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Date PostedPoemTitleFormCategories
3/10/2013 Divorce: A Bitter Course Rhymefamily,pain,relationship,
3/10/2013 The Concealed, Revealed Rhymespiritual,life,
8/30/2012 Our Temporal Existence Rhymehappiness,inspirational,i
8/10/2012 How to Deal Rhymefaith,inspirational,intro
8/10/2012 A Peace of Wisdom Rhymeinspirational,introspecti
8/10/2012 How Words Decide Our Final Existence Rhymeinspirational,introspecti
8/10/2012 Living a Life of Deception Rhymefaith,inspirational,intro
8/10/2012 Silence is Key Rhymeconfusion,depression,hope
8/10/2012 Foreseeing Eventualities Rhymedeath,happiness,inspirati
8/10/2012 Love and Rhyme captured in Poetic Paradigm Rhymeart,introspection,love,wo
1/18/2012 Echoes Rhymeinspirational,introspecti
1/18/2012 From The Depths Rhymefriendship,inspirational,
1/18/2012 Transcend Rhymeinspirational,introspecti
1/17/2012 You're a Poet Rhymededication,words,beautifu
9/11/2011 Your Love Is My Eternal Dream Rhymecomputer-internet,devotio
9/11/2011 Love For A Moment Rhymededication,devotion,frien
9/11/2011 Where Love's Ultimate Happiness Can Be Found Rhymededication,family,friends
9/11/2011 Faith: The Antidote to Man's Midlife Crisis Rhymedepression,faith,happines
9/11/2011 True Love Is Blind Rhymegirlfriend-boyfriend,happ
8/21/2011 A Rose to Propose Rhymelove,people,romance,love,
8/7/2011 When Depression takes Hold Rhymedepression,hope,inspirati
3/2/2011 Keep The Faith, Have Hope, Pursue Truth Rhymefaith,hope,inspirational,
2/10/2011 Unforgettable Haikufriendship,girlfriend-boy
2/10/2011 Just Someone To Hold Rhymegirlfriend-boyfriend,happ
2/1/2011 Wisdom Is A Gift Rhymehappiness,inspirational,i
1/24/2011 Destiny Versus Destination Rhymeinspirational,introspecti
1/19/2011 The Price To Reach Your Destination Rhymeinspirational,introspecti
1/18/2011 True Happiness Resides From Within Rhymeinspirational,introspecti
1/18/2011 Our Obligation to Seek The Truth Rhymefaith,hope,inspirational,
1/4/2011 My World of Silence Rhymeinspirational,introspecti
12/30/2010 Man's Greatness Rhymeinspirational,introspecti
12/30/2010 A Soul's Choice To Rejoice Rhymeinspirational,introspecti
12/28/2010 The Power of Speech Rhymeinspirational,introspecti
12/27/2010 From Solitude To Faith Rhymeinspirationalwords,world,
12/24/2010 Old Age Haikuhealth,introspection,life
12/23/2010 How To Gain From Our Pain Rhymechildhood,confusion,depre
12/22/2010 Pain As A Catalyst For Faith Rhymechildhood,confusion,faith
12/20/2010 Believe And Do Not Bereave Rhymefriendship,hope,imaginati
12/20/2010 Girl of My Dreams Rhymefriendship,happiness,life
12/16/2010 Your World of Fear Can Disappear Rhymedepression,happiness,hope
12/16/2010 Your World of Fear Can Disappear Rhymedepression,happiness,hope
12/15/2010 Love Emanates From Above Rhymeimagination,inspirational
12/14/2010 Love Binds, Selfishness Confines Rhymehappiness,hope,inspiratio
12/12/2010 Lost Love Haikulost love
12/12/2010 The Sex Complex Haikulife,love,passion,people,
12/12/2010 Living In Emotional Pain Haikuloss
12/11/2010 Meaning of Faith Haikufaith
12/9/2010 A Soul's Journey Rhymeimagination,inspirational
12/8/2010 Appreciating Life Rhymeinspirational,introspecti
12/7/2010 Administering Angels on Earth Haikuhistory,inspirational,int
12/7/2010 People of The Book Haikuhistory,inspirational,int
12/7/2010 Attending Your Own Funeral Rhymedeath,imagination,inspira
12/6/2010 Honest Contemplations I do not know?imagination,inspirational
12/6/2010 Give Peace A Chance Rhymepolitical
12/6/2010 Turning Hope Into Happiness Rhymehope,inspirational,intros
12/5/2010 Priceless Time Haikuimagination,inspirational
12/5/2010 The Wings of Imagination Rhymeimagination,introspection
12/5/2010 Sins Measure For Measure Haikuintrospection
12/5/2010 Only To Be Free Haikuintrospection
12/5/2010 Tears Have No Fears Haikusad
12/5/2010 A Childs World Haikuchildhood
12/4/2010 Who Will Share My Pain Rhymefriendship,introspection,
12/4/2010 No One To Trust Rhymedepression,friendship,gir
12/4/2010 The Real Ones To Be Pitied Haikuintrospection
12/2/2010 Skydiving Gone Wrong Haikudeath
12/2/2010 Total Anarchy Haikuintrospection,war
12/2/2010 Let Bygones Be Bygones Haikuforgiveness
12/2/2010 My Love Is Your Eternity Rhymeloveheart,heart,me,
12/1/2010 Miracle of Chanukah Haikuholiday
12/1/2010 Suicide Haikudeath
12/1/2010 A Humbling Thought Haikudeath
12/1/2010 Shamed Haikudeath
12/1/2010 Capital Punishment Haikudeath
11/30/2010 Our World of Emotions Rhymeintrospectionworld,
11/30/2010 That Point of No Return Haikudeath
11/30/2010 Wikileaks Objective - Total Chaos Haikupolitical
11/29/2010 Love Heals All Wounds Rhymeinspirational,love,me,pai
11/29/2010 Deaths Singularity Haikudeath,introspection
11/29/2010 Temptation Has Dessert Haikupassion
11/29/2010 A Loyal Faith Haikuinspirational
11/28/2010 An Aching Heart Rhymehope,inspirational,intros
11/28/2010 Desperately Seeking Suitor Haikulove
11/28/2010 Love - Just A Mirage Haikuimagination,introspection
11/28/2010 Seized By Pain Haikuintrospection
11/28/2010 Nabbed Haikupeople
11/25/2010 Why G-d Hates Bribery Haikureligion
11/25/2010 Why The Righteous Await Death Haikuinspirational,introspecti
11/25/2010 Some Say She Is Easy Haikuintrospection
11/24/2010 Cries of Despair Haikuintrospection,sad
11/24/2010 Where Stars & Stripes Unite Haikuinspirational
11/24/2010 A Committed Rebellion Haikuinspirational
11/24/2010 Her Smile, My Style, I File Haikulove
11/24/2010 To Hate, What A Terrible Fate Haikuintrospection
11/24/2010 Death Via Tongue Haikudeath
11/24/2010 Ever Been Caught Lying? Haikuintrospection
11/24/2010 Butterfly On The Run Haikuinspirational
11/23/2010 Nuclear War Haikudeath
11/23/2010 Given Over Haikulove
11/23/2010 Love is Infectious Haikulove
11/23/2010 In the Name of Science Haikuanimals,death

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