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Choose A Topic Poetry Contest

Poetry Contest Deadline: Monday, January 1, 2018
141 poems of the maximum 150 allowed have been entered.
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1/1/2018 12:00:00 AM

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Contest Description


A) Write a Poem on the subject of: LOVE AND ROMANCE!!

You can use any form you want, and there are no restrictions as to length, it can be one line, or it can be one hundred lines, whatever you want, but as long as it is on the subject of love and romance.

B) Write a poem on the subject of: DEPRESSION AND SADNESS!!

Here you can use any form you want, and there are no restrictions as to length, short or long it is all acceptable, but must be on the subject of depression and sadness.

C) Write a poem on the subject of: HOPE!!

Again, you can use whatever form you want, and there are no restrictions as to the length of the poem, but it must be on the subject of hope.

D) Write a poem on the subject of: HEARTBREAK AND LOSS!!

This topic you can write with any form you want to, and there are still no restrictions as to length of the poem as long, but it must be on the subject of heartbreak and loss.

Write the date at which you wrote the poem (old poems are acceptable)

Write the name of the contest, and which topic you used (ex. Pick Your Topic: Love and Romance)

Use your imagination, let your muse take over, and write a unique poem...

I'm looking for originality, emotion, and a wow factor! 

If you choose a form that has a strict syllable count I won't be harsh if you are off by a little (example, 1 syllable, 1 time) but if you abuse this I will score your poem less.

If you choose a form that is supposed to rhyme I don't use a rhyme checker, I enjoy slant rhyming, if it's close I'll accept it.

I'm being loose with this contest as I'm interested in the content not the form necessarilly. The best form for this contest would be Free Verse, but I'm not giving that any extra points if you choose it over another form. All forms have an equal chance to win! 


Excellent (100%)

Above Average (80%)



Not Evident (0%)



Had incredibly awesome originality, creative in many aspects

Had decent originality, was creative in some ways

Was not very original, lacked a lot of creativity

There was no originality present



Carried a lot of emotions within this poem

Brought some emotions to the forefront

Lacked a lot of emotion within the poem

Didn’t have any emotion



Followed the rules of the form completely with very few errors

Written the form pretty good with more errors than acceptable

Didn’t adhere to the form very well, had many errors

There was no adherence to the form at all


Wow Factor

Created a blast of awe within the poem, was fascinating or stood out amongst the best written

Had a decent captivating stance, allowed reader to be wowed a little

Had very little wonderment within the piece, was not striking much

Did not have an awe factor at all, did not excite me



This is the rubric at which I will be scoring the poems. Total points is 100. The highest scoring poems will get the highest rankings. You see now how I will score your poems, so there is no surprise as to what I will be "grading" on.

90-100 points will revieve 1st place rankings

80-89 points will recieve 2nd place rankings

70-79 points will recieve 3rd place rankings

50-69 points will recieve 4th place rankings

30-49 points will recireve 5th place rankings

Below 30 will recieve honorable mentions

If you do not write a poem on one of the topics that I listed you will recieve a score of 0 and will not be placed at all.

Russell Sivey