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Ahead Quotations

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Quote Left What lies behind us and what lies ahead of us are tiny matters compared to what lives within us. Quote Right
Quote Left Each of us has the right and the responsibility to asses the road which lie ahead and those over which we have traveled, and if the feature road looms ominous or unpromising, and the road back uninviting-inviting, then we need to gather our resolve and carrying only the necessary baggage, step off that road into another direction. If the new choice is also unpalatable, without embarrassment, we must be ready to change that one as well. Quote Right
Quote Left A man who does not plan long ahead will find trouble right at his door. Quote Right
Quote Left 'A truck driver was driving along on the freeway. A sign comes up that reads, ' Low Bridge Ahead.' Before he knows it, the bridge is right ahead of him and he gets stuck under the bridge. Cars are backed up for miles. Finally, a police car comes up. The cop gets out of his car and walk s to the truck driver, puts his hands on his hips and says, 'Got stuck, huh?' The truck driver says, 'No, I was delivering this bridgeand ran out of gas.' Quote Right
Quote Left 'A truck driver was driving along on the freeway. A sign comes up that reads, ' Low Bridge Ahead.' Before he knows it, the bridge is right ahead of him and he gets stuck under the bridge. Cars are backed up for miles. Finally, a police car comes up. The cop gets out of his car and walk s to the truck driver, puts his hands on his hips and says, 'Got stuck, huh?' The truck driver says, 'No, I was delivering this bridgeand ran out of gas.' Quote Right
Quote Left As noble Art has survived noble nature, so too she marches ahead of it, fashioning and awakening by her inspiration. Before Truth sends her tr... Quote Right
Quote Left If you were to ask anybody at Intel with intellectual honesty, if they had a magic wand, would they go ahead and [integrate the controller]? They'd say yes. Quote Right
Quote Left Fear keeps pace with hope. Nor does their so moving together surprise me; both belong to a mind in suspense, to a mind in a state of anxiety through looking into the future. Both are mainly due to projecting our thoughts far ahead of us instead of adapting ourselves to the present. Thus it is that foresight, the greatest blessing humanity has been given, is transformed into a curse. Quote Right
Quote Left Getting ahead in a difficult profession -- singing, acting, writing, whatever -- requires avid faith in yourself. You must be able to sustain yourself against staggering blows and unfair reversals. When I think back to those first couple of years in Rome, those endless rejections, without a glimmer of encouragement from anyone, all those failed screen tests, and yet I never let my desire slide away from me, my belief in myself and what I felt I could achieve. Quote Right
Quote Left Before they reach their end, the pigs get a shower, a real one. Water sprays from every angle to wash the farm off them. Then they begin to feel crowded. The pen narrows like a funnel' the drivers behind urge the pigs forward, until one at a time they climb onto the moving ramp... Now they scream, never having been on such a ramp, smelling the smells they smell ahead. I do not want to overdramatize because you've read all this before. But it was a frightening experience, seeing their fear, seeing so many of them go by, it had to remind me of things no one wants to be reminded of anymore, all mobs, all death marches, all mass murders and executions ... Quote Right
Quote Left Four Lessons on Life 1. Never take down a fence until you know why it was put up. 2. If you get too far ahead of the army, your soldiers may mistake you for the enemy. 3. Don't complain about the bottom rungs of the ladder they helped to get you higher. 4. If you want to enjoy the rainbow, be prepared to endure the storm. Quote Right
Quote Left America is the land of the second chance - and when the gates of the prison open, the path ahead should lead to a better life. Quote Right
Quote Left The pick up in activity levels and prices over the final quarter has created optimism that values will continue to rise slowly over the year ahead. The recovery in London is set to continue and spread to the Southeast over the year. Quote Right
Quote Left I walk ahead of myself in perpetual expectancy of miracles. Quote Right
Quote Left Walking backwards is a lot like life. You can't really see where you going, only where you've been. You can kinda know where you are going, but you never know exactly what's ahead. Quote Right
Quote Left And, of course, you have the commercials where savvy business people Get Ahead by using their Macintosh computers to create the ultimate American business product: a really sharp-looking report. Quote Right
Quote Left Advice to young writers who want to get ahead without annoying delays: donÆt write about Man, write about 'a' man Quote Right
Quote Left I felt if I shot 66, that would be a really good number to post early because I'm two hours ahead of the leaders. I wish I could have shot a couple shots lower and posted that, but you never know. Quote Right
Quote Left The future looks extremely bright indeed, with lots of possibilities ahead -- big possibilities. Like the song says, We've just begun. Quote Right
Quote Left When it hurts to look back, and you’re scared to look ahead, you can look beside you and your best friend will be there. Quote Right
Quote Left Planning ahead is a measure of class. The rich and even the middle class plan for future generations, but the poor can plan ahead only a few weeks or days. Quote Right
Quote Left Courage is one step ahead of fear. Quote Right
Quote Left Each morning is a new beginning of our life. Each day is a finished whole. The present day marks the boundary of our cares and concerns. It is long enough to find God or loose Him, to keep faith or fall into disgrace. God created day and night for us so we need not wander without boundaries, but may be able to see in every morning the goal of the evening ahead. Just as the ancient sun rises anew everyday, so the eternal mercy of God is new every morning. Every morning God gives us the gift of comprehending anew His faithfulness of old; thus in the midst of our life with God, we may daily begin a new life with Him. In the first moments of the new day are for God's liberating grace, God's sanctifying presence. Before the heart unlocks itself for the world, God wants to open it for Himself; before the ear takes in the countless voices of the day, it should hear in the early hours the voice of the Creator and Redeemer. God prepared the stillness of the first morning for Himself. It should remain His. Quote Right
Quote Left I have three treasures. Guard and keep them:
The first is deep love,
The second is frugality,
And the third is not to dare to be ahead of the world.
Because of deep love, one is courageous.
Because of frugality, one is generous.
Because of not daring to be ahead of the world, one becomes the leader of the world.
Quote Right
Quote Left If the DUP is unwilling to break out of its negative cycle and begin to show the positive leadership which the political process and also their own community require and deserve, then the two governments need to push ahead with the full implementation of the [Good Friday] Agreement, Quote Right
Quote Left I now begin the journey that will lead me into the sunset of my life. I know that for America there will always be a bright dawn ahead. Quote Right
Quote Left I have accepted fear as a part of life - specifically the fear of change. I have gone ahead despite the pounding in the heart that says: turn back Quote Right
Quote Left Have enough sense to know, ahead of time, when your skills will not extend to wallpapering. Funny Quote Right
Quote Left I have not ceased being fearful, but I have ceased to let fear control me. I have accepted fear as a part of life--specifically the fear of change, the fear of the unknown and I have gone ahead despite the pounding in my heart that says turn back, turn back, you'll die if you venture too far. Quote Right
Quote Left At the age of 19, you always think you are prepared for everything and you think you have the knowledge of what?s coming ahead. Quote Right

