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  1. Date: 5/16/2013 7:27:00 PM
    Well Nette,I DON'T think our soupmails,profiles,inboxes and outboxes here are fully secured.I BELIEVE those can be hacked or atleast accessed by some people here !

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  1. Date: 5/16/2013 7:19:00 PM
    Thanks Nette,Andrea and Catie.Nikko ,I just can't understand how you accessed and shared my *My poems* page.If you click on the *My poem* page from memeber area,Then Log in page will come.And if you are already logged in,then it will show your * My poem * page.

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  1. Date: 5/16/2013 1:28:00 PM
    Kash, I would be no use in this blog since I do not even share at FB. I do not understand all this stuff. I think the stuff Cyndi was saying in her comment was very useful for you. I don't believe people have the ability to edit YOUR own stuff. Please ask Soup your questions. they need to know your concerns.

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  1. Date: 5/16/2013 11:38:00 AM
    kashi, i experienced something similar..maybe our mails , etc can be hacked? is this possible?... hope you're fine..:) huggs

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  1. Date: 5/16/2013 11:05:00 AM
    It seems to me that when we access the page from * My member * area, then we need the password and it opens with edit and delete options for each poem.But it can be accessed from other areas without the password and then it opens without those delete and edit options and it shows only the poems.

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  1. Date: 5/16/2013 11:01:00 AM
    Nikko,just tell me where from you accessed my * My Poems* page to share it.

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  1. Date: 5/16/2013 10:59:00 AM
    Thanks for the inputs Charma,Cyndi and Nikko.

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  1. Date: 5/16/2013 9:08:00 AM
    Ok, I am back and did a wee bit of experimenting. I actually clicked on "share" on the "My Poems" page. I selected "email" and if you notice now, the number of shares that reflect on your "my poems" page is "17", the email"4". Bop me on the head if it doesn't reflect that on your page. So yup, I think it sorta confirms my assumption from before. Those figures there reflect All Soupers' attempts to share their own "My poems' page. As I understood it, the other buttons there are just other means for you to share it aside from the "general" green share button-- for easier access, since Facebook, Pinterest and Google + I reckon are used a lot or something?

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  1. Date: 5/16/2013 5:24:00 AM
    Kash, As long as nobody else other than YOU can edit your poems, then everything is a-okay. The My poems page is pretty much just a list of our poems. BUT (OF COURSE!!!!) the fear is that someone else can just delete or change our works without our permission is HORRIFYING. Let's face it, there is some immaturity going on out there... and given the opportunity, some numbskull is sure to do something! I don't facebook, though I do have a facebook page. We need some techie peeps in here to try to copy what you've experienced and see if they can change something... hugs Cyndi PS Hope SOUP reads this! Please send them internal mail asap!!!

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  1. Date: 5/16/2013 5:01:00 AM
    I clicked on 'my poems'page beneath member area.I have 3 pin it which i don t know what it means.I even have 205 facebook likes and i am not even on facebook or a member of it..So i don t know from where those likes are coming..I don t have email sharing though..the only email sharing is where i stated above.I do not think anyone can go in the privacy of oour profile though i wish tps would answer your question..so we would know how it all goes.

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  1. Date: 5/16/2013 2:53:00 AM
    hi Kash-- i've noticed this before--and it sorta kinda made me do a double take but then I assumed that this is a general kind of thing? I am willing to bet that you not only have 16 shares, but you also have 205 FB likes, that google plus thing is at 29 and has been shared by email 3 times. Am I clairvoyant?? Nah... I believe that this is an overall count of all soupers actually sharing their Own pages and it somehow reflects on everybody's "my poem" page--- I hope it makes sense? This is just my assumption of course. If you click your "member area", "my inboxes" and "my outboxes" those stat boxes reflect "0". Maybe TPS can answer your concerns better? This is all just my observation. Enjoy your day, Kash!

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  1. Date: 5/16/2013 1:52:00 AM
    Well Charmaine I am not talking about my poem page which is open to all.Just check the page "My Poems' under the head " Member Area". One can only access this page with his/her password.

