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1/23/2011 1:58:10 AM
Playing God This place is so cold;
Frost-bitten by your heart.
The lies and games are getting so old;
I'm done letting you rip me apart.

The way that you play God
Makes me uncontrollably nauseous.
I know now that your actions were fraud;
Guess I should have been more cautious.

Just because you think you know what is best
And you are used to having things your way,
Does not mean that you are a welcome guest;
You are the reason he chose not to stay.

It is not your place to try and decide
Which road would be better in the long run.
Your guidance has been pushed aside;
Stop trying to live your life through your son.
edited by dead_innocence on 1/23/2011
1/23/2011 2:00:31 AM
Your's, Master People look at me like I am insane.
Do they not understand the pain?
I love it when you abuse me;
Use me and watch me come back obediently.
I will never allow myself to be free;
Kneeling in front of your, my Master, is the only place I wish to be.
1/23/2011 2:06:21 AM
Sensual, erotic poems are "sexually explicit?" I agree ... Alot of my best poetry is sensual and somewhat erotic ... But, I am not allowed to share it with the world, because of that?
1/23/2011 2:09:34 AM
Comments ... I know that this must sound corny, but I would really love some random feedback on some of my poetry ... I have people veiwing them, but have yet to receive any comments on them ... So, if any of you would mind taking the time to enjoy one of my poems, I would greatly appreciate it ... And I will return the favor, of course.
1/23/2011 2:11:26 AM
Finding Kayla Buchannan This is seriously one of the sweetest threads I have ever read ... Unfortunatly I cannot help you out, but I do want to wish you the best of luck in finding your love.
1/23/2011 2:16:38 AM
His Mother! ... Grrrr! Okay, so I am seeing this amazing guy. We have been together for a little over 3 years ... I have always had a weird relationship with his mother, because she does not want us together ... Well, lately she has been talking to him about his ex alot, in front of me ... I want to let her know that it bothers me, but don't know how to bring up the subject ... I know that he still has feelings for this ex, even though there is no way they could be back together ... But, in my opinion, that is something that me and him should talk about (and we do) ... I just want his mother to stop trying to get him to leave me and go back to his ex ... and I want to be able to tell her to mind her own business, without causing any un-needed drama between him and I ... What do I do??? Suicide
1/23/2011 2:21:04 AM
Farting while you sleep. :P Nice. Lol ... But I'm with Tamra Amato on this ... My Boyfriend told me that I did a time or two and I didn't believe him ... But the second time around, he recorded it ... I had never been more embarassed in my entire life!!
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