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Bed Quotations

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Quote Left The basic Female body comes with the following accessories: garter belt, panty-girdle, crinoline, camisole, bustle, brassiere, stomacher, chemise, virgin zone, spike heels, nose ring, veil, kid gloves, fishnet stockings, fichu, bandeau, Merry Widow, weepers, chokers, barrettes, bangles, beads, lorgnette, feather boa, basic black, compact, Lycra stretch one-piece with modesty panel, designer peignoir, flannel nightie, lace teddy, bed, head. Quote Right
Quote Left What's money A man is a success if he gets up in the morning and goes to bed at night and in between does what he wants to do. Quote Right
Quote Left Once on a yellow piece of paper with green lines he wrote a poem And he called if 'Chops' because that was the name of his dog And that's what it was all about And his teacher gave him an A and a gold star And his mother hung it on the kitchen door and read it to his aunts That was the year Father Tracy took all the kids to the zoo And he let them sing on the bus And his little sister was born with tiny toenails and no hair And his mother and father kissed a lot And the girl around the corner sent him a Valentine signed with a row of X's and he had to ask his father what the X's meant And his father always tucked him in bed at night And was always there to do it Once on a piece of white paper with blue lines he wrote a poem And he called it 'Autumn' because that was the name of the season And that's what it was all about And his teacher gave him an A and asked him to write more clearly And his mother never hung it on the kitchen door because of its new paint And the kids told him Father Tracy smoked cigars And left butts on the pews And sometimes they would burn holes That was the year his sister got glasses with thick lenses and black frames And the girl around the corner laughed when he asked her to go see Santa Claus And the kids told him why his mother and father kissed a lot And his father never tucked him in bed at night And his father got mad when he cried for him to do it Once on a paper torn from his notebook he wrote a poem And he called it 'Innocence: A Question' because that was the question about his girl And that's what it was all about And his professor gave him an A and a strange steady look And his mother never hung it on the kitchen door because he never showed her That was the year Father Tracy died And he forgot how the end of the Apostle's Creed went And he caught his sister making out on the back porch And his mother and father never kissed or even talked And the girl around the corner wore too much makeup That made him cough when he kissed her but he kissed her anyway because that was the thing to do And at three A.M. he tucked himself into bed his father snoring soundly That's why on the back of a brown paper bag he tried another poem And he called it 'Absolutely Nothing' Because that's what it was really all about And he gave himself an A and a slash on each damned wrist And he hung it on the bathroom door because this time he didn't think he could reach the kitchen Quote Right
Quote Left For a hundred years I breathe and live, the flower of beauty and the bread of kindness. I am your friendly shade in the noonday heat of summer, and I stand pencilled against the winter twilight, a silhouette for dreams. At dawning in the spring I am filled with song, the host to a thousand birds, and I decorate the autumn with pageantry and colour. Then comes the woodsman with his axe. And still I serve. I am the timber that builds your boat; the rafters of your cathedrals; the choirstalls of your church enriched by the magic of the carver's fingers. I am the beam that holds your house; the door of your homestead, and the lintel too. I am the handle of your hoe; the wood of your cradle; the bed on which you lie; the board of your table and the board for your bread. When I am living, harm me not. When I am dead, respect me and use me kindly. Quote Right
Quote Left Tamed by Miltown, we lie on Mother's bed; Quote Right