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  1. Date: 5/15/2013 11:16:00 PM
    I have 904 shares which seem a bit odd considering i never shared my poems with anyone and this is the only site im posting my poetry on..Interesting blog Kash

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Date PostedPoemTitleFormCategories
3/12/2017 night train Haikunight,
2/28/2017 half bloomed rose Haikubeauty,flower,
11/5/2016 midnight rain Haikuromantic,
10/2/2016 tipsy night Haikuallegory,sexy,
4/26/2016 meditation hour Haikuconflict,introspection,
1/5/2016 A Sunlight Girl Rhymelove,romance,
8/28/2015 Words for You Blitzlove,romance,
8/18/2015 A Butterfly on a Plastic Rose Tankaallegory,life,
5/22/2015 glass bangles Haikunight,romantic,
5/6/2015 I am a Gardenia Rhymeflower,love,
2/2/2015 a whiff of jasmine Haikuromantic,
11/8/2014 I am Sunshine,I am Rain Rhymeme,
11/4/2014 moonless night Haikuautumn,
7/20/2014 Scattered petals Haikulove,
1/11/2014 Super Mall Senryufunny,
1/7/2014 The Color of Love Tankalove,
12/29/2013 Christmas night Haikuchristmas,
12/11/2013 In the Cemetery Monokugrave,
12/5/2013 Sad Festival Night Tankasad,
11/22/2013 Love is Free verselove,
11/15/2013 silver lining Monokubirth,hope,
11/11/2013 sand through my fingers Tankalove
11/8/2013 early darkness Haikusad,
10/8/2013 cloudy morning Senryuconflict,husband,wife,
10/2/2013 Sometimes be Real Rhymelife,
9/27/2013 Evening--Acrostic Acrosticnature,time,
9/11/2013 A Murmuring Brook Coupletromance
9/8/2013 Adieu Acrosticgoodbye,love,
8/20/2013 A Murder Trioletpoetry
8/15/2013 Picture Perfect Tankabeauty,nature,
8/13/2013 If I Invite you Roundelchildhood,joy,
8/11/2013 your blue eyes Haikuromantic,
8/3/2013 Beyond Midnight Rhymeimagination
7/30/2013 kash flower Tankafather,sad,
7/14/2013 Stardust Drench me Versehope,imagination,
7/9/2013 Today Oh My Heart Diminished Hexaverselove,self,
6/24/2013 Red Sun Dodoitsunature,romance,
6/17/2013 Just Below Your Lips Tankabeauty,love,
6/15/2013 A Summer Couplet Coupletsummer
6/12/2013 Remembering When Rhymelife
5/21/2013 Melancholy Memory Versedad,death,sad,
5/15/2013 Bring the Sky Nearer to me Pantoumchildhood,imagination,
5/3/2013 Sleepless night Free verselove
4/25/2013 Words I couldn't tell you Tankalove
4/17/2013 cherry blossom Haikuhope
4/15/2013 beach sunset Haikunature,
3/23/2013 Once More Free versepassion,romance,universe,
3/18/2013 Green Mist Haikunature,
3/5/2013 Moon is my Muse Monokumoon,
