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Date PostedPoemTitleFormCategories
2/19/2017 Heartbreak ABCheartbreak,heartbroken,
2/19/2017 Cursed ABCheartbreak,heartbroken,
5/28/2015 Boredom ABClife,poetry,
5/22/2015 Garden of Life ABClife,
5/22/2015 Signals ABCrelationship,
5/22/2015 Lookin' Back Lyricmusic,
10/9/2014 Broken and Shattered ABCpoetry,
9/2/2014 Searching ABCjourney,
9/2/2014 Adventure on Eggshells Lyricscary,
9/2/2014 5 Years ABCi miss you,poetess,poetry
9/1/2014 Illusions to conclusions ABCpoetry,
9/1/2014 Dreams ABCdream,poetry,
9/1/2014 Not gonna keep you ABCpoetry,
9/1/2014 Darkness and light Lyriclyric,poems,poetry,
5/20/2014 Brush It Off Lyriclyric,poetry,
5/20/2014 New World ABCpoetry,
5/20/2014 Decisions ABCpoetry,
5/20/2014 Bright Side ABCpoetry,
5/20/2014 Judgement ABCjudgement,poetry,
5/20/2014 Remember ABCpoetry,
5/17/2014 Untitled ABCpoetry,
5/17/2014 I just want the Truth ABCpoetry,
5/17/2014 Tell Me What You Want ABCpoetry,
5/17/2014 Can you tell Me Lyriclost,lyric,
5/17/2014 Another Day Lyricconflict,confusion,
5/17/2014 Mistakes ABCabsence,
5/17/2014 Storm ABClife,
5/17/2014 Journey ABCi love you,inspirational,
5/17/2014 Forget ABCabsence,death,memory,miss
5/17/2014 To My Mother RIP ABCdeath,memory,miss you,mot
11/14/2013 Passing Through ABChappiness,happy,heartbrok
11/14/2013 Depression ABCdepression,peace,poems,po
11/14/2013 Dont Give Up Lyriclife,lyric,music,poetry,
11/14/2013 Love ABCcourage,i love you,love,p
10/24/2013 Follow Your Dreams ABCdream,lonely,
10/24/2013 Blink of an Eye ABCchild,children,love,poetr
10/24/2013 Why Can't I Lyricfear,i love you,love,musi
10/24/2013 Scared of Falling Part 2 of 2 Lyricfear,love,music,poetry,
10/24/2013 Scared of Falling Part 1 of 2 Lyricfear,love,music,poetry,
10/24/2013 Let Go ABCcourage,cry,pain,poetry,
10/3/2013 Careful what you wish for spell ABChalloween,
9/26/2013 Fear ABCfear,first love,love,poet
9/26/2013 True You ABCcare,poetry,
9/16/2013 Time ABCdeath,depression,fear,fut
9/16/2013 Sick ABCanger,emotions,feelings,h
9/16/2013 Coward ABCcare,dark,death,death of
9/16/2013 Away Lyricabuse,betrayal,depression
9/16/2013 People ABCbest friend,depression,em
9/16/2013 Path ABCadventure,courage,desire,
9/16/2013 I Dont Know What to Say Lyricemotions,happy,heart,love
9/16/2013 I Want You to Know Lyriccare,happiness,heart,how
9/15/2013 You Had Your Chance Lyricemotions,feelings,first l
9/15/2013 Every Day and Every Night Lyricdepression,family,heart,l
9/15/2013 Every Day and Every Night Lyricdepression,family,heart,l
9/15/2013 Every Day and Every Night Lyricdepression,family,heart,l
9/15/2013 Take Charge Lyriccourage,devotion,emotions
9/15/2013 Mask Lyricanger,childhood,conflict,
9/15/2013 Never Be the Same Lyricloneliness,lonely,longing
9/15/2013 Forever Lyricfamily,grief,heart,heartb
9/15/2013 How is it that I Feel this Way Lyricheartbroken,lyric,poetry,
9/15/2013 New Life Lyriccelebration,dream,happine
5/18/2013 Dont Be Scared ABCfreedom,growing up,life,
5/18/2013 Life ABClife,
5/18/2013 Let Me Shine ABCanger,business,work,
5/11/2013 Hero ABChero,
5/11/2013 Have a Nice Day ABCanger,best friend,betraya
5/11/2013 Time is Short ABCdeath,life,
5/11/2013 Nows the Time ABCpoems,poetry,sad,
5/9/2013 Understand Me ABCanger,
5/9/2013 Trust ABCboyfriend,heartbroken,
4/6/2013 It Aint Alright Lyricfamilyme,
4/6/2013 Livin Life Breathin Air Lyricdeathlife,
4/5/2013 Movin In, Movin Out Lyricconfusionpain,me,
3/30/2013 Pain Dramatic monologuedark,grief,lonely,loss,pa

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