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10/1/2017 Soul to soul we exist forever free Rhymelove,
9/29/2017 Soul to soul we bask in the hearts journey light Rhymelove,
9/28/2017 Let me love you in my own special way Rhymelove,
9/26/2017 Forever and a day my heart melts away I do not know?love,
9/26/2017 Dance Rhymelove,
9/26/2017 Eye to eye as hearts do rise Rhymelove,
9/22/2017 But your heart for me is the only way I will ever Fall Rhymeautumn,
9/14/2017 Wait for sunset to see her in the stars at night Rhymelove,sky,
9/13/2017 Destiny is forever when hearts are not blind Rhymelove,
9/8/2017 Your heartbeat is my favorite sound Rhymelove,
9/8/2017 Happily together right here on earth Rhymelove,universe,
9/7/2017 Heart and soul and hand in hand Rhymelove,
9/7/2017 Hand in hand we walk on the shore Rhymelove,ocean,
9/7/2017 Beautiful hearts and beautiful faces Rhymelove,
9/7/2017 The taste of your tears are as sweet as rain Rhymelove,
9/7/2017 Love exists only on the beams of the sun Rhymelove,universe,
9/7/2017 You thought you stole my heart but it was always mine Rhymewedding,
9/7/2017 We're all just dust made from the stars Rhymelove,
9/7/2017 Legends are made and the heart is cast Rhymegoodbye,
9/7/2017 A kiss to set my heart on fire Rhymelove,
9/7/2017 I was finally free and my soul came out Rhymefreedom,
10/30/2016 Where did your heart go did you leave it in the rain Rictameterloss,
10/9/2016 Words of passion tattooed on our soul Rhymepoetry,
10/9/2016 Heart broken forever waiting until death for you Rhymeloss,
10/9/2016 My friend forever my love my wife Rhymelove,
10/9/2016 Casting a shoulders look always missing you too Rhymeloss,
10/9/2016 learning that love is best kept eternally near Rhymelove,
4/13/2016 Recovery will only take a second for an eternity Rhymelost love,
2/23/2016 Living in the carnival beyond the greatest show on earth Rhymedeath,
2/18/2016 Walk with me forever as my soulmate shadow Rhymelove,
2/18/2016 Meeting for the first time at heavens gate Rhymeintrospection,
2/18/2016 Living only in the here and now Rhymeintrospection,
2/18/2016 Love me now save my heart Rhymelove,
2/18/2016 Surrounded by souls but only seeing your face Rispettolove hurts,
2/18/2016 The soul waits patiently beyond the time of nightfall Rhymeloss,
2/9/2016 Fallen words are quietly spoken last Rhymeloss,
2/8/2016 I love you beyond the door of time Rhymelove,
12/31/2014 Happy New Year Rhymeholiday,new years day,
10/26/2014 Learning to live forgetting I've already died Rhymeloss,
10/26/2014 Wishing your heart to beat no more Rhymedeath,
10/20/2014 One last Rhymesong,
10/9/2014 A new love could be here to stay Rhymeinspirational,
10/9/2014 Why do the life seconds of my heart always seem to fade Rhymelove,
10/5/2014 Bring heavenly light to the dark night of the soul Rhymeinspiration,
10/5/2014 Devour life until your inner light gleams Rhymeinspiration,
10/5/2014 Heaven has them again and they have eternal peace Rhymeloss,
10/5/2014 Hoping for a once sunny love Rhymeloss,
9/30/2014 Only the strong will ever survive the fire Rhymeinspiration,
9/30/2014 Heartache is a river filled with tears of sadness Rhymeloss,
7/31/2014 I miss you always and in you forever love Rhymeloss,
7/27/2014 Quietly forgotten there exists the music of joy itself I do not know?introspection,
7/27/2014 Truthfully guarded my soul does weep Rhymeloss,
7/3/2014 A lifetime is a moment in the heartbeat of a dream Rhymeloss,
5/18/2014 Soul to soul love is here to stay Rhymelove,
5/18/2014 Waiting until the day when I can see the light upon your face Rhymeloss,
5/18/2014 You cant get rid of your shadow Rhymeintrospection,
4/29/2014 Praying for the moment when we will share another sunrise Rhymelove,
3/15/2014 I hear music in the morning sunrise Rhymelove,
3/11/2014 My ring is the symbol of my wife Rhymelove,
3/6/2014 I want you so bad I just cant let you breathe Rhymelove,
2/28/2014 Alive for now but it cannot last Rhymeloss,
2/26/2014 In these moments Rhymeintrospection,
2/22/2014 Dark skies here now but not eternally Rhymeloss,
2/22/2014 I will live forever and exist on you Rhymelove,
2/22/2014 At last we can be our true self Rhymetruth,
2/22/2014 The futures bright whilst love does mend Rhymelove,
2/22/2014 Lost is my heart to a dark shadow Lanterneloss,
2/14/2014 Forever and ever you are my Valentine Rhymelove,
2/14/2014 Living with the heart is loves greatest Valentine Rhymelove,
2/12/2014 I thank you for reading my dreams Rhymethank you,
2/12/2014 Forbidden lies are loves truest word Rhymeintrospection,
2/9/2014 Silence is now the sharpest dagger to the heart Rhymeloss,
2/7/2014 Theres a growing distance in your eyes A beat missing from your heart Rhymeloss,
2/7/2014 Love forever right down to your soul Rhymelove,
2/7/2014 Shadows Rhymeintrospection,
1/30/2014 As the twilight begins we say goodbye to the glorious sunset Rhymesun,
1/30/2014 Unconsciously from our dreams we are awake Rhymeintrospection,
1/30/2014 Apologies will never come from this drenching soulless downpour Rhymeloss,
1/30/2014 Even in the greatest love a heart can die away Rhymeintrospection,
1/30/2014 Living forever and ever on someone else's heart Rhymeloss,
1/26/2014 So deliver your vocals from your soul out loud Rhymesound,
1/26/2014 Rejoice in the life lived and shared Rhymeloss,
1/24/2014 The heart always tells the greatest love story Rhymelove,
1/24/2014 A thousand words to speak and lifetime to recall Rhymeintrospection,
1/24/2014 Searching for a heart that one day will be found Rhymelost love,
1/23/2014 Paint me a masterpiece of your soul Rhymefeelings,
1/20/2014 The book of knowledge remains forever in the heart Rhymeintrospection,
1/20/2014 Every time Rhymeintrospection,
1/17/2014 Just three little words to hark just I love you Lanternelove,
1/17/2014 Knowing full well that one day that could be me Rhymefriendship,
1/17/2014 The most lost are now forever ready to succeed Rhymeintrospection,
1/16/2014 Irritation and sadness of a living agony Rhymepain,
1/16/2014 Light my soul and know it right I do not know?love,
1/16/2014 Heaven on earth is to dance the night away with you Rhymedance,
1/16/2014 One last midnight beyond the dark Rhymedark,universe,
1/11/2014 Snow Rhymesnow,
1/11/2014 We must change our ways for all mankind Rhymeintrospection,planet,
1/11/2014 You see there loving face and know you were right Rhymedeath,
1/11/2014 Dont return my love and I simply cannot live Rhymelove,
1/11/2014 Im lost in love without your heart to show the way Rhymeloss,

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