Quote Left Under the general name of Commodity, I rank all those advantages which our senses owe to nature. This, of course, is a benefit which is temporary and mediate, not ultimate, like its service to the soul. Yet although low, it is perfect in its kind, and is the only use of nature which all men apprehend. The misery of man appears like childish petulance, when we explore the steady and prodigal provision that has been made for his support and delight on this green ball which floats him through the heavens. What angels invented these splendid ornaments, these rich conveniences, this ocean of air above, this ocean of water beneath, this firmament of earth between? this zodiac of lights, this tent of dropping clouds, this striped coat of climates, this fourfold year? Beasts, fire, water, stones, and corn serve him. The field is at once his floor, his work-yard, his play-ground, his garden, and his bed. Quote Right
Quote Left A man is a success if he gets up in the morning and gets to bed at night, and in between he does what he wants to do. Quote Right
Quote Left Doubtless criticism was originally benignant, pointing out the beauties of a work rather that its defects. The passions of men have made it malignant, as a bad heart of Procrustes turned the bed, the symbol of repose, into an instrument of torture. Quote Right
Quote Left Dear Signore Direttore, Now I am a-tella you a story wot I was a-treated at your hotella. I am a-comma from Roma as tourist to London an stay as a-younga cristan man at your hotella. When I comma in my room I see there is no shit in my bed - how can I sleep whit no shit i my bed? So I calla down to the receptione and tella: 'I wanta shit'. They tella me: 'Go to toilet'. I say: 'No,no I wanta shit in my bed'. They say: 'You better not shit in your bed, you sonna-wa-bitch'. What is sonna-wa-bitch? I go down for breakfast into restorante. I order bacon and egga and two pissis of toast. I getta only one piss of toast. I tella waitress, and point at toast: 'I wanta piss'. She tella me: 'Go to toilet'. I say: 'I wata piss on my plate'. She then say to me: 'You'd bloody not piss on the plate, you sonna-wa-bitch'. That is the second person who do not even know me calla me 'sonna-wa-bitch', an why is your staff replying 'Go to toilet', is that a modern tella? I do no understand, Please tella me! Later I go for dinner in your restorante. Spoon and knife is laid out, but no fock. I tella waitress: 'I wanta fock'. And she tella me: 'Sure, everyone wanta fock'. I say: 'No,no you dont understanda me, I wanta fock on the table'. She tella me: So you sonna-wa-bitch wanta fock on the table? Get your ass out of here! How comma this cristian hotel tella the guest in such bad manner? So I go to receptioneand ask for bill, I no wanta stay in this hotel no more. When I have paid the a-billa the portier say to me: 'Thank you and piss on you'. I say: 'Piss on you too, you sonna-wa-bitch, I go back to Italy'. Direttore, I never gonna stay in your hotella no more, you sonna-wa-bitch. Sincerely Dicci Elgre Quote Right
Quote Left Ah! when the ghost begins to quicken, Confusion of the death-bed over, is it sent... Quote Right
Quote Left I wolde no lenger in the bed abide If that I felte his arm over my side,... Quote Right
Quote Left You know, my friends, with what a brave carouse I made a Second Marriage in my house; favored old barren reason from my bed, and took the daughter of the vine to spouse. Quote Right
Quote Left Bed is the poor man's opera. Quote Right
Quote Left Mrs. Hall, of Sherborne, was brought to bed yesterday of a dead child, some weeks before she was expected, owing to a... Quote Right
Quote Left What's the point of fighting the dollars when all you need is a warm bed?... Quote Right
Quote Left I ran up the door and opened the stairs, I said my pajamas & put on my prayers, I turned off the bed & tumbled into the light, All because you kissed me good night! Quote Right
Quote Left Death devours all lovely things; Lesbia with her sparrow Shares the darkness—presently Every bed is narrow. Quote Right
Quote Left We do not go to bed in single pairs; even if we choose not to refer to them, we still drag there with us the cultural impedimenta of our social class, our parents lives, our bank balances, our sexual and emotional expectations, our whole biographies -- all the bits and pieces of our unique existences. Quote Right
