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A D Hope Quotations

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Member Quotes About A D Hope

Quote Left Why I write is in the same vein as why a fisherman fishes. To have a hobby, an interest and a spot on the pier with all my other peers. To be on the water's edge enjoying the ambience, aesthetics, auxiliaries of nature and humanity. And from time to time to cast a thrill, dip my feet and see my reflection. To me that is enjoyable. And in the frame of my eyes, and hopes that is what I want to take home Quote Right
Quote Left The worst feeling is when someone you cherish has fallen so far down that big dark hole that there is nothing you can do except sit at the edge of the hole and hope that the person manages crawl on out to you. Quote Right
Quote Left As I grow older and hope diminishes, I come to terms that my presence was not constructive nor overly ambitious. Quote Right
Quote Left The souls of human beings need love and hope because humiliation and loneliness are slowly crushing them. Quote Right
Quote Left Vision is the strength to the weak and hope to thde hopeless, Written vision will fuel you when you dry Quote Right
Quote Left Running from persecution and hopelessness has left the world awash with grief on European shores. Quote Right