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Date PostedPoemTitleFormCategories
2/20/2017 Missing Youth Lyricanger,anxiety,depression,
2/20/2017 Sleeping Angel Lyriclove,
2/20/2017 Sea of Pearls Lyricaddiction,depression,
2/20/2017 Perfect Flaw Lyricdepression,
2/20/2017 Escape Lyricbeauty,depression,
2/20/2017 Dear Amber Lyricaddiction,love,
2/20/2017 Pints of Guinness Lyricdepression,
2/20/2017 Fallen Angel Lyricanxiety,
10/17/2016 Autumn Lyriclove,
10/17/2016 Sunrise Lyricaddiction,adventure,anxie
9/24/2016 Two Lyriclove,
9/24/2016 Reset Lyricadventure,allusion,
9/24/2016 Fiction Lyriclost,love,lyric,
9/11/2016 Devil in the Details Lyricdepression,
9/11/2016 Getting By Lyricdream,
9/11/2016 Footprints Lyricadventure,
9/11/2016 I'll Come Around Lyricgender,
9/11/2016 Wall Street Lyricconflict,confusion,corrup
9/11/2016 Structure Lyricadventure,depression,desi
9/11/2016 Summer Thunder Lyricanxiety,depression,gender
9/11/2016 Back of The Classes Lyricabsence,addiction,basebal
9/11/2016 Second Light Lyricchild,feelings,grief,i mi
7/25/2016 Bad Medicine Lyriccourage,depression,gender
7/19/2016 The Outsiders Lyriclove,
7/10/2016 Give Me Wings Lyriclove,
6/18/2016 Random Patterns Lyricdepression,
6/18/2016 Second Hand Lyricdepression,
5/29/2016 Pacific Lights Lyricangst,love,
5/29/2016 Hurricane Lyricaddiction,depression,love
5/29/2016 Melting Pot Lyrici love you,love,
5/11/2016 Fear Lyricdepression,fear,
5/11/2016 Morning Light Lyricfeelings,gender,how i fee
5/11/2016 A Call to Arms Lyricconflict,depression,lyric
5/11/2016 Shoot for the Sun Lyricdepression,love,
4/13/2016 For a Friend Lyriccrazy,depression,desire,l
3/27/2016 Mute Lyricabsence,depression,
3/27/2016 White Picket Fence Lyricanger,betrayal,confusion,
3/3/2016 Broken Lyricaddiction,depression,
2/21/2016 Ever Nothing Afternoon Lyricgirl,
2/21/2016 Survival Lyricangst,girl,girlfriend,hur
2/19/2016 Unwritten Price Lyriclove,
2/17/2016 Even Spread Lyricabsence,i love you,i miss
2/17/2016 Cold Winter Night Lyricabsence,angst,love,
2/5/2016 Dissolve Lyriclove,
1/31/2016 Crime Lyriclove,
1/26/2016 Beneath the Storm Lyricaddiction,depression,hope
1/14/2016 Girl on my Mind Lyriclove,
1/5/2016 Teenage Dream Lyricabsence,depression,desire
1/2/2016 With Hope and Fear Lyricabsence,lost,drug,
12/16/2015 Broken Wings Lyricdepression,love,
12/11/2015 Trail of Tears Lyricblue,cowboy,depression,
12/4/2015 Body of Lies Lyricconflict,confusion,gender
11/23/2015 Into The Crowd Lyricangst,confusion,depressio
11/19/2015 The Slow Death Lyricdeath,depression,
11/13/2015 To be Honest Lyricangel,anger,angst,anxiety
11/8/2015 I'm a SHE Lyricfeelings,gender,girl,
10/4/2015 Ocean Blue Rhymedepression,
9/28/2015 Aftermath Lyricangst,depression,feelings
8/27/2015 Journeys End Rhymedepression,
8/12/2015 Wait and See Lyricangel,angst,city,dance,de
8/10/2015 Ways of War Lyricangel,longing,love,missin
7/28/2015 Getting By Lyricabsence,adventure,crazy,f
7/13/2015 Fishing Lyricaddiction,adventure,crazy
6/25/2015 Prescription Tweakers Lyricabuse,addiction,america,b
6/18/2015 Flash Lyricabsence,longing,loss,lost
6/17/2015 Thousand Mile Stare Lyricbaptism,beautiful,butterf
5/25/2015 The Ones That Stray Lyricaddiction,hero,hope,
5/12/2015 Smile Lyricbutterfly,celebration,che
5/12/2015 My Beautiful Name Lyrichope,
5/11/2015 Sacrifice Lyricabsence,addiction,anxiety
5/8/2015 Destinys Bride Lyricanger,angst,anxiety,depre
5/4/2015 An Endless Fall Lyricadventure,age,confusion,h
4/25/2015 Echoes of Lust Lyricangst,appreciation,crazy,
4/23/2015 Window to Insanity Rhymeaddiction,how i feel,intr
4/17/2015 Coming Clean Rhymeabsence,addiction,anxiety
4/11/2015 Blossom Rhymeconfusion,depression,
4/4/2015 Cliche Rhymeemotions,future,hope,
3/7/2015 Fairy Tails Rhymecool,crazy,lost,
3/5/2015 Wake Rhymedepression,
2/25/2015 The Infinite We Rhymechange,courage,for her,ge
2/25/2015 The UnPoem Bioart,inspirational,spoken
2/23/2015 Pure Disease Rhymeabuse,
2/20/2015 Panic Dream Rhymebaptism,
2/11/2015 Burn Rhymeabsence,
2/8/2015 And We Dance Rhymechange,how i feel,
2/8/2015 Three Lyricdepression,
1/28/2015 My Republic Rhymeart,
1/28/2015 Bones Lyricart,
1/28/2015 Forget Everything Rhymeart,
1/23/2015 Second Skin Rhymeconfusion,morning,nature,
1/17/2015 Bulletproof Sinners Rhymeanxiety,emotions,
1/16/2015 Scatter Rhymeloneliness,
1/15/2015 Where We End Rhymelove,
1/14/2015 Retrospective Rhymeloneliness,nostalgia,
1/10/2015 Affliction Rhymeabuse,addiction,death,dep
1/6/2015 The Crystal Myth Rhymeaddiction,for him,love,my
12/31/2014 The Bittersweet Kind Rhymehow i feel,identity,
12/20/2014 To Hell and Back Rhymeabsence,addiction,anxiety
12/19/2014 Claustraphobia Rhymebeautiful,
12/18/2014 Outside the Fold Rhymeanger,gender,

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