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Eld Quotations

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Quote Left Jag säger Ge mej ett glas innan baren stänger Ge mej ett glas innan jag törstar ihjäl Något som värmer ett fruset hjärta Något som tänder en eld i min själ Alkohol, det gör mej till en man det ger mej vad jag tål Alkohol, då slipper jag se klart då fördunklas mina mål Alkohol, jag höjer mitt glas och dricker djävulen en skål Alkohol, som i mitt hjärta det fanns ett hål Quote Right
Quote Left Det hände på en teater att eld utbröt i kulisserna. Sällskapets pajas skickades fram för att underrätta publiken. Alla trodde det var ett skämt och applåderade. Han sade det om och om igen, och publiken jublade ännu mera. Så tror jag världen kommer att gå under; till applåderna av kvickhuvuden som tror att det hela är ett lustigt upptåg... Quote Right

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Quote Left In moments of despair, take inventory, what is the worst that can happen in this situation? Then trust that the worst does not happen, for it seldom does. You will outlive many worst-case scenarios in your lifetime. Andreas Simic Quote Right
Quote Left - Tastes of childhood seldom has any comparison - Quote Right
Quote Left Don’t sacrifice your dreams… because someone elder than you has, for a moderate life. Quote Right
Quote Left Don’t sacrifice your dreams… because someone elder than you has, for a moderate life. Quote Right
Quote Left Alone to be held, alone to worry, alone to calm, alone to love, and alone in brightness of dark. Quote Right
Quote Left Humanity's hope is held in oneness. Quote Right
Quote Left Speak less thunder, wield more lightning. —Native American proverb, translation by Michael R. Burch, keywords: Native American, nature, power, lightning, thunder, speech, speak, speaking Quote Right
Quote Left Mathematics: A field of study for numerical addicts. Quote Right
Quote Left The defendant was a poet held in many iron restraints against whom several critics cited numerous complaints. They accused him of trying to reach the 'common crowd,' and they said his poems incited recitals far too loud. ('An Obscenity Trial' by Michael R. Burch, keywords: poets, poems, poetry) Quote Right
Quote Left These useless dreams, alas! Over fields of wilted grass winds whisper as they pass. —Uejima Onitsura, loose translation by Michael R. Burch Quote Right
Quote Left ' When walking through the mind-field of despair, always watch your step? " Quote Right
Quote Left The hands that held me tremble. The arms that lifted, fall. Angelic flesh, now parchment, is held together with gauze. But her undimmed eyes still embrace me; there infinity can be found. I can almost believe such unfathomable love will still reach me, underground. ('The Greatest of These' by Michael R. Burch) Quote Right
Quote Left There are those who constantly seek to cheat death . . . only to recall that life is seldom fair. Quote Right
Quote Left I sometimes walk with head held high / a prideful, unrepentant guy - while you live humble as the silent b / in subtlety. (from the poem "Soliloquy to My Future Self") Quote Right
Quote Left Everyone goes through something. But that something is often weighted differently on the shoulders of the bearer. Compassion is the only emotion, that levels the field. Quote Right
Quote Left 8. Poetry is man's heart and soul uniting to bless others, while temporarily shielding searching souls against this dark world's poison tipped arrows. Robert J. Lindley Quote Right
Quote Left Truth is the shield of the brave: put up your fight! Quote Right
Quote Left I've often held the belief that money is a tool . . . yet all to often, my tool box is empty. Quote Right
Quote Left Sometimes soul searching is all that’s needed to become unweeded, giving yourself space to become spiritually yielded. Quote Right
Quote Left "Marriage is like a football player and a baseball player on a soccer field trying to play hockey and never making a hole in one." Quote Right
Quote Left They tap phone calls and read messages and always keep an eye is fielding. Quote Right
Quote Left Some days you’re the windshield, and some days you’re the bug... Quote Right
Quote Left "and in the end, slowly and deliberately we will be obliterated, from the memory of earth, from the hearts of people who have held us dearly, and descended into oblivion" Quote Right
Quote Left blades of grass, hands held high, applauded the sun’s performance, it was brilliant! Quote Right
Quote Left Satanic lies go splat as bugs on the windshield of God's glorious truth moving ever swiftly to the fulfillment of God's holy purposes. Quote Right
Quote Left One of the great pains of peace is to see the heroes of a thousand battles retreat to a thousand bottles at the doctor's and the barman's. In the snares of alcoholism and PTSD, they who survived the battlefield now fall in the bottle-field Quote Right
Quote Left I am a proud African, I will not substitute my beautiful ebony, It is strengths, my tissue is nature's shield from the sun, It radiates and glows, racist are ignorant of many things especially Geography. Quote Right
Quote Left I endlessly reach into the past; I seldom seek out the future; and I struggle to stay in the present. Quote Right
Quote Left At a troubled time when the bedeviling binds on our minds have landed us in a lampoonery of a life and we move boustrophedon between boisterous buffooneries and cacophonous contumelies, literature, if not a splendid cynosure to our goals, is, I daresay, a salubrious salve to our souls that seldom cease to seethe. Quote Right
Quote Left On the grievous battlefield the warriors whispers back that we are the chorus voices of the union on wings of victory. Quote Right