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Date PostedPoemTitleFormCategories
3/21/2017 There is a space or void where love was sent Villanelleabsence,allegory,allusion
3/14/2017 The skin is thin but life may be resumed Sonnetallegory,anxiety,growth,
3/3/2017 The mind's door swings Rhymedeath,depression,
2/2/2017 Better wed than dead Rhymeabsence,humor,
1/29/2017 The peace of this small town has caught my heart Sonnetabsence,peace,places,
1/26/2017 Refinement comes by fire Sonnetallusion,analogy,wisdom,
12/31/2016 Love of Alfred Sonneti love you,loss,love,
12/31/2016 To my kettle Sonnetdrink,fantasy,humorous,
12/31/2016 All I ask is that you polish me Sonnethilarious,humor,hyperbole
12/27/2016 Affection constant Sonnetallegory,angst,appreciati
12/15/2016 And in the sky I see black thunder mad Villanelleanalogy,angst,anxiety,aug
12/11/2016 A symbol is a well where we must dig Sonnetabsence,allusion,angst,sy
12/11/2016 Who am I to question any soul Sonnetanalogy,angst,anxiety,con
12/8/2016 My muse has gone to Hades Villanelleabsence,allegory,allusion
12/3/2016 Universal face Sonnetcare,earth,emotions,envir
11/8/2016 I will sweep your flue Rhymehumorous,nonsense,
11/8/2016 The face that was familiar is no more Trioletage,death,love,
11/8/2016 Earth Villanelleallegory,beautiful,nature
11/4/2016 Dreams and thoughts Villanellebeautiful,beauty,dream,
10/25/2016 The layers of language Rhymeallegory,angst,beautiful,
10/24/2016 What I need concealed Villanelleanxiety,heart,imagery,
10/16/2016 The face within your face Sonnetcare,imagery,
10/15/2016 And doctrines of religion make us sin Triolethumorous,love,
10/11/2016 I love him but he does not love me Trioletemotions,hate,love hurts,
10/10/2016 I have learned the geography of grief Villanellegrief,
9/18/2016 Our love absurd Sonnetanxiety,love,love hurts,
9/13/2016 The cello's voice Trioletangst,history,
8/30/2016 That in this world there is an empty space, Sonnetabsence,grief,
8/30/2016 The loving gaze Trioletlove,
8/29/2016 In my dreams he is alive again Trioletdeath,love,
8/24/2016 I can't stop getting it Rhymedeath,love,
8/20/2016 Artificial Sonnetaddiction,allusion,techno
8/20/2016 The earth has its own gravity and grace Villanellebeautiful,creation,earth,
8/19/2016 The graphics of the branches look Chinese Sonnetbeautiful,death,metaphor,
8/16/2016 Before I died Villanelledeath,destiny,pain,
8/10/2016 Do not destroy Villanelleanalogy,farewell,love,
8/2/2016 In deep now,turn off that light Rhymeanxiety,courage,dark,dest
7/31/2016 The eye is not a camera Sonnetbeautiful,how i feel,imag
7/20/2016 Too much sun has made them over-bold Quatrainnature,
7/16/2016 The rage of living Villanellefeelings,imagination,love
7/14/2016 Singing in the wind Villanelleallegory,courage,
7/10/2016 My plastic heart Sonnetanalogy,angst,death,heave
7/10/2016 The only beauty Free verseintrospection,life,
7/10/2016 I feel you near Sonnethusband,loss,love,
7/10/2016 Art and heart Villanelleart,cool,creation,
7/10/2016 A spacious mind Villanellecourage,love,
7/6/2016 The sin a child is born to is not hers Villanellebaby,corruption,sin,
6/20/2016 They went in town Rhymehumor,
6/20/2016 A crisis but not a conundrum Rhymehumorous,word play,
6/20/2016 A space to be unseen Rhymeage,betrayal,political,
6/13/2016 I will taste divine Sonnetemotions,
5/30/2016 I am filled with May Sonnethumor,humorous,
5/29/2016 Now we must live them Haikupsychological,
5/29/2016 Now we must live them Haikupsychological,
5/29/2016 Forlorn Haikuloss,
5/29/2016 Trust Haikugrief,
5/23/2016 I must be a stone Haikudepression,grief,
5/20/2016 Another mind Sonnetdiscrimination,encouragin
5/20/2016 Love like this Sonnetallegory,friendship,visio
5/20/2016 Grace Sonnetbereavement,creation,grie
5/20/2016 Carnation orchid daffodil and rose Sonnetbeautiful,feelings,god,wo
5/20/2016 Treasure Sonnetimagination,inspiration,j
5/20/2016 Astonishing that we should live at all Sonnetanti bullying,life,longin
5/20/2016 Has caught my heart Sonnethappiness,love,
5/20/2016 At last to be Sonnetbeautiful,life,
5/20/2016 I my spirit wed Sonnetspiritual,
5/20/2016 The fruit Sonnetlonging,loss,love,love hu
5/3/2016 I'm getting buried in the morning Rhymehumor,humorous,
4/8/2016 Uncanny is a space Sonnetemotions,remember,
4/8/2016 What we most fear Sonnetbaby,discrimination,fear,
3/28/2016 And give my grace to you Rhymefood,life,
3/27/2016 Being so prolific is a feat Sonnetfeelings,writing,
3/18/2016 Nostalgia Limerickabsence,angst,lost love,
3/15/2016 And cultivate my hatred with my tears Sonnetforgiveness,loss,lost lov
3/11/2016 Imprisoned spirits Sonnetphilosophy,truth,
3/10/2016 I shall be renewed Free verseanalogy,desire,lost,
3/10/2016 Rankles within Limerickemotions,forgiveness,
3/10/2016 Brothers and Sisters Free versedeath,evil,
3/10/2016 Cliches are boring Limerickhumorous,
3/3/2016 Silence and sadness Sonnetheart,loss,love,
3/1/2016 Together alone Rhymebereavement,love,
2/29/2016 When those we loved Sonnetdeath,desire,love,
2/26/2016 A cracked bowl Sonnethumorous,love,
2/17/2016 This variegated colour Sonnetanalogy,metaphor,mother,m
2/17/2016 This variegated colour Sonnetanalogy,metaphor,mother,m
2/13/2016 I know that being sad is no disgrace Terza Rimaabsence,blue,evil,how i f
2/4/2016 When words no longer work Free verseintrospection,loneliness,
1/18/2016 In his sleep Sonnetabsence,loss,
1/11/2016 I seek no love from internetted trolls Sonnetsad,sad love,
12/29/2015 The postman Limerickhumorous,innocence,
12/29/2015 Your countenance Rhymecourage,farewell,for him,
12/28/2015 Incoherent Free versegrief,silence,
12/28/2015 Blocking his vision Free verseangst,courage,hope,
12/16/2015 Tempt me not Rhymecourage,creation,feelings
12/7/2015 Watching televisions is not hard Free verseeducation,humor,
11/30/2015 We must be incarnate Sonnetdeep,fear,
11/19/2015 Drastic action may be needed Sonnetbasketball,feelings,repet
11/1/2015 Elemental as a storm Rhymeanger,beach,bullying,evil
10/30/2015 The trees are calm Sonnetangst,beauty,conflict,hea
10/30/2015 Pellucid Limerickbeautiful,happy,meaningfu

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