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Quote Left The western Christianity is that which Fact-check a Preacher of the gospel (deliberate orchestration from the kingdom of darkness) to make the Truth of scripture subject to scrutiny by mere man Quote Right
Quote Left Learn to liberate your sadness by expression, not by addiction. October 2017. Quote Right
Quote Left Breakneck words that berate can echo back again and again. Reason A. Poteet Quote Right
Quote Left Pay the price to be truthful and deliberate. It is worth everything in the end. Quote Right
Quote Left "and in the end, slowly and deliberately we will be obliterated, from the memory of earth, from the hearts of people who have held us dearly, and descended into oblivion" Quote Right
Quote Left Allow victory get to you, not your head. Celebrate your victory, do not deliberate it. Quote Right
Quote Left I walk in the camp of gunrunners with words, I sit in quiet musings with my thoughts and roam in the wind, inviting the quick-witted to a banquet of words. only the guilty are afraid. Truth and only truth can liberate the soul Quote Right
Quote Left "Success does not happen by chance. It's planned and deliberate." Quote Right
Quote Left This is Africa, a post independent Continent. A continent that is liberated. However, the people are yet to be liberated...let us join hands to disentangle ourselves from the siege bestowed to us poor Africans by a few post-colonial scavengers called Afro-pessimists Quote Right
Quote Left When Europe was desperate for Freedom Britain saved Europe by standing alone, taking a battering and plunging itself into the largest financial debt in history. When Britain wants its Freedom from Europe the E.U demands a fortune and tries to take advantage anyway possible. France and Italy were liberated and Germany was built by Britain. Where is the thanks Ay? Quote Right
Quote Left Forgiveness liberates your soul while it confuses the guilty Quote Right
Quote Left Carrying one's placenta: Deliberate refusal to grow up Quote Right
Quote Left its been very long been here O dear lord liberate my soul let me melt within you Quote Right
Quote Left The only way to get someone to help themselves is to liberate them. If you oppress or coerce them you do the complete opposite. Quote Right
Quote Left Liberation only feed those that are mentally liberated Quote Right
Quote Left 'The Tickled Bird' and 'The Spliced Continuum' can be read in any order. The outcome may present a different understanding each time they're read though. Yes I wrote them deliberately to evoke that kind of time warp journey. I don't fill in the blanks - that's what imagination is for. Quote Right