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10/9/2017 And what to choose I do not know?bangla,
10/9/2017 Ride over four billion mountains on a baking tray I do not know?age,
10/9/2017 Polly the planter I do not know?allusion,
10/9/2017 Cat a log I do not know?beauty,
10/9/2017 Ninety feet of cat I do not know?allah,
10/9/2017 The combustion of combinations I do not know?adventure,
10/9/2017 Waddling wafer in striped pjamas I do not know?art,
10/9/2017 Thanks I do not know?baby,
10/9/2017 sausage mash and peas I do not know?adventure,
10/9/2017 Tea I do not know?africa,bio,
9/26/2017 Sixteen peaches chasing twenty cows in a fridge is quite noisy isnt it I do not know?animal,
9/26/2017 Talking house I do not know?analogy,august,baseball,
9/23/2017 Are dollies and doiles akin to a painting in a suitcase question mark I do not know?art,aubade,bangla,beach,b
9/23/2017 OOniversal OO I do not know?absence,adventure,angst,a
9/22/2017 Fabrics finding fabrications I do not know?animal,
9/22/2017 a ramble in a bramble I do not know?art,
9/22/2017 Going for a drive then I do not know?age,
9/22/2017 An alert in a skirt I do not know?best friend,
9/22/2017 splat I do not know?africa,animal,
9/22/2017 night of the full moon I do not know?allusion,
9/22/2017 Undelivered I do not know?age,beautiful,
9/15/2017 How clever you are reducing sauces I do not know?appreciation,
9/15/2017 Oh look it is the otter dance I do not know?assonance,baby,
9/14/2017 Ninety times a fish tail equals a spun yarn I do not know?baby,baseball,beach,beaut
9/14/2017 bring brring telephone calling I do not know?bangla,baptism,baseball,b
9/13/2017 Of unknown origin I do not know?beach,beautiful,
9/12/2017 dot dot highfalutin dot dash indeed I do not know?anti bullying,anxiety,bab
9/12/2017 Dramatic dreams dare dingos I do not know?appreciation,art,bangla,
9/11/2017 Elasticated red cabbage I do not know?analogy,animal,
9/11/2017 Croquet on the lawn at three pm I do not know?addiction,america,basebal
9/6/2017 Mystical Marrow I do not know?art,
9/6/2017 Slatted salted roof I do not know?baby,
9/6/2017 Timed I do not know?bio,
9/6/2017 A peculiar pomengranate I do not know?animal,
8/31/2017 DOES anyone really WANT to eat UFO shaped PEANUTS today I do not know?adventure,assonance,
8/31/2017 Trit trot the rider is arriving I do not know?adventure,
8/31/2017 B times twenty tow equals eleven and a half thousand flying frogs but only in a sale I do not know?animal,
8/31/2017 A very nice little horse story I do not know?beauty,horse,
8/31/2017 G squared with a p is a y indeed but no x I do not know?bangla,
8/31/2017 Help said the octagonal octopus I do not know?arabic,
8/31/2017 High kicking rasberries I do not know?baby,
8/31/2017 Motorised saucepans in kent I do not know?beautiful,
8/31/2017 Escalating elephants I do not know?allah,analogy,animal,
8/31/2017 Mystic marrow I do not know?art,
8/30/2017 Inspired by a lint cloth I do not know?baptism,
8/30/2017 The dazed dingo dance concerto I do not know?analogy,
8/30/2017 Ass arrangement is an ass assortment I do not know?beach,beautiful,
8/30/2017 Fruity fruits use flambes flamboyantly I do not know?absence,
8/30/2017 Mingling like mmmmmmmmm I do not know?adventure,allegory,analog
8/30/2017 Diamonds digging dramas I do not know?bio,
8/30/2017 Basin plugs in a bap I do not know?animal,
8/30/2017 Tittering totter I do not know?allusion,aubade,baptism,b
8/30/2017 Professor Wilbur the whale the second I do not know?analogy,animal,appreciati
8/30/2017 An ice cream van meets a hot dog cart and eats a pile of cheese I do not know?baseball,beautiful,beauty