3/2/2013 midday sun Haikusummer,
2/27/2013 Your Single Glance Rhymeromance,
2/27/2013 Challenge Accepted Narrativeon writing and words,poet
2/26/2013 Kiss the Rain Tankaromance,heart,heart,
2/23/2013 In Your Blue Eyes Sestinaromancelost,lost,me,
2/14/2013 The Perfect Woman Rhymetribute,woman,
2/7/2013 Morning's Trapped Whisper Kimonature,winter,
2/4/2013 Unbuttoning Coupletfunny,love,people,people,
1/30/2013 Cupid did it Footlelove
1/22/2013 Petals With Butterfly Wings Pantoumflower,imagination,spring
1/18/2013 gun salute Haikufuneral,soldier,
1/14/2013 Tear of Joy or Sorrow Sijoconfusion,imagination,jan
1/12/2013 Give me a Break Pantoumsadwords,me,song,bird,bir
1/7/2013 Twice or Thrice Daily Limerickfunny,
12/29/2012 Closer Than a Kiss Tankaromance
12/21/2012 Standing Alone Tankanature,
12/18/2012 Inside a Deep Pine Forest Dodoitsunaturemorning,
12/10/2012 Write a Poem for me Free verseromance
12/4/2012 Be a Flame Than-Baukallegory,inspirational,
12/2/2012 Are haiku Guinea Pigs Haikuon writing and words,
11/30/2012 And he started caressing ABCromance,
11/24/2012 after my prayer Haikuinspirational,
11/19/2012 Only for You Rhymelove,
11/16/2012 the last leaf Haikunature,
11/14/2012 under the same umbrella Haikulife,nature,
11/12/2012 under your softness Haikulove,passion,
11/9/2012 crescent moon Haikunature,
11/8/2012 lazy noon Haikutime,
11/6/2012 after the storm Haikunatural disasters,
11/4/2012 Embers Burn in Silence Verseromance,
10/30/2012 Myself in your eyes Tankaromanceblue,
10/26/2012 An Emptiness Within Tankaintrospection,seasons,
10/22/2012 your forget-me-not smile Tankaromance,
10/20/2012 Too many sacred paths Coupletfaith
10/18/2012 Sunshine in her Smile Tankahope,life,me,
10/15/2012 The Glowing Wedding Ring Tankafamily,love,
10/10/2012 Let the Moon Watch Tankaromance,
10/8/2012 --Clerihew-- Clerihewdedication,
10/5/2012 more dazzling Haikuromance,
10/3/2012 Jasmine's Whisper Rhymenature,time,
10/1/2012 After my death Epigramsad,
9/25/2012 Recurring Nightmare Haikuangst,life,
9/24/2012 A Poet's Bio Biolife,
9/22/2012 Shadow Puppets Verselove,
9/20/2012 From lion to cat Senryuallegory,funny,
9/18/2012 Hip Hip Hurray-Debbie's Birthday Pantoumfunny,tribute,
9/16/2012 helping a wisteria Haikucaregiving,nature,
9/13/2012 If These Walls Could Talk Rhymeimagination,me,
9/8/2012 A one Rupee Coin and Endless Talk Pantoumfunny,love,
9/5/2012 Hammock's Swing Versenature
9/3/2012 Love is Senryulove,

