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Date PostedPoemTitleFormCategories
5/30/2014 something higher Light Poetryreligion
5/23/2014 In That Moment Light Poetrypassion
5/16/2014 Before Tomorrow Light Poetryfriendship
5/6/2014 Forever Light Poetryabsence
4/28/2014 Sealed Light Poetryanalogy
4/17/2014 Falling Skyward Light Poetryinspirational
4/15/2014 Parental Faith Light Poetrydeath
3/13/2014 Forgotten Light Poetryhope
2/26/2014 Only the Strong Light Poetrysensual
2/10/2014 Henrietta Light Poetryfuneral
1/10/2014 Something to Believe Light Poetryreligion
1/8/2014 Words Repeated Light Poetrytrust
12/29/2013 Dreamscape Light Poetrydream
12/17/2013 Satan's Assassin Light Poetryevil
12/3/2013 How we stand Light Poetryabsence
11/14/2013 Pillar Light Poetrystrength
11/7/2013 Grains of sand Light Poetryintrospection
10/31/2013 Look Deep Light Poetryintrospection
10/23/2013 Lay in Silence Light Poetrydeath
10/22/2013 Blasian Light Poetrydaughter
10/16/2013 Roads Light Poetrylife
9/20/2013 Fathers Love Light Poetryfather
8/21/2013 Part of you Light Poetryfriendship
8/14/2013 White Diamond Light Poetrylove
8/10/2013 Surrounded Light Poetryintrospection
7/15/2013 One Day Trayvon Martin Light Poetrydeath
7/11/2013 Silent Strength Light Poetryintrospection
6/16/2013 Fathers Day Light Poetryfathers day
5/28/2013 SunRise Light Poetryinspirational
5/9/2013 History Light Poetryhistory
4/29/2013 Forseen Light Poetrychildren
4/25/2013 Libra Light Poetryvisionary
4/18/2013 Stride Light Poetrypassion
4/16/2013 Pathways Light Poetrylife
2/12/2013 summon Light Poetryinspirational
2/4/2013 Chaise Light Poetrypassionautumn,
2/1/2013 Thirst Light Poetrypassion
1/29/2013 I wanna be Light Poetrydevotionimage,
1/23/2013 Eagles Call Light Poetrylife
1/17/2013 Knotch Light Poetrygirl
1/14/2013 Prophecy Light Poetrypassion
1/8/2013 Gemini Light Poetrypassion
1/7/2013 Sands of Time Light Poetrydeath
12/28/2012 Father Light Poetryfatherme,
12/28/2012 Receive Light Poetrygodlight,light,
12/27/2012 Lip Sync Light Poetrypassionsound,sound,
12/26/2012 God Like Light Poetrygod
12/24/2012 Element of Life Light Poetrylifefire,earth,fire,
12/20/2012 One Slow Dance Light Poetrydancedance,night,dance,ni
12/20/2012 Missing Mom Light Poetrymotherme,
12/19/2012 Dying Young Light Poetrydeath
12/18/2012 Pussy Cat Light Poetryanimal
12/13/2012 Black Widow Light Poetryfantasy
12/10/2012 Cause and Effect Light Poetrylove,i love you,
12/5/2012 Chains Light Poetrylove
11/30/2012 Whispers in the Wind Light Poetrylove
11/28/2012 Dont ever Light Poetryfaith
11/27/2012 Reason Light Poetrypassion
11/21/2012 Recline Light Poetrygirlfriend-boyfriend,happ
11/20/2012 Love of time Light Poetrylovespace,
11/15/2012 Maybe Now Light Poetrydeath
11/15/2012 Animal Within Light Poetrypassionanimal,animal,me,
11/14/2012 Touch of Fire Light Poetrypassion
11/13/2012 What Lies Beneath Light Poetrypassion
11/12/2012 At the same time Light Poetrylove
11/9/2012 Art of Intuition Light Poetryimagination
11/8/2012 Phoenix Light Poetryintrospection
11/5/2012 Violin Light Poetryartme,me,
11/2/2012 Dont hide Light Poetrypassion
11/2/2012 One thing Light Poetrygrowing up
10/30/2012 Soaking Rain Light Poetryintrospectionheart,heart,
10/19/2012 Intellectual Foreplay Light Poetrylove
10/18/2012 In Every Light Poetryfaith
10/18/2012 Only Two Light Poetrygirlfriend-boyfriend,
10/15/2012 River Within Light Poetryintrospection
10/6/2012 Catching tears Light Poetryfaith,happiness,
10/4/2012 White Sand Light Poetrygirlfriend-boyfriend,imag
10/4/2012 Break Away Light Poetrylife
10/2/2012 If You Light Poetrylove
10/1/2012 Why we are Light Poetrylife
9/18/2012 Mind in Motion Light Poetryintrospection
9/17/2012 Within Reach Light Poetrylove
9/16/2012 Pillow Light Poetrydaughterme,
9/15/2012 Bandwidth Light Poetrycomputer-internet,epic,
9/14/2012 Why I write Light Poetryintrospectionmay,
9/12/2012 Bandwidth Light Poetryintrospection
9/11/2012 Droplets Light Poetrypassion
9/9/2012 Between Mirrors Light Poetryintrospection
9/6/2012 Missing Light Poetryhappiness
9/4/2012 Butterfly Effect Light Poetryimaginationworld,
8/31/2012 Maker Light Poetryreligionme,me,
8/30/2012 There are Many Light Poetrylife
8/28/2012 Sometimes Light Poetryintrospectionme,me,
8/21/2012 Talk thru Poetry Light Poetrypassionlove,i love you,
8/17/2012 Footsteps Light Poetrylove
8/15/2012 Burning Hickory Light Poetryintrospection
8/10/2012 Words by themselves Light Poetryon writing and words
8/9/2012 SuperNova Light Poetryadventurelife,star,life,s
8/7/2012 Quest Light Poetryreligion
8/3/2012 Reign Fall Light Poetrylove

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