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Date PostedPoemTitleFormCategories
4/28/2008 RELATIONSHIPS ABCadventure,devotion,faith,
4/12/2008 WE'LL ALL REUNITE IN TIME ABCadventure,death,devotion,
4/12/2008 BROKEN HEARTED AND BUSTED ABCadventure,confusion,faith
3/9/2008 THE HORNETS of HELL ABCadventure,death,faith,his
3/1/2008 Hillary ABCcaregiving,confusion,depr
3/1/2008 McCain ABCdevotion,faith,history,ho
3/1/2008 OBAMA ABCimagination,love,peace,pe
2/1/2008 MOMS ABCdevotion,education,family
1/21/2008 MARTIN LUTHER KING JR. ABCadventure,black african a
1/17/2008 WAR IS THE GREATEST PLAGUE OF MAN ABCadventure,death,faith,los
1/7/2008 POETS ARE THE BELL RINGERS OF THE SOUL ABCadventure,death,history,i
12/28/2007 NEVER BE AFRAID TO BE PROUD of AMERICA ABCadventure,death,history,h
12/19/2007 THE LAST GOODBYE ABCdeath,faith,life,love,pas
11/26/2007 HEAVEN'S HEROES ABCadventure,inspirational,l
11/26/2007 AMERICAN POLICEMEN ABCadventure,death,life,peop
10/23/2007 WHO WERE THE PILGRIMS ? ABCadventure,epic,hope,imagi
10/19/2007 AlexanderThe Great ABCadventure,death,history,p
10/14/2007 THE RIVER OF NO RETURN ABCadventure,devotion,faith,
10/14/2007 THE MAGIC OF SLEEP ABCfamily,health,imagination
10/8/2007 ENCHANTED ABCadventure,family,life,lov
10/4/2007 THE RAINBOWS OF AUTUMN ABCadventure,art,inspiration
10/1/2007 AS THE MADNESS OF WAR TELLS ITS STORY ABCadventure,confusion,death
9/20/2007 THE DISTORTION OF MAN ABCdeath,faith,inspirational
9/2/2007 JEREMIAH GRAZIANO THE BOXER ABCadventure,hope,passion,vi
8/22/2007 PASSION AND LOVE & LOVE CONSUMES ALL Rhymeadventure,devotion,faith,
6/26/2007 Satan's Horde I do not know?adventure,faith,history,l
6/26/2007 Becoming American I do not know?adventure,history,imagina
5/31/2007 I WHO HAVE NO ONE I do not know?devotion,faith,hope,life,
5/4/2007 MY FAVORITE POET ABCadventure,animals,faith,h
2/27/2007 FLY-BOYS ABCadventure,death,history,i
2/21/2007 JAMESTOWN 1607=They ate their horses, dogs, cats and rats ABCadventure,death,faith,his
2/21/2007 JONAH ABCadventure,death,epic,fait
2/16/2007 CONTENTMENT ABCdevotion,faith,family,hap
2/16/2007 MARRIAGE SEX AND ROMANCE ABCadventure,family,friendsh
2/6/2007 WHISPERS Rhymefaith,family,inspirationa
1/19/2007 RIVER FISHING ABCadventure,childhood,devot
1/14/2007 SO DEAR TO MY HEART ABChope,husband,life,love,pa
1/14/2007 THE FORTRESS OF LOVE ABCfaith,family,husband,life
1/9/2007 DAVID AND GOLIATH ABCadventure,epic,history,
1/9/2007 HE WHO FANS THE COALS OF HATE ABCinspirational,life,philos
1/9/2007 Besides Love Men Need Fishing, ABCadventure,happiness,natur
1/9/2007 CHRISTMAS LIGHTS ABCfaith,family,love,