8/4/2017 Will it be dinosaur foot tickling or chucking beetroot around then I do not know?arabic,art,assonance,auba
8/4/2017 Quick I do not know?baby,
8/4/2017 Can YOU ride a mammoth whilst eating a four course dinner I do not know?adventure,allah,america,a
7/13/2017 The jumping wellies are singing la la la la la I do not know?allusion,
7/13/2017 Space suited shells are cute arent they I do not know?animal,
7/13/2017 Menu A or menu B is quite a dashing dilemma I do not know?autumn,
7/13/2017 A la carte for the whales I do not know?bible,
7/13/2017 Ping PONG with eighty three dusters on a cloud I do not know?baseball,
7/13/2017 A unit must be tightly fastened together so no glue must be used and it is one tow three hop then I do not know?bio,
7/13/2017 Oh how simply quite astounding then said the little jumping sparrow I do not know?age,
7/13/2017 Noodles and cream I do not know?art,baby,
7/13/2017 The might of a carrier pigeon in a shopping basket plane I do not know?analogy,
7/13/2017 CLASS STORY EXERCISE at UNIVERSITY in 2008 I do not know?abuse,
6/22/2017 Digging is a good way to start the day either in the garden or in the kitchen I do not know?beach,beauty,bio,
6/22/2017 A salty spray is a senseless stationary smelling spitting sprite How rather dangerous I do not know?assonance,baseball,basket
6/22/2017 A situation is a situated shark I do not know?arabic,bangla,bible,
6/22/2017 Charging charting challenging chatting cheetahs I do not know?basketball,
6/22/2017 fodder cable cars are jousting with clams today I do not know?art,
6/22/2017 Irrational iguana diary entry four I do not know?art,assonance,
6/22/2017 A QUOCK is not a QUACK nor a QUINTESSENTIAL QUARTERBACK I do not know?allegory,baby,
6/22/2017 oh reaching a net then I do not know?bio,
6/22/2017 A write is not necessarily right I do not know?baseball,
6/22/2017 Ooh not ah just ooh ooh ok I do not know?autumn,baptism,beautiful,
6/16/2017 Waffle does wiff it does not woof I do not know?animal,basketball,
6/16/2017 An interesting occurrence begins in a packet of frozen peas I do not know?anger,art,
6/16/2017 A sharp incline in a core I do not know?appreciation,
6/15/2017 Well now then I do not know?baseball,
6/15/2017 Pastel printed peanuts pronounce pronouns precisely I do not know?baby,
6/15/2017 A very noisy talkative toast was jumping today I do not know?aubade,
6/13/2017 Towel tower I do not know?adventure,
6/13/2017 A sandwich statement I do not know?appreciation,
6/13/2017 Carpets versus ledges versus houses I do not know?august,autumn,bio,
6/12/2017 A chatty cabbage I do not know?basketball,
6/12/2017 The typing teddy bears I do not know?beach,beautiful,beauty,
6/12/2017 A goose tale is not a gooseberry I do not know?baseball,
6/12/2017 Making a big pie by Mr E Fortisque I do not know?art,august,
6/9/2017 Rolling rocker ball I do not know?autumn,
6/9/2017 Eleven flavours on a table I do not know?baptism,beautiful,beauty,
6/9/2017 A study at dawn I do not know?age,angel,bio,
6/9/2017 A tide of jus on a plate I do not know?bangla,beach,
6/6/2017 Bonnets on baubles are sonnets in stables I do not know?appreciation,
6/6/2017 Getting caught in a net on a motorway I do not know?autumn,beautiful,
6/6/2017 A wand in a pan is creating a pancake today flip flap I do not know?bangla,beach,
6/5/2017 A letter B could be a bee I do not know?basketball,
6/5/2017 Morning movements I do not know?animal,
6/5/2017 A bull let in I do not know?baby,baseball,

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