Quote Left In the park I did dwell, I met a boy I didn't know so well. He came and stole my heart from me, And now that boy has set me free. I ran and cried on my bed, Not a word to mom I had said. My father came home late the night, And searched for me from left to right. He came to my door which he had broke, And found me hanging from a rope. He got a knife and cut me down, And upon my legs a note he found. 'Dig my grave and dig it deep, marble stone from head to feet. Upon my grave place a dove to show the world I died for love.' Quote Right
Quote Left My own experience is that a certain kind of genius among students is best brought out in bed. Quote Right
Quote Left The deep, deep peace of the double-bed after the hurly-burly of the chaise-lounge. Quote Right
Quote Left A lonely man is a lonesome thing, a stone, a bone, a stick, a receptacle for Gilbey's gin, a stooped figure sitting at the edge of a hotel bed, heaving copious sighs like the autumn wind. Quote Right
Quote Left This man dresses like an unmade bed. Quote Right
Quote Left How it is I know not; but there is no place like a bed for confidential disclosures between friends. Man and wife, they say, there open the very bottom of their souls to each other; and some old couples often lie and chat over old times till nearly morning. Thus, then, in our hearts honeymoon, lay I and Queequeg -- a cozy, loving pair. Quote Right
Quote Left And to your more bewitching, see the proud, Plump bed bear up, and swelling like a cloud,... Quote Right
Quote Left Wedding is great Juno's crown, O blessed bond of board and bed!... Quote Right
Quote Left The man who can but sketch his purpose beforehand in words is regarded as a wonder, and every artist and writer possesses that faculty. But gestation, fruition, the laborious rearing of the offspring, putting it to bed every night full fed with milk, embracing it anew every morning with the inexhaustible affection of a mother's heart, licking it clean, dressing it a hundred times in the richest garb only to be instantly destroyed; then never to be cast down at the convulsions of this headlong life till the living masterpiece is perfected which in sculpture speaks to every eye, in literature to every intellect, in painting to every memory, in music to every heart! --this is the task of execution. The hand must be ready at every moment to work in obedience to the mind. Quote Right
Quote Left Who said, 'All Time's delight Hath she for narrow bed; Life's troubled bubble broken'?— That's what I said. Quote Right
Quote Left There is immunity in reading, immunity in formal society, in office routine, in the company of old friends and in the giving of officious help to strangers, but there is no sanctuary in one bed from the memory of another. The past with its anguish will break through every defense-line of custom and habit; we must sleep and therefore we must dream. Quote Right
Quote Left The whole financial structure of Wall Street seems to rise or fall on the mere fact that the Federal Reserve Bank raises or lowers the amount of interest. Any business that can't survive a one percent change must be skating on thin ice. Why even the poor farmer took a raise of another ten percent just to get a loan from the bank, and nobody from the government paid any attention. But you let Wall Street have a nightmare and the whole country has to help to get them back into bed again. Quote Right

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Quote Left Love like an ocean is mercurial. Subject to changing constancy; underneath the waves, in the deepest bed lies true love, watching us tread water, waiting for us to turn late or early, it does not matter; we dive deeper to find its arms open, ready to envelop us. We go searching for pearls, drowning in it all, treasure like wisdom to be found. Quote Right
Quote Left Love like an ocean is mercurial. Subject to changing constancy; underneath the waves, in the deepest bed lies true love, watching us tread water, waiting for us to turn late or early, it does not matter; we dive deeper to find its arms open, ready to envelop us. We go searching for pearls, drowning in it all, treasure like wisdom to be found Quote Right
