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Quote Left Here lies interred in the eternity of the past, from whence there is no resurrection for the days -- whatever there may be for the dust -- the thirty-third year of an ill-spent life, which, after a lingering disease of many months sank into a lethargy, and expired, January 22d, 1821, A.D. leaving a successor inconsolable for the very loss which occasioned its existence. Quote Right
Quote Left When Gerber first started selling baby food in Africa, they used the same packaging as here in the USA - with the cute baby on the label. Later they found out that in Africa companies routinely put pictures on the label of what is inside since most people can not read. Quote Right
Quote Left One ad is worth more to a paper than forty editorials. Quote Right
Quote Left Four things come not back. The spoken word, the sped arrow, the past life, ad the neglected opportunity. Quote Right
Quote Left ...a sword never kills anybody it's a tool in the killer's hand. From Ad Lucilium Epistulae Morales, Letters to Lucilius on Morals, Letter 87, c.63-65 Quote Right
Quote Left 'If the victor had the gods on his side, the vanquished had Cato.' Quote Right
Quote Left While you remain at home your hair is at the hairdresser's; you take out your teeth at night and sleep tucked away in a hundred cosmetics boxes - even your face does not sleep with you. Quote Right
Quote Left Does anyone know...does the Christian persecution complex have an expiration date? Because...uh...you've all been in charge pretty much since...uh...what was that guys name...Constantine. He converted in, what was it, 312 A.D. I'm just saying, enjoy your success. Quote Right
Quote Left Drunkenness is nothing but voluntary madness. - Epistulae ad Lucilium Quote Right
Quote Left Pepsi brings your ancestors back from the grave. Quote Right
Quote Left Mary I want a guy who can play 36 holes of golf, and still have enough energy to take Warren and me to a baseball game, and eat sausages, and beer, not lite beer, but beer. That's my ad, print it up. Quote Right
Quote Left Today it is not the classroom nor the classics which are the repositories of models of eloquence, but the ad agencies. Quote Right
Quote Left 'Let no one be willing to speak ill of the absent. Quote Right
Quote Left There are more things, Lucilius, that frighten us than injure us, and we suffer more in imagination than in reality. - Epistulae ad Lucilium Quote Right
Quote Left From 676 to 737 A.D., under the Japanese emperor , the eating of all meat, including fish, was outlawed in Japan. From 737 A.D. until the late 19th century the eating of all meat other than seafood was not permitted. But even then, fish was generally only eaten by most people on special occasions. Dogen, the founder of the Soto Zen school of Buddhism, the main sect of Zen Buddhism, in the 12th century, instituted the requirements of a vegan diet for all his students, and that practice is still followed by observant Zen practitioners. Quote Right
Quote Left Patriotism is not a short and frenzied outburst of emotion, but the tranquil ad steady dedication of a lifetime. Quote Right
Quote Left More irregular verbs: I address the issues, you launch ad-homonym attacks, he's a flaming maniac and should have his access pulled. Quote Right
Quote Left A Stanford research group advertised for participants in a study of obsessive-compulsive disorder. They were looking for therapy clients who had been diagnosed with this disorder. The response was gratifying; they got 3,000 responses about three days after the ad came out. All from the same person. Quote Right
Quote Left This ad was in no way condoned by the administration of the district and is the poor judgment of a single employee, ... We apologize. Quote Right
Quote Left Terrorism in the 1970s and 1980s was carried out by relatively discreet, identifiable groups, ... Terrorism in the 1990s is carried out by ad hoc conspiracies. Quote Right
Famous Writer needs woman to organize his life and spend his money. Loves to turn off Sunday football and go to the Botanical Gardens with that special someone. Will obtain plastic surgery if necessary.
