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Contest Judged:  4/18/2020 11:33:00 AM
Sponsored by: Kai Michael Neumann | Send Soup Mail
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Contest Description

As it so happens at the time, one poetry sponsor, whom I respect as a poet and colleauge, churns out so many contests, that one may feel a monopoly arising.

The poet in question is surely very energetic and gives many others the chance to enter the contests without restriction on the topic or poetry form. This is surely to be applauded?

Or you might feel that there could be an issue with diversity. Is the soup becoming a broth without sufficient ingredients?

I personally lean to the second notion, but I can promise you that this will not cloud my judging of this contest.

Actually I want to find out what others think.

I have spoken to the sponsor who is so industrious and we agree to disagree. 

Have your say. As to the type of poem you enter, anything goes but I would like you to stick to the theme. However you may of course be metaphorical and funny and play within a wider contest. The only thing I ask is that you are respectful and vociferous.

Enjoy the contest and have your say.

Kind wishes,

Kai Michael Neumann 

Book: Reflection on the Important Things