1/9/2007 MYSTICAL JOURNEY ABCfaith,family,love,family,
1/9/2007 THE LONELINESS OF WAR ABCfamily,love,passion,home,
1/9/2007 THE HINGE OF HISTORY ABCadventure,death,faith,his
1/9/2007 SOMETIMES ABCconfusion,history,inspira
1/9/2007 GENERAL WASHINGTON ABChistory,passion,visionary
1/9/2007 WHERE WARS ARE WON OR LOST ABCdeath,history,passion,
1/1/2007 EDGAR ALLAN POE ABCart,lost love,sad,cousin,
11/21/2006 KENNEDY= THE WAR YEARS PT-109 ABChistory,
11/4/2006 THE FIRST THANKSGIVING ABCfaith,history,life,time,t
10/28/2006 MASTERS OF VERSE ABCart,faith,philosophy,word
10/28/2006 SHAKESPEARE ABCart,passion,philosophy,
4/20/2006 ALL POETS SERVE A MASTER ABCinspirational,poets,drug,
3/18/2006 "FORMIDABLE FOE" BY Tom Zart Rhymeinspirational,god,god,
3/10/2006 KATRINA Rhymenatural disasters,may,
3/10/2006 FAITH Rhymefaith,faith,sun,
3/10/2006 ONE MORE TIME Rhymecowboy-western,me,me,
3/10/2006 EARTHMAN Rhymeinspirational,earth,life,
3/10/2006 CHRISTMAS IN BAGHDAD Rhymelove,
3/10/2006 WHY ? Rhymeinspirational,
3/10/2006 SEX Rhymelove,
3/10/2006 PARTING Rhymelove,home,home,
3/10/2006 NOAH'S ARK Rhymefaith,
3/10/2006 LEAF ON THE WATER Rhymenative american,
3/10/2006 OUR FLAG Rhymeinspirational,
3/10/2006 CHRISTMAS Rhymefamily,christmas,christma
3/10/2006 BESIDES LOVE MEN NEED FISHING Rhymefunny,men,
3/10/2006 SEPTEMBER 11th Rhymehistory,
3/10/2006 A MAN'S BEST FRIEND Rhymepets,
3/10/2006 BODY HEAT 105 Rhymefunny,me,me,
3/10/2006 THE POT FARMER Rhymefunny,me,night,prayer,hal
3/10/2006 ROSES Rhymeinspirational,
3/10/2006 BOXERS, PAST & PRESENT Rhymeinspirational,
3/10/2006 MY CHANGING YEARS Rhymelife,me,may,me,
3/10/2006 LIBERTY Rhymelife,
3/10/2006 MIDWAY Rhymehistory,
3/10/2006 BULLETS AND BARBWIRE Rhymehistory,
3/10/2006 KOREA 1950 Rhymehistory,
3/10/2006 WINTER Rhymeseasons,
3/10/2006 THE MURDEROUS HAND OF MAN Rhymehistory,war,war,
3/10/2006 PEARL HARBOR DAY Rhymehistory,war,war,world war
3/10/2006 D-DAY Rhymehistory,
3/10/2006 THE COAL MINER Rhymelove,dad,dad,me,
3/10/2006 SMILE Rhymelife,
3/10/2006 YOUTH Rhymelife,
3/10/2006 NIGHT Rhymeinspirational,night,night
3/10/2006 TEARS Rhymesad,time,
3/10/2006 SHOULD TOMORROW START WITHOUT ME Rhymelove,god,god,love,
3/10/2006 SPRING Rhymeseasons,
3/10/2006 TO HAVE AND TO HOLD Rhymelove,me,
3/10/2006 TIME Rhymetime,time,
3/10/2006 THE AMERICAN CIVIL WAR Rhymehistory,
3/10/2006 FLIGHT Rhymeinspirational,world,
3/10/2006 THE HANGING TREE Rhymecowboy-western,horse,
3/10/2006 PASSION Rhymepassion,
3/10/2006 CHARACTER Rhymelife,character,may,
3/10/2006 ANGER Rhymelife,anger,
3/10/2006 DADS AT WAR Rhymeinspirational,father,fath

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