Quote Right
Quote Left If life is just a stage, then we are all running around ad-libbing, with absolutely no clue what the plot is. Maybe that's why we don't know whether it's a comedy or a tragedy. Quote Right
Quote Left Consistently separating words by spaces became a general custom about the tenth century A.D., and lasted until about 1957, when FORTRAN abandoned the practice. Quote Right
Quote Left That's the kind of ad I like, facts, facts, facts. Quote Right
Quote Left Retraction: The 'Greek Special' is a huge 18 inch pizza and not a huge 18 inch penis, as described in an add. Blondie's Pizza would like to apologise for any confusion Friday's ad may have caused. Quote Right
Quote Left I don't know why somebody would spend their money to do that, ... The banking superintendent would be annoyed if it was me and it is not me. I did not place that ad. Quote Right
Quote Left Retraction: The 'Greek Special' is a huge 18 inch pizza and not a huge 18 inch penis, as described in an add. Blondie's Pizza would like to apologize for any confusion Friday's ad may have caused. Quote Right
Quote Left Results of the animal studies raise questions about the validity of federal regulations that are based on ad lib-fed inbred strains of rodents. Are humans to be regarded as behaving biochemically like huge, obese, inbred cancer-prone rodents? Quote Right
Quote Left How selfish soever man may be supposed, there are evidently some principles in his nature, which interest him in the fortune of others, and render their happiness necessary to him, though he derives nothing from it, except the pleasure of seeing it Quote Right
Quote Left The ad in the paper said 'Big Sale. Last Week.' Why advertise? I already missed it. They're just rubbing it in. Quote Right

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Quote Left Hoje e sempre Sabado ou domingo o primeiro passo para conquistar deve ser decidir o que deseja. Quote Right
Quote Left Don't feel unimportant, don't feel insignificant. Jesus is the glory and the lifter of your head. Quote Right
Quote Left don't just be a friend but be someone that stand as a reason for a person to stay alive even if they have million of reason to be dead. Quote Right
Quote Left My mind is a blank abyss - entwined in a paradox - an illusion waiting to define reality - a reality wanting to get lost in illusion Quote Right
Quote Left If it happens in your head, you can live it before you're dead. Live life brave before you are in the grave Quote Right
Quote Left Read the quotes of other who shone but follow your own to shine in this world. Quote Right
Quote Left 'Freedom of the press' is a firewall, behind which we stay safe from fascist viruses... It be the anchor what keeps Democracy from goin' adrift. Quote Right
Quote Left A friend sent me a picture of a blue frog that she thinks pretty. I asked her if the frog is poisonous because pretty things tend to be deadly. Quote Right
Quote Left I will never be beat while I have a heartbeat, I will always compete until I'm complete and if I see defeat, repeatedly repeat because I'm offbeat I won't sit in my seat because I'm no deadbeat. I will always rise back up to my feet and never retreat. I'll become elite. I will be victorious and it'll taste sweet. Quote Right
Quote Left Nessa vida tudo custa dinheiro, quando um corasao e o emprestador. Quote Right
Quote Left When it comes to depression or addiction there is no shame in asking for assistance, it is better to have than go out of existence. Quote Right
Quote Left Normal is a myth perpetuated by advertising media and misguided mental health professionals. Quote Right
Quote Left When Europe was desperate for Freedom Britain saved Europe by standing alone, taking a battering and plunging itself into the largest financial debt in history. When Britain wants its Freedom from Europe the E.U demands a fortune and tries to take advantage anyway possible. France and Italy were liberated and Germany was built by Britain. Where is the thanks Ay? Quote Right
Quote Left Bowing my head and feel inferior should be an act of shame on my part. I'm too proud to appease who feels superior and exposes my defects. Quote Right
Quote Left A bad attitude can be a contagious disease. Quote Right
Quote Left Todos os dias eu fico mais convencido: a pessoa que acredita em algo vive um sentimento misterioso. Encontra a coragem de acreditar no que nem sabe se existe e deixa de lado o medo da incerteza que tem certeza que existe. Quote Right
Quote Left Muitas oportunidades perdidas. Todas as partes estavam presentes desde quando se desejou criar, mas as pessoas deixaram de ver e quando viram ficava o fato: sabia como reunir e ligar tudo? Por isso eu penso que a arte de ligar pontos se torna mais essencial do que qualquer outra arte ou habilidade. Quote Right
