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Parts of the great puzzle

Blog Posted:12/7/2012 6:10:00 PM
Subtle hell
our world is hell, if where you dwell,
pain and suffering is near,
no need to go to Satans hell,
it's a bit more subtle here...

re: "Orphan in the Dock" Harry Horseman

by Don Johnson

and round an round we go,
getting it wrong you know,
no instructions can be woe,
will i get it right this time,
or commit another crime,
to come back again though,
i've been a so n so,
will my spirit ever shine,
on the 7th level sublime,
i just don't bloody know???

re: "Life, Death, Rebirth ...Carol brown

Don Johnson

life can be pain, intermittent the gain, hell world we are, trapped in our jar, like ants we remain, the masters plan reigns, written in the stars, the truth door ajar, just the same... who to blame, the self yet again, ah hahha... as Bi Devnath writes "Life is of Struggle"
Don Johnson

perhaps it was a karma sign, where once before a different life time, sow to reap begins to chime, we suffer here, it aint divine? possible payback for the crime, what would i know, it's the hurting mime, ironic patterns divining, your planet is aligning , with mine? re:"Falsely Imprisoned" Cecilia Macfarlane Don Johnson

Angels feathers
now an again you find, the little feather, yes i have found me some, no birds a poncing in me house, but still indeed they come, angels feathers some... Don Johnson re Gail Doyle "Feathers From Heaven"

of suffering deep, tween pain and asleep,
and the curse still lingers like crime,
a fiendish mind wheels, still turning out deals,
and slip-sliding thoughts to begrime,

get back in your box,
un-sweet albatross,
begone to the nethers of mind,
bad voices are still,
mourning their loss,
in spirit i'm doing just fine,
got a grip on its throat,
never mind,
bad thoughts continue to gloat,
yet the battle is mine, bloody mine...

of: p.d. "Cronic Pain"


stand tall
and look em in the eye, for you are good as any, and stare em down by n bye, you are this one of many, dont look up to, the would be sir or master, the one wants to be boss, forever and ever after, dispose of it like, an irksome blood blister, cos its your bloody right, so rip it up em sister, too bloody right... Don

real magic
fruit of the imagination,
poetry done in rhyme can be,
thoughts are deeds of damnation,
when the mind of eye can see...

as in when you do remote healing,
see her aorta shrink for she,
having it shrink confirmed by xray,
magic it just seems to me...
'Baba Ghanoush' Michelle Mac Donald

Don Johnson


Take a good look at the bigger religions,
All started by God to give us some law,
His son Adam/Christ,
in a multitude of regions,
Do you think that the others,
he really abhors,

His only begotten son,
came as Enoch of old,
But never ever to die,
he was carried away,
A chariot of fire,
and burning brimstone,
Returning to God,
his will and the way,

As ye sow, so ye reap,
and karma subtle so sweet,
Doing time, on little hell earth,
Hell hinted at, upon you,
surely does creep,
Next time you’re coming ,
Your value , your worth?
In the earth,
If any today:)

The circle of life an death to comprehend?
The 7 levels, able to climb or descend,
Be not a bugger, a step up will lend,
Or slide with the lowest,
for bad deeds offend,

so many times, I’ve tripped and I fell,
the murder of friends, slipping down to the hell,
but upwards I’m climbing, not doing so well,
damnation round the polititian, the pompous its smell,
a spiral not seen, the camoflagued spell,
for we travel blind, with a clue, yet unspelt?

So have yet one care, when you’re robbing the poor,
Robbed in your turn, only ten times the more,
Payback does come, for an eye or a tooth,
Sow an ye reap, a slap down forsooth,
Within his eternal law,
So will you be returning some more, haw haw?

Don Johnson

Green glass healing

Sunshine through green glass you’ll find,
Is power of the healing kind,
Ask Nelly she will tell you how,
A two year ulcer is closed up now,
Though she battled two years, a cure in mind.

Read Edgar Cayce the healing prophet man,
Google him, they say he’s grand,
Of Blue glass with sunlight passing through,
To kill infection in the body too,
Or infrared through blue or green of glass,
The healing light a minute passed,
Closed mind wont let it through?
The truth waits there for you...

Don Johnson

my 89 year old mommas ulcer is completely healed...

GOOGLE EDGAR CAYCE the American Prophet. search green glass for more info... The green glass filters out the harmful radiation and lets the healing rays through.. Im also trying 20% ultraviolet green window i can nap in the green sunlight.. no sunburn either:)

Deep Thought

reality sometimes lets you in,
thoughts are deeds, see em pass,
across the mind, what a blast,
without a hint of sin....

let no evil thought exude,
see your sister healthy dude,
see aorta shrinking bulge,
see it happen , me indulge,
cos it can be true,
xray says it do,
Worked on cousin Alice….

Link her face with trouble too,
See her getting better, blue,
Thoughts are deeds, the magic place,
Within your mind the interface,
The helper can be you!
Positivity IS your place,
and NOW its up 2 you?

Don Johnson

Thank you Joe Maverick….

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Date: 12/7/2012 11:07:00 PM
you've been busy , took 10 minutes to read this bigggggg blog, have a great night Don
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Date: 12/8/2012 9:13:00 PM
Thank you Francine xoxox

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