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5/22/2010 9:15:41 PM
Talk me out of it Ive tried to kill myself twice now, Im considering it again, but im to afraid to try it once more. Since i was 7 my lifes been a living hell. I had an abusive step dad, multipletimes in counseling and anger management my moms doesnt like me and my dad isnt proud of me. I just recently had my heart broken again and ive givin up on humanity.
6/20/2010 6:09:58 PM
Empty the tank My friend asked me the other day "Why do you only write sad poems?" and to me thats a good question, I couldent answer it then it came to me, I realized I just write all my thoughts down and dont go back and edit them i just drain my emotions into all my poems. I call it " Emptying the tank."
9/1/2010 8:55:22 PM
This Thing Inside Do you hear it?
that cracking sound,
It's just my heart breaking down.

Did you see that?
that sad broken man,
Who's lost and still not found.

Can you bear it?
this world that's down,
and quickly falling to the the ground.

Can you take it?
this constant feeling,
of joy within a rope and ceiling.

Through these years of pain and sorrow there's one thing i know,
If you take your heart out and parade it on a show,
You will be destroyed inside and feel every blow,
the pain grows on and all you can do is hang in there and watch it,
until that day the pain breaks free and takes you whole self with it,
until that day you'll be in shame and ask your self these questions.

Can you feel it?
that small thing,
that grows into a lonely ending.

Can you taste it?
that sour feeling,
that expands into a world of hate.

Do you hate it?
this constant ringing.
this voice inside wont keep quiet.

Will you stop it?
the final question,
by then it will be to late.
2/11/2011 9:30:22 PM
My Story cant help but look back,
To memories long lost and buried
In my brain like Tack's.

I turn the page again to see
Who i used to be,
A loving, Little, Wild me
When I was still free.

I read my way through painful trail's
Thats when I start to feel,
That my life turned into prison
I held this inner hell.

The next chapter begins the same as the last
Life has now become a chore,
That's no way to look back
It feels like someone closed my door.

A few more pages down the drain
Surounded by the darkness,
Life is one unlawful game
I feel the world now equals pain.

Now im here, as far as written
Empty, Hurt, and Forbidden,
I am sick with peace starvation
Thinking death is Salvation.
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