Quote Left Comfort zones are for people who don't want to grow. You don't have to choose a bed of nails over a mattress, but you could try acupuncture. Stepping out of your comfort zone doesn't have to be extreme. Quote Right
Quote Left you couldn't even lie if you were in a bed Quote Right
Quote Left You came to me as rain breaks on the desert when every flower springs to life at once, but joys are wan illusions to the expert: the Bedouin has learned how not to want. ('Dry Hump' by Michael R. Burch) Quote Right
Quote Left Walk with me now, among the transfixed dead who kept life’s compact and who thus endure harsh sentence here—among pink-petaled beds and manicured green lawns. The sky’s azure, pale blue once like their eyes, will gleam blood-red at last when sunset staggers to the door of each white mausoleum, to inquire— What use, O things of erstwhile loveliness? ('Completing the Pattern' by Michael R. Burch) Quote Right
Quote Left . Dê a si mesmo um presente: o momento presente. A verdadeira grandeza de uma pessoa é alcançada na consciência do momento presente construído sob uma estimativa justa de si mesma e de tudo o mais. Complete a grandeza do momento presente com frequentes auto-exames e uma obediência constante à regra que sabe ser certa. Nunca deixe o futuro perturbá-la. Você o enfrentará, se for preciso, com as mesmas armas da razão que hoje o armam no presente. Quote Right
Quote Left Pense em todos os anos que se passaram em que você disse a si mesmo "Eu farei isso amanhã". A vida é uma sucessão de períodos de “graça” e muitos se costumam deixar de vivê-los. Use os momentos “de graça” da sua vida ou então o momento vai desaparecer e nunca mais estará ao seu alcance. De agora em diante é o momento de perceber que você é um membro do Universo, que você nasceu da própria Natureza. Use cada momento com sabedoria para fazer mais e mais e perceber o seu brilho interior. Quote Right
Quote Left Villains shouldn't be considered heroes by anyone. Disobedience to the Law of the Land is a lack of accountability. Quote Right
Quote Left A sabedoria da natureza faz o pássaro voar da melhor maneira sempre Por isso, observe no ar. Se um pássaro voa por prazer, voa com o vento, mas se encontra o perigo, vira-se e fica de frente para o vento, para poder subir mais alto. Em tempos difíceis encare de frente que você sobe e tudo abaixo fica pequeno. Quote Right
Quote Left Desde sempre se pode afirmar: a sabedoria é como o dinheiro: para ter valor, ele deve circular e, ao circular, pode aumentar em quantidade e, com sorte, em valor. Pense comigo e creia que a maior sabedoria sempre está contida em poucas palavras e muitas formas de fazer o mesmo. A pessoa de grande sabedoria nunca pensa em agir. A pessoa de sabedoria age sempre e faz mais e mais. Quote Right
Quote Left É a compreensão e a aplicação do pensamento sábio que facilita o desenvolvimento da prosperidade. Nos tempos atuais, a grande tristeza que abate cada pessoa é o fato de que a ciência reúne conhecimento mais rápido do que a sociedade reúne a sabedoria para compreender e fazer uso. Quote Right
Quote Left Desde sempre onde se encontra conhecimento nunca está a sabedoria. Para adquirir conhecimento, sempre é preciso estudar. Entretanto para desenvolver a sabedoria, deve-se observar. Também adquire sabedoria a pessoa que conhece as fontes do conhecimento - onde está sendo dito, falado e mostrado. Quote Right
Quote Left Posso assegurar que a imaturidade se resume na incapacidade de usar a inteligência sem a orientação de outra. Quando damos crédito à sabedoria de outra diária, somos guiados em direção ao próximo passo para a nossa arte. Para fazer sempre melhor e mais e mais. Em muitas ocasiões somos tentados a pensar que o avanço é muito pequeno. Entretanto, a etapa é: "Espere. Agora não." Às vezes, a etapa é: "Trabalhe em outra coisa por um tempo". Quote Right
Quote Left Sempre acreditei que as pessoas que lideram, eleitas ou indicadas, devam fazer mais do que liderar. As pessoas que lideram devem fazer isso e preservar as virtudes, valores, ética e sabedoria. Isso é liderança guardiã. Esse tempo chegou. Atualmente, se as pessoas líderes falham em liderar com virtudes e valores à tona, em algum momento outras pessoas assumem o controle e farão lideres que falharam a seguirem. Quote Right
