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Thoughts on poetry

Blog Posted:10/16/2012 4:15:00 PM
I find that many who read poetry only want to hear of happiness.
Flowers and rainbows and God's poems/love'>love of everything. But this is not my life..
a childhood of abuse, the ostrich of a mother who saw nothing..years of bullying and finger-pointing. I don't need pity, it just was what it was.
These things are ugly and do not make a pretty poem.
When I read of poseys and perpetual love I wonder to it real..
Does something else lie behind the mask ?
Is it only me who bleeds ?
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Date: 10/18/2012 3:04:00 PM
I personally, am looking for poetry, with perception... but, rainbows and butterflies and unicorns will do... pd
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Date: 10/17/2012 9:00:00 AM
Your honesty is commendable and your straight-forward communication skills are certainly valuable assets in helping others deal with similar issues. I collect teapots, also (many of which I cherish though they are ugly, misshapen, and damaged by mistreatment: like many of us here on poetrysoup.)
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Date: 10/17/2012 7:46:00 AM
I think Cyndi said it pretty well - people write what they feel or to escape what they feel. I prefer the ugly poems.
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Date: 10/17/2012 7:06:00 AM
No you are not the only one who bleeds..Joyce Meyer, Beth Moore, Catherine Cain have each made a public statement about abuse..Abuse is real..Anything that destroys a child's is abuse. Thanks for stopping by my blog about Jack Horne..I added a note if you care to read.I sent him a list of those that commented so far..Sara
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Date: 10/17/2012 5:42:00 AM
Patricia check out Holly Moore's work...David
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Date: 10/17/2012 4:18:00 AM
in my opinion a poet cannot be a poet until he/she has gone thru bad times...poetry springs from heart and only a tender heart can bring about beauty in words....even those' rosy poems' come only when u know the difference between happiness and dear,we r all here living one pain or other and pouring our hearts on the paper...only the way we react can remember ,u r not at all alone..:)
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DS Avatar
Galeo DS
Date: 10/18/2012 9:20:00 AM
yes, i agree:)
Grisetti Avatar
Joann Grisetti
Date: 10/17/2012 6:51:00 AM
so true.
Date: 10/17/2012 3:10:00 AM
I want to thank each and every one of you for your honesty. I hope I did not come off as being rude, I usually try to keep the demons in check but sometimes they seem to leak out of my pen..just really wondered if they were for sharing or squirreling away. You have given me food for thought.
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Date: 10/17/2012 12:29:00 AM
Hi Patricia, many poets have different instigators when it comes to writing. Some face such badness in their world that they escape by writing flowery poems, while others decide to tell it as it is. I discovered that anger feeds my poetry and though sometimes I am uncomfortable with it, I have learnt to channel it into decent poetry. So whatever works for you, work it!
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Date: 10/16/2012 11:44:00 PM
I enjoy seeing all types of poetry. there is a time and a place for everything. I have some sad things in my life but normally I am unable to write about them in a way that I find poetic, so I just keep tearing up pages and tossing them out and just go back to romantic poetry or seasonal or whatever the challenges are. I would like to be able to be poetic about my woes, normally it just does not happen for me!
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Date: 10/16/2012 10:32:00 PM
Good morning, Patricia. Life is not all posies and there are a number of poets who write from the heart. One such poet is Nicole King, who recently wrote a poem regarding the subject of abuse. Not all poetry are devoted to "tripping through the daisies". Mine certainly are not "pretty poems" - One such hard hitting poem is The Marakane Massacre. Love, Su... And: Amen to what Cyndi had said here. I could not have said it better. If you wish to read an honest poem about abuse, I would like you to read the blog and comments, INNOCENCE, on my website:
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Date: 10/16/2012 9:26:00 PM
I can write sad, done me bad, ect... But why dwell on it... It may have made my life, but I won't let it define it. A lot of people need to have a smile and most don't really want to constantly hear others troubles. But even dark poems can bring us together in understanding that we are not alone at times. Some find closure in writting about the dark problems and it helps them heal. I say 'To each their own.' If you don't get anything out of some particular type of poem, then don't read them.
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Date: 10/16/2012 7:22:00 PM
Hi Patricia, I logged on to judge my contest and thought I'd respond to this honest blog. Well, some people read AND write the flowery stuff BECAUSE they have had or still have crappy lives. Its escapism, the same as some folks watch happy/sappy TV or munch on romantic novels. A salve, so to say. I write a variety of emotional po's, some so dark that it sends rainbow people scittering, others so bright/cheery that it sends the shadow people into corners. I've had hard times and good times... so what I write reflects that. I enjoy reading anything that is well written, uses poetic language, is MOSTLY clear, and I adore metaphor... rhyme/free verse makes no diff...We all bleed. Some do not share the highly personal poetry on line and squirrel it away, knowing that people do not know what to say. I, too, have had a hard time with commenting... especially if the poetry is AWESOME. Why? Because it feels like I am ignoring the pain/memory behind the write. And if I comment on that, it feels like I'm not giving the artistry of the piece its due. Hope I'm making sense :-) My Poem, A Thief named Bipolar is the account of my mother's suicide, obviously VERY dark. Others are researched REAL events that have disturbed me to the point I could not button my lip: When Marian Begged, Annihilations Afterglow, I, Bridget Cleary, Angels Do Not Complain, Darfur (a sonnet). We all bleed, hon. Only some prefer to keep that under cover, because exposing the wounds only reopen them. One of our cheeriest poets here has suffered horribly. It isn't about masks or lies. Its about survival and healing through positive energy. I get that. I get letting it all hang out. Loved your honest blog. Hope to see more of them from you, hugs, Cyndi
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Richards Avatar
Suzette Richards
Date: 10/16/2012 10:37:00 PM
Amen to that ... to both you, Cyndi and Ruben
Date: 10/16/2012 6:10:00 PM
Patricia, I'm no poet. I've only written 18 poems with the help of my sister pd. None of them are happy poems. I wish I could feel the rainbows' many lie about. I 2 wonder what's behind the mask. Listen 2 Craig' he seems 2 know a lot. Luv'Sidney
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Date: 10/16/2012 6:10:00 PM
No of course not..I have many many sad, bloody poems, of rape, abuse etc. but what can one say to US when they read that? certainly not "oh how lovely!' so when I write about hard things I seldom get any comments. Write them anyway! One that I wrote which is kinda a bio is called High Bred Reality and for some reason though it is VERY hard and in your face people did relate to it? I have no idea why? Or if they even understood the pain of what I went through? No matter it felt good to write it. HUGS
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Ellis Avatar
Patricia Ellis
Date: 10/16/2012 6:22:00 PM
I just read it and it made me cry..HUGS back to you..
Date: 10/16/2012 5:28:00 PM
Many poets and poems here are dark, dangerous and determined to live. many of us have also suffred similar to what you describe. Pour it out in your poems and we will read them, with love and acceptance.
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