Member Quotes About Ahead

Quote Left "You can never move ahead if your feet are tied to the past." Quote Right
Quote Left You simply cannot begin exploring that which lies ahead until you finish walking the paths which lie within. 2012 Quote Right
Quote Left Quote Even when it rains and pours you still have a brighter future ahead of you. By Jamad Harris Quote Right
Quote Left 'Time was like butterfly ahead so i decided to hoop along with my flaps, courage forgoing flaws' Quote Right
Quote Left Reprocess the negative thoughts in your mind, only then will your obstacles ahead have a positive solution to your problem. Quote Right
Quote Left the past is always burning, by its light the road ahead is lit Quote Right
Quote Left It can be hard sometimes, but you always push forward. Life ahead of you is much better than you think. Quote Right
Quote Left Deep down in the darkest moments of severe depression you find absolute isolation, so far from positive you don't know what positive is, and the feeling of reward is something you last felt so long ago you no longer remember it. In this moment of darkness the unknown afterlife is as familiar as happiness, in these hours suicide is an option, remember, this is not how your life has always been, there's unseen change ahead, at the moment you are blind to it, as you were this path you now tread Quote Right
Quote Left Life is about taking risks. We need to believe in our strengthens and race ahead! Winners are people who believe in themselves and are ready to take risks! Quote Right
Quote Left in the face of spring~tulips eye the first rain drop~ahead of sunshine Quote Right
Quote Left Choices change destinies and not just your own. Choose carefully. Go ahead & play out that video in your head.It will be those decisions that will make your reality a living Hell or Heaven right here on Earth. Quote Right
Quote Left If you have to lie to tell me you love me, go ahead Quote Right
Quote Left Always stay one step ahead of yourself. Quote Right
Quote Left Your current state of success is your destiny. It changes when you decide to move ahead. Quote Right
Quote Left When challenge is the only road ahead, we eventually cross it. Quote Right
Quote Left No matter how unfortunate the situation we are in, we always want to come off as a person with dignity and reveal as little as possible about our personal struggle because people will absolutely take advantage of someone who is already at a disadvantage. In this world to get ahead we have to bluff. Quote Right
Quote Left i stay 10 steps ahead on bull... Quote Right
Quote Left You don’t need to beat yourself up about what you have done. Just think ahead of what you can do. Quote Right
Quote Left one step ahead of my enemies and its all because of God..... I've learned to live in peace with the cards I've been dealt- but it doesn't mean I will give up the fight....... Quote Right
Quote Left Political corruption is when you Google the Wall and the Donald arrives ahead of pink floyd. Quote Right
Quote Left My momma said, "Baby don't you worry, it'll be alright. The past has a way or working itself out on its own. Don't live life always looking over you shoulder. Even though you may not be able to see what lies ahead, know them good times are a'comin. The only thing I want you to do is keep on keeping on, and believe tomorrow will turn out the way its supposed to; even if its not as you expected at first glance, one day you'll look back and say 'that's when everything changed for the better.'" Quote Right
Quote Left Somewhere ahead on your route, there stays God's secret rendezvous. Quote Right
Quote Left A backward step often clears the way ahead. Quote Right
Quote Left Appreciation and acknowledgement of the greatness within and surrounding is the root to open opportunities and success ahead Quote Right
Quote Left You never know what fortune lies ahead until you start something. Quote Right
Quote Left Be patient and persevering so as to overcome the natural youthful tendency to rush ahead and want everything immediately Quote Right
Quote Left No regrets Never look back Full speed ahead Fifth gear always Quote Right