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Fav Poems

A homeless bride-w Free versefunny,home,house,visionar
All On A Summers Eve Rhymenature,sea,seasons,uplift
Sunday Morning Rhymechild,children,family,mor
YESTERDAY Romanticismlost love,lovehome,voice,
The Harlots of Spring Personificationlove
The Sowing Free versedevotion,
The Woman Free versededication,family,life,lo
‘The Airplane Crossing Clear-Blue Sky' Quatrainchildhood,happiness,intro
Trembling... Rhymeme,me,
Once Upon a Blue Moon Narrativepassion,
Sonnet On My Threadbare Love Sonnethusband,
My Poems Are Children To Me Free versepoems,
Cinder Girl Rhyme 
Dandelion Wishing Diminished Hexaversenostalgia
Thundering Falls Free versepassion,
YESTERDAY (2) Free versefantasy
If You Are Lonely Free verseinspirational,introspecti
Indelible Narrativehappiness,high school,los
Star Clad in Eagerness Pantoumlove,passionearth,kiss,pa
The Traveler and The Rose Personificationallegoryday,blue,rose,flo
That Night We Kissed Rondeauheart,night,
Aster 'Blue Autumn' Lyricnature,seasons,
The Belly Dancer ! Rhymefantasynight,desire,night
For Constance ~ a Rambling Poet ~ Ethereeart,life,
Landscape Rhymelove,
An Invitation to Dance Sonnetmusic,nature,
Don't Come Free versedeath,lost love,me,
Desire love Light Poetryart,happiness,imagination
Remembering Yesterday Tankafamily,nostalgia,seasonsa
Love Letter Sent to Heaven Sonnetlove
Wonders of Winter Quintain (English)happiness,love,winter,
Wish Ungranted Enclosed Rhymeromance,time,time,time,
Sing, My Nightingale Versefaith,love,natureme,
The Long-Suffering Wife Narrativeforgiveness,husband,wifeh
RED ANGEL Rhymeangel,beauty,care,celebra
The Soul's Journey Free versedevotion,love,
Carolyn Devonshire Versededication,friendshipword
'Like You Never Left' Dodoitsulove
The Color of Silence Free verseimagination,morning,sound
SHEBA NIGHT Dodoitsulove,passion
Just Shut Up Free versepeace
Diaspora of Her Soul Prose Poetrydeath,introspection,
Indisposed Chastushkafunny
Good Morning, Starshine Rhymehappinessme,
Denouement Free versedeath,hope,time,voice,
The Rose Bowl Free verselove,nature,
First Communion Free versecaregiving,childhood,devo
Her Belly Dance Enclosed Rhymeart
Shoes Limerick Set Limerickfunny
Face to Face Tankafunny
Under A Prairie Sky Tankanature
Take Me Back Pantoumnostalgiame,world,old,me,
In Another Lifetime Verselovelove,
Within Rhymephilosophy
Beseeching Death Versedeathdeath,god,death,god,
-Rebirth Embraced- Tetractyslife,uplifting
First Love, First Kiss, First Lesson Learned Coupletlost love,
A Meadow's Sigh Coupletanimals,life,loss,nature,
Honeysuckle Acrosticnature
Forty Today Free versebrother,dedication,family
'She Walked Away' Free versehope,life,love
fragile rice papers Tankahope
'A Mold That Fits' Free verselife,loveday,day,smile,
Old Photographs Quintain (English)lost love
HAIKU VERSUS RHYTHM AND RHYME Haikuon writing and words
Ebony and Ivory Rhymehappiness,love,passion,
-Unlatched- Rhymechildhood,family,mother,s
*The*Beautiful*Eyes*Of*A*Child* I do not know?life
A FULL-TIME MOM Rhymefamily,mother,
Dust Tetractysfunny
Twilight Child Narrativechildhood,happinesspower,
NOT JUST ANY SUNSET Coupletadventure,night,old,red,h
The Golden Hour Pantoumbeautiful,hair,introspect
The Perfect One Quatrainlove,
Of True Friends - and Frank Prose Poetryfriendship,me,
Living With It Free versecancer,health,life,
Grieving Goodbye Free verselife,loss,lost love,love,
A Soup Tragedy Monorhymefunny,me,funny,hope,me,
Day of Despair Rhyme royalhistory,sad,
Your Support I Need Dizaindeath,friendship,me,me,
Words I've Never Spoken Lyriclost love,words,
Sweet Surrender Romanticismfantasy,imagination,
Chasing the Dark Dodoitsulove,
What Am I Personificationme,nature,
Valentine Morning Free versedevotion,love,love,
Willows Rhymenature,
If All I Did Rhymelove,heart,heart,
I Dream in a Dream Free verseon writing and words,drea
Human Beings Being Human Rhymeinspirational,war,war,pre
Butterfly Dreams Rhymenature,butterfly,
Fairytales and Love I do not know?faith,love,passion,
'Exploring the Shadows' Free verselove,passion,
Dreamer Sonnetromance,dream,dream,
Hidden Tears Rhymedepression
autumn mysteries Haikuseasons,
Hallelujah Sijofaith,father,inspirationa
Stretch Marks Free verselife,nostalgia,places,
WIZARD:Ecstasy Verselove,places,
Shock and Awe, Coming Back Home Free versedeath,depression,life,war
I See Beyond Rhymedeath,loss,war,loss,loss,

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