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Date PostedPoemTitleFormCategories
6/14/2016 Could I Epigramreligious,
12/12/2015 Unwritten Poems Rhymeart,
11/12/2015 Appeal against Time Rhymetime,
10/26/2015 The Steel of a Mother Light Poetrytribute,
10/16/2015 The Grateful Reprobate Pastoralreligion,
9/29/2015 The Speckled Sparrow Didacticdestiny,
9/24/2015 Grace Balladanger,
9/5/2015 Solemnity Didacticwisdom,
8/20/2015 Ode to Timeless Beauty Oderemember,drug,
8/9/2015 A Jewel's Passing Elegydeath,
8/8/2015 The Globetrotting Renegade Balladpatriotic,
7/31/2015 In, Out Rhymewisdom,
7/21/2015 The Wandering Heart Versecourage,
7/20/2015 Mother of the Earth Verseculture,
7/20/2015 The Fate of a Soldier Versepain,war,,fate,
7/19/2015 Fantasy Empire Verseinspiration,
7/18/2015 Unsteady Glow Versebeauty,
7/15/2015 Your Sensuous Sun Rhymewisdom,
7/12/2015 Indolent Thought Rhymemoney,
6/26/2015 Sweet Lovely Gal Rhymelost love,
6/18/2015 Keep Your Word Versewisdom,
6/14/2015 Impossible Love Rhymelove,
6/13/2015 Tribute to My Father Rhymetribute,
6/12/2015 Farewell to Suzie Rhymelove,
6/10/2015 The Voice Rhymecourage,
6/2/2015 Foolish Children Versegod,
6/1/2015 Evil Harps Versewisdom,
5/30/2015 Just Forgive Them Verseanger,
5/29/2015 Guard Your Pearls Verseheartbroken,
5/28/2015 The Fall and Rise of Adonis Epiclost love,
5/27/2015 Advice to a Beauty Queen Versebeauty,
5/26/2015 A Poet to His Beloved Verselove,
5/25/2015 Counsel to Ruth Rhymelove,
5/22/2015 Ode to Suzie Odelove,
5/15/2015 The Silent Arbiter Verselife,
5/15/2015 Sometimes Verselife,
5/11/2015 Opposing Hands Verselove,
5/9/2015 Love's Immortality Verselove,
5/8/2015 Hard Decisions Versededication,devotion,
5/7/2015 Cheeky Females Verselost love,
5/6/2015 Traitorous Ann Verseabsence,love,
4/30/2015 The Silent Code of the Animal Farm Verseabuse,
4/25/2015 Dama Acrosticabsence,
4/25/2015 Agga Aggrey Rhymelove,
4/22/2015 No More Dreams Verselove,
4/21/2015 Suzie's Love Verselove,
4/20/2015 Suzie's Mystery Verselove,
4/16/2015 Babel of Emotions Rhymeabsence,
4/15/2015 Behold My Queenie Is Traveling Rhymeprayer,
4/7/2015 Sweet Nostalgia Versehistory,
4/7/2015 Rewinding The Clocks Verselost love,
4/7/2015 Angela Andee Versechange,
4/7/2015 The Twists And Turns Of Life Rhymelife,
4/7/2015 The Anonymous Patriot Versepatriotic,
4/7/2015 Disregarded Heroes Versepatriotic,
4/4/2015 The Macabre Massacre Verseholocaust,
4/2/2015 The Face Verselove,
3/30/2015 Flirting With Someone's Wife Verselove,
3/30/2015 When Writers Meet Versecharacter,
3/29/2015 Yes, The Star-Spangled Banner Still Waves Odepolitical,
3/28/2015 A Friend Of The Stars Versegrief,
3/27/2015 Things Invisible Versephilosophy,
3/26/2015 Maggy Magola Versebio,
3/26/2015 The Poet's Ubiquity Verseart,
3/25/2015 A and B and C and D Versededication,
3/21/2015 The Life and Times of Edward Kamanzola Balladhumor,
3/20/2015 Your Last Companion Versedeath,
3/19/2015 The Epitaph Of Mr Alex Wanton Wells Epitaphdeath,
3/19/2015 For The Uninitiated Impostors Verseanniversary,art,
3/18/2015 Do Not Cry Too Much Verselost love,love,love hurts
3/17/2015 Late Love Verselove,
3/16/2015 A Threnody Versedeath,
3/15/2015 The Infinitude of the Private Man Versereligion,
3/14/2015 The World Verselife,
3/13/2015 Dishonored Womb Verseafrica,
3/12/2015 The Secret Versewomen,
3/11/2015 Interminable Life Verseinspirational,
3/10/2015 True Friendship Versefriendship,
3/9/2015 Why Did You Leave Verseabsence,death,
3/7/2015 The Paradox Of The Jewish Youth Verseanniversary,religion,
3/6/2015 The Immutable Plight Of Mortals Verselife,
3/3/2015 The Ballad of the Bachelor Beekeeper Versecrazy,
3/3/2015 The Other World Versedepression,planet,
3/2/2015 Wanton Living Versedesire,
2/27/2015 Boredom After Boredom Verselife,
2/27/2015 Moving On Verselife,
2/13/2015 Valentine Verselove,
2/10/2015 Together We Started Verselife,
2/10/2015 I Wish Verseart,
2/7/2015 No Need Versewisdom,
2/5/2015 Something About This Life Verselife,
2/4/2015 What Loving Allah Free versereligion,
2/2/2015 Fear Not Versedeath,
1/31/2015 A Ball of Rugs Rhymelife,
1/29/2015 All Is New Versechange,
9/8/2014 What Is This Stuff Called Money I do not know?money,
1/7/2014 BETTER MEN Verseworld,
8/29/2012 MOI UNIVERSITY, MY ALMA MATER Verselost love,books,books,

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