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Date PostedPoemTitleFormCategories
12/2/2012 Comparisons of You and Me Rhymelife,love,passion,romance
12/2/2012 I will call you Heaven Rhymelife,love,passion,romance
12/2/2012 Tonight I will make you mine Rhymelife,love,passion,romance
12/2/2012 Sweet dreamland Rhymelife,love,romance,song-ly
12/2/2012 Chain of love Rhymegirlfriend-boyfriend,life
12/2/2012 I know you are out there Rhymelife,love,passion,romance
12/2/2012 A sorrowful birthday Monorhymelife,love,passion,romance
12/2/2012 Think what if you were me Rhymelife,love,passion,romance
12/2/2012 O foreigner Monorhymelife,love,passion,romance
12/2/2012 Moonlit night just turns me on Rhymelife,love,passion,romance
12/2/2012 Baby I love you on and on Monorhymelife,love,passion,romance
12/2/2012 My buds of love Monorhymelife,love,passion,romance
12/2/2012 To hell with warnings of fools Rhymelife,love,passion,romance
12/2/2012 You are like the ink of my pen Monorhymelife,love,passion,romance
11/24/2012 Loves hocus-pocus Rhymelife,love,passion,romance
11/24/2012 Loves abracadabra Rhymefor children,life,love,pa
11/24/2012 Love is like Prophet Solomons ring Monorhymelife,love,passion,romance
11/24/2012 Love is precious than money Monorhymelife,love,passion,romance
11/24/2012 Loves thesis Monorhymelife,love,passion,romance
11/24/2012 Baby I love you 10 plus plus Rhymelife,love,passion,romance
11/24/2012 Wild Romance Monorhymelife,love,passion,romance
11/24/2012 Baby I live in yesterday Rhymelife,lost love,love,passi
11/24/2012 The uninvited fuss Monorhymelife,lost love,love,sad,m
11/19/2012 Poetrys golden day Rhymeinspirational,life,on wri
11/19/2012 An angel with broken wings Rhymefaith,life,peace,people,
11/19/2012 A lonely mans monologue Free verselife,love,sad,
11/19/2012 O love love love love love love love Rhymelife,love,passion,romance
11/19/2012 The bait Rhymelife,love,passion,romance
11/19/2012 Come my love my utopia Monorhymelife,love,passion,romance
11/19/2012 Baby dont let my pen stop Rhymelife,love,passion,romance
11/19/2012 Rosary of love Rhymelife,love,passion,romance
11/19/2012 You are a queen on the mars Free verselife,love,passion,romance
11/15/2012 Politics in Bangladesh II Free verseinspirational,life,people
11/14/2012 Politics in Bangladesh Rhymeinspirational,life,peace,
11/9/2012 I keep on telling I am good Monorhymelife,love,people,sad,
11/9/2012 How much I miss you Monorhymelife,love,sad,miss you,mi
11/9/2012 I dont love you that much Rhymelife,love,sad,sympathy,me
11/9/2012 Please come back Monorhymelife,lost love,love,i lov
11/9/2012 Baby tell me you love me Monorhymelife,love,passion,romance
11/9/2012 The ruins of my dreamland Free verselife,lost love,love,sad,f
11/9/2012 I love you this holy words I want to say Rhymelife,love,passion,romance
11/9/2012 I love you believe it Monorhymelife,love,passion,romance
11/9/2012 You dont have to buy my love Rhymelife,love,passion,romance
11/9/2012 My souls words Rhymelife,love,passion,romance
11/9/2012 A love song Monorhymelife,love,passion,romance
11/9/2012 A secret Rhymegirlfriend-boyfriend,life
11/9/2012 When you say I am your dream-boy Rhymelife,love,passion,romance
10/21/2012 Most of the beautiful girls of Bangladesh Free versepeople,sad,social,sympath
10/19/2012 The Terrorists Rhymefaith,inspirational,peace
10/18/2012 Know thyself Rhymefaith,inspirational,life,
10/18/2012 Poet Rabindranath Tagore Rhymededication,inspirational,
10/18/2012 Why I write Rhymeinspirational,life,philos
10/18/2012 My vaporized tears Free verseimagination,inspirational
10/18/2012 The venom of loneliness Free versegirlfriend-boyfriend,life
10/16/2012 A butterfly ABCanimals,nature,
10/16/2012 Love was like walking through the valley of death Rhymelife,lost love,sad,song-l
10/16/2012 Baby you are my soul mate Monorhymelife,lost love,love,sad,s
10/16/2012 Our relationship Rhymelife,lost love,sad,love,m
10/3/2012 Thoughts Haikuinspirational,life,philos
10/3/2012 Life and Death Haikudeath,life,philosophy,
10/3/2012 Hope and Greed Haikuinspirational,life,philos
10/3/2012 Envy Haikuinspirational,life,philos
10/3/2012 Anxiety Haikuinspirational,life,philos
10/3/2012 Debate Haikuinspirational,life,philos
10/3/2012 Meditation Haikufaith,inspirational,life,
10/3/2012 Anger Haikuinspirational,life,philos
10/3/2012 Logic and science Haikufaith,inspirational,life,
10/3/2012 Will-force Haikuinspirational,life,uplift
10/3/2012 Success of nations Haikuinspirational,people,soci
10/3/2012 The devastating whim Rhymelife,lost love,sad,love,
10/3/2012 The morning dew Rhymelife,lost love,sad,
10/3/2012 On this rainy day Haikulife,nature,seasons,
10/2/2012 Your two eyes Haikulife,love,passion,romance
10/2/2012 What love can do Haikulife,love,philosophy,soci
10/2/2012 Friendship Tankafaith,friendship,inspirat
10/2/2012 Marriage Tankafamily,inspirational,life
10/2/2012 Mothers Haikufamily,inspirational,life
10/2/2012 Fathers Haikufamily,father,inspiration
10/2/2012 Children Haikuchildhood,family,inspirat
10/2/2012 The religious leaders Tankapeople,religion,sad,socia
10/2/2012 Space exploration Tankainspirational,people,poli
10/2/2012 Air pollution in cities Tankainspirational,people,poli
10/2/2012 Child labor Haikuchildhood,education,inspi
10/2/2012 Eco-friendly design Haikuinspirational,life,people
10/2/2012 Politicians Tankapeople,political,sad,soci
10/2/2012 Chat Tankalife,love,passion,romance
10/2/2012 Drug abuse Haikupeople,sad,social,drug,
10/2/2012 Women and child abuse Tankainspirational,people,poli
10/2/2012 A girl of my choice Tankalife,love,sad,
10/2/2012 The sex-workers Haikuinspirational,people,poli
10/2/2012 The solution to ethnic-cleansing Haikuinspirational,peace,peopl
10/2/2012 The solution to poverty Haikupeace,people,social,visio
10/2/2012 The UN Haikuinspirational,peace,visio
10/2/2012 Environment pollution Haikuinspirational,people,poli
10/2/2012 Weapons of mass destruction Haikuinspirational,peace,visio
10/2/2012 Your pure beauty Haikulife,love,passion,romance
10/2/2012 The art of sex Haikuinspirational,life,love,p
10/2/2012 Your naked beauty Haikulife,love,passion,romance
10/2/2012 A wish Haikuimagination,life,lost lov
10/2/2012 The suicide note Haikulife,people,sad,social,sy

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