that; love, i have shaped thee to the vessel I would have thee become, a fulcrum for the leverage of our lives. Quote Right
Quote Left a fragrant air that steal’s God’s breath Quote Right
Quote Left Para ficar na memória e marcar seu tempo, Viva esta vida a um ritmo que qualquer pessoa pode seguir. Conheça o seu lugar e dedique tempo para fazer o melhor cada dia mais e mais. Para as pessoas te escutarem vá ao mundo delas e depois as traga para o seu. É a regra de todas as coisas, seja com uma pessoa, a vida ou os negócios. Quote Right
Quote Left Let the wicked rage God will cast them in a cage. Quote Right
Quote Left They wonder what keeps me going, what gives me courage to fight my battles with fortitude. Quote Right
Quote Left Create your environment from your best innate tenacity. Always embrace the abundance of an inspirational mentality. Eliminate distractions, clutter, and work from a place of brightness. Create a winning, uplifting, vibrant, courageous action to implement! Quote Right
Quote Left Some with a false illusion state, “The grass is greener on the other side.” Never allow anyone to speak over your life. Only God has the final word. Keep watering your garden and let your grass grow greener and not weathered away. Always plan seeds for growth. Birds with sharp beaks will be there just waiting. Don’t be discouraged. Their beaks are outnumbered by the seeds you plant! Quote Right
Quote Left Tell your people you love them now, life is so fragile Quote Right
Quote Left Learn the rules and play the game. Because when you are right, you display confidence, courage, strength and determination. Quote Right
Quote Left Despite all good qualities a gentle, sensitive, intuitive Deer isn't the King. Yet Lion, the violent beast proudly wears the crown! Because it has the courage to show up unconcealed, it is an intelligent strategist, a leader and protector. Quote Right
Quote Left Don't brag about your good fortune, winds shift direction quickly and what you have today could be gone tomorrow. Quote Right
Quote Left Lives are filled with lessons, hardships, heartaches, joys, celebrations, and special moments that lead to some sort of destination, a purpose in life. My journey was not always smooth, it was full of challenges; Some of these challenges were tests of courage, strengths, weaknesses, and what we believe is important in life. Quote Right
Quote Left The Voice Behind The Pen No longer remains quiet If you have ideas and dreams Fulfill them Positivity instill them Opinions no longer matter So you find a way To help encourage and make sure others are ok Living out visions Make the best decisions That doesn't appreciate my craft Asking the Lord direct my path The Voice for unspeakable To help others I want others to understand We are all apart of Gods plan Quote Right
Quote Left "To feed climaxes the fragrances of death is to keep thresholds in pockets to confuse yourself of your own beginnings." Quote Right
Quote Left The labor of courage and triumph is the miracle of fortitude to endure adversity with victory. Quote Right
Quote Left In time of adversity courage and faith shall shape our destiny. Quote Right
Quote Left The fragrance of your burning lips are endless reservoir of love Quote Right
Quote Left When you're drowning and keep coming up for air, only to be thrown back into the well. You then feel like giving up, that's when you see that hand reaching out to drag you out of all deep waters... Quote Right
Quote Left When tragedy strikes all that remains is the human spirit. Quote Right
Quote Left The writers,the women that interest me, that make me alert to the fact that there is more to “IT” than just vacuous moonbeams & miraculous waters of ambrosia swimming with castrated unicorns,are the ones that inspire me by their strength,courage & raw honesty & they are the ones who usually arrive to light through tumultuous dark days & haggard life experience, not by sitting in a green field threading daisy chains singing,"he loves me,he loves me not"- they are the ones that always win with me. Quote Right
Quote Left Any amount of courage is enough for you to accomplish anything. Quote Right
Quote Left When you're at that episode of your life, when you have lost the strength and the desire to take another step, when death brushes your heels and friends and family betray you, when the reflection in the mirror frightens you, when you think it's the end of the road; stop, think, you have the power in you to bounce back, you are fortified with inner strength to resist, fight back and win. Take courage, today is not the day to give up on your dream. Quote Right
Quote Left He ran with more than courage he held my heart up Quote Right
Quote Left The failure to acknowledge your fears and weaknesses is nothing more than feigned courage. Quote Right
Quote Left Don't let memories drag you down the drain ,do yourself a favour and follow what brings you peace of mind Quote Right
Quote Left "How delicate, the intensity unrealised, but how fragile the desires of those who flail in rivers blackened?" Quote Right
Quote Left Gentle though the rain be not deceived as raging power and twisting torrents oft come in sheep’s appearance Quote Right
Quote Left "A suicide is a bliss to the masochist, a tragedy to the sadist and an unsatisfying fantasy to the sadomasochist." Quote Right