Quote Left Pense: mesmo que nem eu, nem outra pessoa foi culpada pelo que aconteceu. Entretanto a dificuldade de aceitar continua sendo dolorosamente dolorosa. Sempre foi e vai ser um conjunto de fatores: tempo ruim e dificuldades gerais. Resumindo eu e outras pessoas nos encontramos sempre no lugar certo na hora errada, o lugar errado no momento certo, sempre apenas nos faltamos, sempre a poucos passos de descobrir tudo. Da mesma forma acontece com a vida pessoal e os relacionamentos comerciais, penso. Quote Right
Quote Left Quer seja praticante de qualquer religiosidade, esteja no polo norte ou sul, temos como fato: o tempo flui de maneira estranha aos domingos e feriados. Quote Right
Quote Left As pessoas pensam que escrever deve ser dom ou habilidade.Vou escrever aqui como eu gosto de fazer:escrevo 1 capitulo ou 2 descrevendo assuntos e criando um tipo de lista de ingredientes. Depois eu corto palavras deixando quatro ou cinco. Reconecto e fica uma mistura combinada de ideias muito interessantes. Se uma pessoa que me ler seguir esse aconselhamento sempre vai ser capaz de rejeitar ou escrever tudo novamente. AH! Quando comecei fazia assim. Agora aplico pelo computador o teste de Cloze. Quote Right
Quote Left Eu tenho certeza de que os sonhos fazem parte da vida e do ato de criar.Entretanto, com muito menos uso do que fazemos deles.Fica sempre uma linha entre o estado dos sonhos e a realidade do que fazemos.Mais do que deveria ser. Na verdade, os sonhos desenham realidade que desprezamos. Quote Right
Quote Left Durante o tempo no qual uma pessoa se sente segura decidindo aspectos do trabalho com certeza faz menos do que pode.Para ter certeza de que faz tudo o que pode, avance um pouco mais adiante. Avance no oceano da tarefa, da meta ou da vida mais do que seu pensa ser capaz de entrar. Avance um pouco para depois de sua profundidade de conforto. E quando sentir que fica longe de tocar o fundo creia: neste ponto fica no lugar certo para fazer algo excitante. Quote Right
Quote Left As pessoas se transformam naquilo que fazem bem todos os dias. O senhor Manoel, sendo professor perde seu nome para o que faz. Assim, vai ser chamado de professor quando chegar ao sucesso. E assim por diante. Se a pessoa deixa de praticar o sucesso hoje, adia o sucesso e perde aquele que tem. Porque deixa de desenvolver a rotina de sucesso. A rotina do sucesso faz a pessoa executar pequenas tarefas todo o tempo, terminar o que iniciou fazer, entregar em tempo e a hora e tratar as pessoas bem. Quote Right
Quote Left Admiro as Equipes de Trabalho na Mary Kay. Essas equipes carregam sonhos e criam uma verdade fundamental: acreditam que se torna madrinha guarda, amiga, e incentivadora de muitas pessoas.Isso faz a equipe forte a pessoa integra e a empresa crescer. Isso permite pela atitude da equipe perseguir sonhos individuais. Assim de fato se pode recitar: E pluribus unum. Dentre muitos, um. Quote Right
Quote Left O progresso humano depende dos seres humanos estarem abertos a novas propostas e novas possibilidades. E exige que nunca estereotipem ou assumam o pior sobre outras pessoas. Ajude a trazer mais da NOVA ECONOMIA E fazer 2018 melhor: deixe o emprego para depois. Empreenda enquanto procura. Depois de trinta dias reavalie e me conte. Quote Right
Quote Left 2018 Deixamos de ser o Mundo da Venda Direta, pelo menos, temos outras muitas alternativas. Hoje temos o Mundo do Emprego, o Mundo dos Cooperativados, o Mundo dos Ambulantes, o Mundo dos Desocupados e assim vamos seguir adiante. Levou muito sangue e suor para chegar onde estamos hoje: tratarmos com seriedade o trabalho de garantir que o mundo que vamos deixar para traz seja um pouco melhor do que o que habitamos hoje. Quote Right
Quote Left Fique longe da pobreza de sonho, sonhe em usar roupas legais, maquiagem perfeita, viver em apartamentos aonde goste e sentar na mesa de um restaurante chic. Melhor, lute. Melhor ainda, lute por um assento na cabeceira da mesa e ao lado daquela pessoa que admira. Lute para ter mais horas de trabalho. Lute para ter lugar para argumentar e falar sobre seus sonhos. E lute para que todas as pessoas tenham habilidades e sabedoria para realizar todo seu potencial. Quote Right
Quote Left O melhor juiz ou meio para diagnosticar sobre se um povo vai se desenvolver emana da forma como ele trata as mulheres.Se educar as meninas, se as mulheres tiverem direitos iguais, esse povo vai prosperar.Mas se as mulheres ficam oprimidas e abusadas sem possibilidade de se auto instruir tudo fica estagnado e atrasado. Quote Right
Quote Left O melhor programa para redistribuir renda e para combater pobreza deixa de ser oferta de emprego e se firma no desenvolvimento e na oferta de uma forte capacidade empreendedora voltada para ampliar a capacidade de argumentar e negociar de uma pessoa frente a grandes empresas. Quote Right
Quote Left Sempre deve ser deve ser o poder da nossa capacidade de argumentar, negociar e persuadir, que impulsiona um empreendimento. Nunca deve ser o poder financeiro. Quote Right