Quote Left Todas as pessoas no mundo desenvolvem cada uma, diferentes competências. Existem aquelas que nasceram para obedecer. Existem ainda aquelas pessoas que nasceram nem para mandar, nem para obedecer. AH! Existem aquelas que nasceram para mandar. Com certeza aquelas que conseguem mandar em si mesmas são as únicas que sabem e estão dispostas a fazer sempre mais e mais Quote Right
Quote Left As grandes conquistas da humanidade nasceram da dedicação, da valorização da outra e do trabalho compartilhado e nunca de egoísmo seja do menor ao maior. Valorizar e reconhecer a outra pessoa, quando aceito, sobe, desce e se eleva em uma série de ondas. Sai a ingenuidade, entra a sabedoria; para fora vai a raiva, vem o discernimento; sai o desespero, vem a bondade. Dedicar-se à outra é a única forma de realizar nos tempos de hoje. Quote Right
Quote Left Cada tempo tem seu mote. Tivemos o tempo da conquista, da sabedoria, do conhecimento, agora é tempo do ser humano. Tempo da dedicação. Agora é o tempo da pessoa. A humanidade está faminta por dedicação, obcecada em encaixar grandes realizações em nossos tempos de amor e carinho. Percebemos que as realizações chegam e trazem junto o momento de felicidade. Viva isso. O tempo da pessoa está aqui, agora. Quote Right
Quote Left Desde sempre se diz: existem pessoas que pensam tanto quanto existem outras que fazem. Poucas pessoas têm a sabedoria de pensar e fazer. Até que os pensadores façam e aquelas pessoas que fazem pensem, nada de grandioso vai acontecer. O progresso será apenas mais uma palavra no já sobrecarregado vocabulário de sentido. Quote Right
Quote Left Even when men are the Obvious figures in societies, either as Presidents, Prime Ministers, Governors, Chief or a Leader of any sort, Smart Women makes the decisions of leadership from the bedrooms Quote Right
Quote Left A curiosidade da sabedoria. A sabedoria provoca visitas à frente e ao passado. Uma pessoa sábia avança no tempo; e também se move para trás, à medida que pedaços da vida de seus ancestrais vêm a você. Quote Right
Quote Left Nunca mais diga não. [...] O mundo será das pessoas que falam menos a palavra "NÃO”. [...] escolha suas palavras com sabedoria e fale-as lentamente. Interrompa a propensão do cérebro a ser negativo e, como pesquisas recentes mostraram, a mera repetição de palavras positivas como amor, paz e compaixão ativa genes específicos que aumentam a sua vitalidade, dão forças para você fazer sempre mais e mais. Acredite: falar menos “NÃO” reduz seu estresse físico e emocional. Quote Right
Quote Left [...] O mundo será das pessoas que falam menos a palavra "NÃO”. [...] escolha suas palavras com sabedoria e fale-as lentamente. Isso permitirá que você interrompa a propensão do cérebro a ser negativo e, como pesquisas recentes mostraram, a mera repetição de palavras positivas como amor, paz e compaixão  ativa genes específicos que diminuem seu estresse físico e emocional. Quote Right
Quote Left Today there is a lot of concern about what are described as GMO food products and perhaps those fears may be warranted, but as researchers delve further into cross species gene splicing etc. and come up with a blue eyed, red headed carrot, I fear that they may have ventured somewhat astray. Quote Right
Quote Left At a troubled time when the bedeviling binds on our minds have landed us in a lampoonery of a life and we move boustrophedon between boisterous buffooneries and cacophonous contumelies, literature, if not a splendid cynosure to our goals, is, I daresay, a salubrious salve to our souls that seldom cease to seethe. Quote Right
Quote Left Thank you GOD for waking me up on this side of the dirt . Forgive me for waking up on the wrong side of the bed . Quote Right
Quote Left Am I not more than god programmed flesh simply answering the scripted call as prescribed by my past. Quote Right
Quote Left The soundless mind succumbed to tragedy Dare I flee Free from your lies Quote Right
Quote Left Pardon my numbed down intellect while I try to allocate the altruistic version of myself This is my inner peace.. Quote Right